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InRed Carpet Convos, we discuss what the actresses are wearing. Which is really an elaborate excuse (not that we need another) to talk actresses. Today's returning guest isCourtney Enlow HallPajiba.

NATHANIEL:康特尼 - 嗨!欢迎回到红地毯Convos。这一次,我会尽量不问你画打扮成Janell Monae任何猪。

COURTNEY:嗯,你知道I'm exceptionally good at that, so I'm sad about this.

NATHANIEL: This week the celebs came out for the annual MET GALA and the theme was "Punk". Because The Met is SO counter-culture, you know.

COURTNEY: The Met is punk as fuck, Ryan Adams-style.

Ginny, Diaz, JLo, Kerry, and Angela Chase

NATHANIEL:其实也许它isrebellious to go to a museum instead of sitting at home watching reality tv. I rescind my comment. The interesting thing to me about the looks we're about to see is it seems like only some actresses have any working knowledge of what "punk" is. Let's start with Ginnifer Goodwin. I think she gets it.


"my so-called punk", weeping ex-boyfriends, and eyeliner mantrasafter the jump

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