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YSNM:Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

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by Lynn Lee

from 'Pachinko's opening credits. © Apple TV+

Can a country truly be your home if it never fully accepts you? Can a country still be your homeland if you left behind your life there and have never gone back?

These questions haunt the lush, sweeping AppleTV+ period drama seriesPachinko, which recently concluded its first season. So far, so universal: the yearning for roots, for a sense ofbelonging, should resonate with anyone who’s ever been displaced or separated from their family or place of origin. At the same time, the show – based on the best-selling novel by Min Jin Lee – focuses on a very specific chapter of history that isn’t well known outside of Korea and Japan, yet in many ways echoes the frictions, tensions, and injusticesunderpinning the history of race and immigration in other countries...

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