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Joan Crawford in 47
Humoresque, Daisy Kenyon, Possession

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"Why does every mid-budget movies these days looks exactly the same. They seem to have no desire to look special. The same flat, overly-bright look that every other film like this has today. When your film *looks* direct-to-video..." -Glenn


Zainab Jah & Jayme Lawson(Farewell Amor)
Eliza Hittman(Never Rarely)
Costume Designer(Joker)
Cinematographer(The Irishman)
Songwriters(Frozen II)

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byCláudio Alves

After more than a decade as one of MGM's brightest and most formidable stars, the 1940s were a turning point for Joan Crawford.While she struggled to reinvent herself during these middle years of her career, many of the actress's best movies came from this phase.She left behind a series of lackluster offerings from her original studio, finding new power when carefully choosing projects at her new home, Warner Brothers.It wasn't easy, but she triumphed, winning an Oscar for 1945'sMildred Pierceand going on to get two other Best Actress nominations.More importantly, she solidified her legacy, challenged herself as an actress, and proved to everyone she was more than a flapper or talentless glamour girl.

During this period of Crawford's filmography, 1947 was a particularly auspicious year.She broke our hearts in a romantic tragedy, impressed AMPAS with explosive neurosis, and went on to star in one of Hollywood's most interesting post-war melodramas…

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