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新纪录片:A Thousand Cuts

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新的播客- 艾美奖NOMS与奥斯卡的忧虑

"Which supporting actress from美国太太that did NOT have a showcase episode was the best? Rank? I know people loves them some Niecy Nash..."约兰达


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克里斯这里。今年将有相当多的晚期破裂的奥斯卡候选人的事实根据的,包括史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格的The Post(is that what it's called today?) and maybe a Clint Eastwood film about a true life thwarted terrorist attack in France. Ridley Scott is looking to quickly bounce back from the tepid response to外国人:盟约用他自己的真实故事,一个包裹仅一个月前:All the Money In The World. The film follows the famous Getty kidnapping and cruel patriarch J. Paul Getty's refusal to fork out the ransom dough.

不要指望听到“面目全非”配音只是今年的加里·奥德曼最黑暗的时刻- this film is going hard on selling/taunting us Kevin Spacey as the billionaire in heavy prosthetics. We'll see if this ends up being a supporting or lead actor play, but might the film have awards chances elsewhere? Is it enough of a showcase for Michelle Williams to break through a stacked Best Actress race as the mother of the kidnapped younger Getty?

The film is set to close AFI Fest and opens December 8. Take a look at the new trailer and we'll break down the Yes No Maybe So...

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