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Amirhere.I first fell in love with Joshua Oppenheimer'sThe Look of Silence2014年9月,at TIFF.It wasthe last,and best,我在那个节日看的电影,and it left an emotional mark that I lived with for days.I caught up with the film again when it was released for the public and my conviction that this was one of the best documentary features of all timewas reaffirmed– in my book,one of2015's holy trinity of films.所以,you can understand my excitement when I finally had the chance to speak with director Joshua Oppenheimer,and Adi,the subject of his film.

The Look of Silence,nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary,a companion piece to the director's earlier filmThe Act of Killing(同年提名)is about the victims of the Indonesian genocide,他们和那些对他们所爱的人犯下这些罪行的人住在一起。In his graceful and compassionate study of these people and their haunted spaces,Oppenheimer finds the language to bring invisible pains to the screen and push the limits of documentary form.

We talk about the relationship between his two films,his experiences in Indonesia,influences on his filmmaking,where documentary cinema stands today,以及阿迪在电影上映后的生活。

阿米尔·索塔尼:我知道你可能厌倦了对比你的两部最新电影,but I feel like there's nowhere else to start butThe Act of Killing.第一部电影有一种戏剧元素The Look of Silence,despite being polished,stylized and even often staged,没有。It's more formally understated.What initiated your formal approach to the second film?

JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER: I think these two films are both rigorously about the present,或者更确切地说,过去在现在的作用。[More after the jump...]

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