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"Almost There"Marion Cotillard inRust & Bone

"She was incredible in this—but she usual is.冷落伤害的时间,但考虑到她已经有一个奥斯卡和清盘以后几年俯冲的黑马候选人...使其感觉到底ok了。" -Philip

"Best actress of the decade."- 佩吉苏


Zara Howard(过早)
Costume Designer(Joker)
Songwriters(Frozen II)
导向器s(For Sama)

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The Filmography: Across 52 films, Meryl Streep taught America how to act, and how to accept awards.It’s been 41 years since Ms.Streep’s first film.Today we might think we live in the world Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson, and Alicia Vikander made, but beneath it all is Meryl, 69 if she’s a day, and no one can touch her.

The Contenders: Too young to recallThe Hourspress tour, and much too young for any pre-Devil Wears Pradacontext, really,MatthewandJohnwere looking for a challenge.And fromStill of the NighttoDark Matter, they found it.Risking their sanity, their jobs, and Ingmar Bergman centennial retrospectives, they have signed on for a deranged assignment.

365 days.52 films.A dozen-plus accents.Three Oscars.Two boys.One refurbished Blu-Ray player.How far will it go?We can only wait.And wait.And wait...

TheMonths of MerylProject.Wrapping up soon on a blog you’re already reading.

#41 — Julia Child, beloved chef and unanticipated television star of singular personality.

MATTHEW: In surveying all 21 of the films that constitute Meryl Streep’s history-making haul of Academy Award nominations, Nora Ephron’sJulie & Julia, to my mind, represents an acting challenge that only this stupendous performer could have possibly played and been rewarded for playing...

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