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One of my all time favorite actors and one of the sexiest men of American cinema.-DK

“William Hurt was indeed a wonderful presence in films: the voice, the gait, the pulled back hair." -Owl

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Entries by Patrick Ball (5)

十一月 12 2021


帕特里克·鲍尔(Patrick Ball)

In Rebecca Hall’s devastatingly delicate通过,光起着强大的作用。我以前从未见过的电影。自然和人造光的使用和放置使我们一遍又一遍地重新引入我们的角色。根据情况的适合,他们在其中晒太阳,躲藏起来,能够发挥自己的作用,敢于使我们看起来更近,或者粘在阴影上,以靠近阴影的安全。

As many of us in America came to a new and widened understanding of the foundational race issues in our country following the deaths of George Floyd and Brianna Taylor last year, and the resulting national reckoning that came after, I spent a lot of time considering how my experience as an “ethnically ambiguous” mixed-race black person has shaped my perception of race, and of media. In通过,,,,泰莎·汤普森’s Irene wryly remarks to a white acquaintance that “we all are passing for something or another, aren’t we?” And isn’t that at the heart of the imposter syndrome we all feel at a new job or opportunity, the shades of ourselves we put on in social gatherings, the walls we build to hide our flaws and insecurities? There is something universal in the facade...

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九月 23 2021

Tony Award Predictions. Are you watching this Sunday?

帕特里克·鲍尔(Patrick Ball)和纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel R)

Will SLAVE PLAY emerge as the big winner?

2021年秋季的第一叶很快就会倒塌,我们终于结束了'19/'20百老汇季节。期待已久的托尼奖将于本周末从美国东部标准时间上午7点至9点在Paramount+上(他们将分发包括表演奖项在内的大多数雕像),然后是美国东部标准时间9-11 pm在CBS上进行的音乐会庆祝活动。将分发最后几个奖项。这些大流行的推迟奖项将在比平时的较小的表演中分配,因为百老汇的关闭于2020年3月提起的,较早地将资格窗口切断了。百老汇节目直到现在才重新开放。所有这些都影响了我们奖励爱好者能够预测今年的演出的方式。一年半前,前体奖的正常巡回赛发生了如果他们甚至完全发生,最后的投票发生在去年3月(!)well before any shows had reopening dates。因此,叙事或势头没有太多要考虑的方式。但是,嘿,这个奖项周期的奇怪和空前的性质提出了一个挑战,谁不喜欢挑战?在下面的情况下,我们试图理解这一切,并确保在周日收看,以了解所有这些都如何摆脱...

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九月 21 2021

The Tonys Return: A Year and a Half Late, But Right OnTime

帕特里克·鲍尔(Patrick Ball)


在百老汇的窗帘由于19号大流行而掉落的十八个月后,上周他们终于再次上升,全国各地的纽约人和剧院爱好者都欢迎他们最喜欢的女巫,狮子和开国父亲回到百老汇。相应地,美国剧院翼和百老汇联盟为本周日的2019 - 2020年百老汇赛季限制了第74届托尼奖。是的,您读到了这一点,本周末奖项终于从2019年的字面 *夏季 *到2020年2月的资格窗口中终于被颁发给了制作奖。(自举行第73届托尼颁奖典礼以来已经两年零三个月了。)

Luckily, theater-related talent and content has been gracing our screens in abundance over the past year to help ease the wait...

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八月 14 2021

Review: Aretha biopic "Respect"

帕特里克·鲍尔(Patrick Ball)

现场是2006年圣诞节那天在加利福尼亚州奥克兰市的一个挤满了电影院。这部电影是DreamgirlsWe’re finishing up the iconic musical number “Listen”, a solid 75-80% into the movie. Beyoncé’s Deena Jones hits the last passionate note and the audience loses it, clapping and hollering, and a woman stands up and screams “You GO, EFFIE!”That詹妮弗·哈德森(Jennifer Hudson)赢得了奥斯卡金像奖的表演是如此强大,即使另一个角色/女演员在屏幕上,这位女士都将电影中的每一个神话般的时刻都归因于她和她的角色。

Hudson has hada bumpy road as a film actress since then,但回到很大的方式Respect,,,,期待已久的Aretha Franklin传记片...

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七月 28 2021


Please welcome new contributor Patrick Ball...

Jodie Comer in "The Last Duel"

里德利·斯科特(Ridley Scott)的秋季发行版之一是The Last Duel终于有了拖车。自从奥斯卡赢得努力以来Good Will Hunting(1997), this time joined by Nicole Holofcener. Starring Matt and Ben, Adam Driver (having yet another big year with thisand安妮特andHouse of Gucci) andKilling Eve突破朱迪·卡莫,让我们提高吊桥on another installment of Yes No Maybe So...

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