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Warren & Natalie at the April 1962 Oscars.亚博主页While Hollywood is busy celebrating AnnetteBening'slatest big screen triumph,we thought we'd celebrate herhusband Warren Beatty witha giveaway of the biography"Star.How Warren Beatty Seduced America".It's out on paperback finally.I asked contestants to tell me about their favorite Warren Beatty film and I was actually surprised at the breakdown (I expectedBonnie & Clydeto capsize the competition but it did not.) In fact,the contest entries were pretty evenly spread among the top three.

The Holy,Quadrilogy
1.Splendor in the Grass(1961)
2.Bonnie & Clyde(1967)
3.[tie]Shampoo(1975) &Heaven Can Wait(1978)

Reds,Dick Tracy,McCabe and Mrs Miller,The Parallax ViewandBulworth,in that order,lagged behind.Those nine films are a pretty smart snapshot of the cream of his crop reminding us once again that Film Experience readers are awesome.(Duh!) The rest ofBeatty'sthin but substantialfilmographywasn't mentioned;Beatty only made 22 movies overhis 40 year career.Of the 13 that weren't name-checked the most interesting is probablyLilith(1964) about an institutionalized woman (JeanSeberg) and the most infamous is undoubtedly the adventure comedyIshtar(1987) with Dustin Hoffman.

The classic Bonnie & Clyde (1967) withBeatty &Dunaway

Contest winners and notes onBonnie & Clyde,RedsandDick Tracywith Madonnaafter the jump.

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