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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-Peggy Sue

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May 14 2019

The New Classics - A Separation

Michael Cusumanoback again with my new series on great scenes/films of the 21st Century.This week a title we will surely hear often when the best of the decade lists start rolling in...

Scene: Razieh is Fired (aka The Incident)
It's rare for a movie,even a great movie,to sneak up on the audience the way Asghar Farhadi'sA Separationdoes.

The screenplay is centered around an inflection point.Everything pulling the characters inexorably toward,or ricocheting off of,the moment when a man shoves a woman out his front door.Yet this action is not granted any special emphasis.First-time viewers have no clue they've witnessed the action around which the entire story pivots.It is only a few short scenes later,when the man is on trial for causing the miscarriage of the women he pushed (a murder charge in Iran) that the weight of that shove comes crashing home...

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Aug 12 2013

Saving Mr Link

Towleroadthe new men ofDowton Abbey.So excited to seeWeekend's Tom Cullen in the mix!
The Kind of Face You Hateon David Cronenberg'sThe Fly(1986) and John Frankenheimer'sSeconds(1966,newly released from the Criterion Collection)
GuardianXan Brooks loves non-professional film actors.Someone has to.
VarietysaysSnowpierceris doing great business in its home of Korea,though it can't be their Oscar submission given that it's in English.Unfortunately the Weinstein Co still plans to cut 20 minutes before the US release
Amiresquelooks back at the filmmaking of12 Angry Men

Dial P For Popcorn(in Portuguese) riffs on an old article I wrote in 2008 about actors who were overdue for Oscar wins and at the time everyone (not just me) thought Johnny Depp was next.My how time/choices change everything.
TV BlendJuliette Lewis,Matt Dillon and The LEOgend will all be appearing in M Night Shyamalan's TV seriesWayward Pinesbased on the book series "Pines"by Blake Crouch.
MNPPWhich is hotter Mark Strong or...?

D23 Buzz
Awards Daily
Saving Mr Banksis still fanning Oscar flames with clip debuts at D23,will the current buzz heat turn into a bonfire?
FanVoiceAngelina Jolie also promotesMaleficentat the same expo,and the clip shown was the scene where she curses baby Aurora to the horror of the fairies
Hero ComplexAwesome director Brad Bird (the filmography!The Iron Giant,Ratatouille,The Incredibles,Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol) is still playing coy with whatTomorrowlandis actually about.But this is a good thing.More mystery in film promotion,please!

Box Office
Elysium,which we've just reviewed,topped the box office.MeanwhileWorld War Z(Reviewed)is just inches away from $200 million domestic despite all the negative buzz before its opening - the film aged well for me (its best passages really stick) and now my review is looking too harsh.Blue Jasmine(ReviewedandPodcasted) is still going strong nearly cracking the top ten box office without the aid of thousands of theaters.Fruitvale Station(reviewedandpodcasted) didn't turn into the crossover talking-point hit that The Weinstein Co but it's at a respectable $13 million plus and will undoubtedly use its DVD release to recharge its Oscar buzz later on this calendar year.


Nov 01 2012

A Handful of Link

Pop ElegantariumAlexa'sRosemary's Babycostume she was hinting at the other day inher Curio column.Well done!
/Filmnew images from Django Unchained
In Contentioninterviews the production designer ofMoonrise KingdomAdam Stockhausen
Big Thoughts From a Small Mindhas a mea culpa about Sidney Lumet in12 Angry Men.Confession: I myself have never seen this movie but I have seen productions of the play so I am unschooled in the furious dozen

Unrealityreminds us that withthat Star Wars purchase,Disney now also owns a certain fedora wearing archaelogist adventurer
Monkey Seepredicts several headlines that will appear when the new Star Wars film is released in 2015.Hee
Awards Dailywonders if the lack of the DGA before Oscar nominations,might throw off the usual correlations
Vimeoif you're already missing Halloween -- it was kind of unsatisfying here on the East Coast without the usual festivities -- here's a creepy impressive 30 second short called "Rot"

And we end with a very well cut fan vid'James Bond Death Match,'all six Bonds fighting it out for supremacy.

I demandanotherrematch.