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"So glad to seeWoman at Warincluded. Love its quirk and urgency, and you highlighting the diegetic soundtrack is such a sweet touch." -德鲁

"Funny that this year so many of the movies you talked extensively about / pimped out (not in a bad way) failed to make your top 10.I thought for sureUs要么Rocketmanwould've made it." -George

"Totally agree with your mentions ofShadowin the visual and aural departments. What a feast for the senses!"-Ricopolo


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格伦这里。鉴于我的海报善良的嗜好我想我会拿起纳撒尼尔的常规的“分色”功能。一个有趣的一系列可以不时闪耀的电影方式好奇的光被销售以及特定的演员或导演能发现自己在一个所谓的“营销辙”它是同样的事情一遍又一遍。想想威尔·史密斯的电影和你不只是想象他踌躇满志杯中档特写镜头盯着你呢?即使是一个关于出售他的器官罗莎里奥·道森(或任何Seven Pounds约 - !我已经肯定是地狱忘了)

This week I've chosen François Ozon - and he's having a helluva week. Not only is his latest (un/lucky number thirteen) film,In the House [Dans le maison], getting a release in America, but his next picture,Jeune et Jolie, wasjust chosento compete for the Palme d'Or in Cannes. Well done, Mr. Ozon! Still, don't the words "A film by François Ozon" feel like they should carry more weight than they do. Perhaps, but his career is too all over the place to give him the title of auteur and his films frequently go theatrically unreleased in western countries without a major star (Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling for instance) at the center.

Combien avez-vous vu?

情景喜剧(1998)|Criminal Lovers(1999) |Water Drops of Burning Rocks(2000)

Okay, I have no idea what it's about but that poster for Ozon's debut,情景喜剧, is fabulous.

Under the Sand(2000) |Swimming Pool(2003) |8妇女(2002)


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