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Shutter Islandis 10

"How curious, I had watched this film just yesterday for an independent study about the portrayal of mental health treatment in popular cinema.It doesn't exactly present a very flattering portrayal of psychiatry and psychiatric treatment in general and probably contributes to some of the stigmatization.of mental health..." -ajnrules

"What I remember the most is the scene where Leo's character interrogates the inmate while scribbling with a pencil.That film made some choices." -robertg


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For those of you who missed it during much Oscar nomination hullabaloo,Alexa who ran the Curio column has left usafter great years of arts & crafts each Monday.The demands of cinephilia and mommyhood were too competitive!She encouraged us to keep the series going and wants me to do more art myself (which I know I should -- oh to master time!).But we're not sure how we'll revise the series exactly.

Do you like online arts and crafts?Do you enjoy mashups and fan art?Do you follow any artists or webcomics or the like?Love to hear some input in the comments.In the meantime please look at this amazing looping Vine (i've put it after the jump for this who can't handle this much manic looping imagery in the background while they read the blog) but it's a trippy must forThe Force Awakens/ John Boyega fans.

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