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医生的角落"Scream Queen+Horror Noire"

“我更加感激ate being clued in toScream Queen.Without this site, I would miss a lot of interesting things to watch." -Ready

"Thank you so much for this wonderful entry onHorror Noire!I hope viewers enjoy the ride through the history of Black horror!"- Robin


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Cinematographer(The Irishman)
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This article was originally published in my column atTowleroad

The French famously call an orgasm "la petit mort" or, the little death.In two new French-language films playing at the Toronto International Film Festival (in full swing through next weekend) this euphemism forgets to be euphemistic.If you like your sex all mixed up with danger -- you know, the way straight people did during the mainstream erotic thriller years (the Glenn Close thru Sharon Stone continuum) -- consider these films 'must sees' when they hit your city.IF they hit your city.It's tough out there for art films, especially gay ones, as recently discussed ina fascinating piece at IndieWiremapping out the problems.

Prolific twenty-four year old writer/director/actorXavier Dolanhas been a sensation on the festival circuit and in Canada since his award-winning debutI Killed My Motherin 2009.Despite the accolades Dolan has yet to win the Stateside following he deserves, even among LGBT audiences.This is largely because his films are in French and they have had a weirdly hard time making their way onto US screens.I Killed My Motherwas famously delayed and delayed and delayed again.Before I received a screener a couple of years ago I was convinced that it was an imaginary movie, dreamt up by journalists to make the rest of us feel jealous that we aren't fabulous enough to party in Cannes with them each May.Dolan's subsequent features, the stylish unrequited love triangleHeartbeats(also known asImaginary Lovers) and the recently released three hour trans dramaLaurence Anywaysonly increased his wunderkind reputation.His latestTOM AT THE FARMmay well be his most accessible but reviewing it presents a challenge because the less you know about it going in the better.

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