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Since the Spirit Awards fancy themselves as Off Hollywood, let's do this one a little differently.I thought we'd just share the winners a sentence from their speech and only reaction shots.Just to shake things up!We'reOffLive Blogging.Tape Delayed capsule-like.But first the delightful Anna Kendrick.

Hi, I'm Anna Kendrick and I'm proud to have appeared in the only movie this year that actually cured cancer.The other nominees are great.I'm just saying."

The idea of the Spirit Awards as the anti-Oscars, held in a tent instead of a big auditorium, "California Casual" instead of gowns and tuxes, and held on the saturday afternoon before Oscar big Sunday night -- well, it would work a lot better if their nominee lists weren't so padded with actual Oscar nominees and films.One wishes they were just a wee bit more, well, independent.

Okay more than a wee bit.A lot bit.One does wish.

Okay, let's get to it

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