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她是令人难以置信的在这,但她通常是。冷落伤害的时间,但考虑到她已经有一个奥斯卡和清盘以后几年俯冲的黑马候选人...使其感觉到底ok了。“ -菲利普

“最好的十年的女演员。”- 佩吉苏



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It's another Q & A.Ask it and it shall be er...might be answered.When I started typing this week I couldn't stop and before I know it there were thousands and thousands of words.So that takes care of two Q&As .

Here's the first half of the madscribblingstypings then.

What is your favorite non-nominated performance from each of the five titans of the acting nominations?(Meryl Streep, Katharine Hepburn, Jack Nicholson, Bette Davis and Laurence Olivier) - SEAN

NATHANIEL: Oh this is a tough one since those people were Oscared for breathing.Okay.Let's take them in reverse order of preference as actors...

Sir Laurence Olivier.Weirdly I was just watchingAs You Like It(1936) just the other day.I wasn't all that impressed though he definitely had an easier time with the material and the medium than the other stagebound performers.I have seen several of his non-nominated films, mostly from when I was very young so I don't remember them well.Spartacus?Dracula?That Hamilton Woman?I have no idea.I'm not a Sir Larry personat all!I almost always prefer his co-stars even in his biggest hits.

Katharine Hepburn.Bringing Up Baby(1938) is such a comic jewel.Mid 30s to Early 40s is best with Hepburn.

Jack Nicholson.The Shining(1980).Sure he goes big but the nightmare requires that level of commitment to devilish abandon.He does supersized devilish abandon inWitches of Eastwick(1987) as well but in the latter case it's distracting since the women are already sparking so much.Take it down, Jack.

Bette Davis.I confess: I haven't seen all that many of her non-nominated performances.I don't think she's very good inHush HushSweet Charlotteor her late camp work and not very memorable inThree on a Match.Hmmm.MaybeThe Great Lie(1941)?But Mary Astor performs Grand Theft Movie in that one.What a knockout star turn.

Meryl Streep.Easy.The Hours(2002).“I seem to be... unravelling."

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