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How had I never seenRear Window?by Chris Feil

"I prefer to be shot through a scrim at all times, just like when Lisa appears from the bathroom in her nightgown." -Charlie G

"The film is also a fascinating allegory for the act of filmgoing as well."-RLK

"Grace Kelly seems to be the only actor Hitchcock ceded control to. She was allowed to pick her wardrobe and lighting -- Kelly had only been acting for a short time but she knew what worked for her." -Tom G

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Dec 07 2016

Kirk Douglas Centennial: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Here'sTimto continue our mini Kirk Douglas fest.The actor turns 100 this Friday.

And now, a little change of pace.I don't think the cinephile lives who'd argue that Kirk Douglas's performance in the 1954 sci-fi adventure20,000 Leagues Under the Seais his best, or anywhere particularly near his best.It is, however, quite possibly his most fun, as is to be expected from a star turn as the meathead sailor hero in a live-action Disney film.

Douglas gets first-billing in the movie, though he's probably not the first thing you'd think about if you looked back over the film in your mind...

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Oct 16 2014

Interview: Jorge Gutierrez & Guillermo del Toro on "The Book of Life"

Jorge Gutierrez has won two Annie awards and an Emmy, but in order to get his passion projectThe Book Of Life(which opens tonight!) onto the screen, he needed a little help.Gutierrez found it in Guillermo del Toro.The Mexican fantasy director has been using his production company to foster new visions in genres like horror and animation.A little bitOrpheus and Euridice, a little bit Dia de Los Muertos, and a little bit musical theater,The Book Of Lifeis anything but ordinary.

Anne Mariehere.I was lucky enough to interview Guillermo del Toro and Jorge Gutierrez when they came to San Diego Comic Con in July.But before I could even start asking questions, del Toro noticed the squid design on my necklace, and launched into a rhapsodic monologue about his favorite movie,20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.From that point on, I basically just held on to my seat as del Toro and Gutierrez riffed on each other with the ease of good friends and partners.They discussed everything from Ray Harryhausen to the purpose of a director to whether children’s movies need bad guys.

Here's how it went...

GUILLERMO DEL TORO: [20,000 Leagues Under the Sea] is a magnificent movie.And to this day I collect models of the Nautilus.

ANNE MARIE: Of the Nautilus?

GUILLERMO DEL TORO: Yeah.I have, I think I have most every one, except the ten meter one, which is too big for me...But I have the 3 ft one.I have the little ones, the medium ones, the electric ones, the ones that light up [JG laughs] the ones that make a little noise, all of that.That and The Time Machine are my two favorite sort of steampunk-y pieces of design.

JORGE GUTIERREZ: It’s awesome.It holds up, too.Anyways![Laughs]

ANNE MARIE: You’ve both describedThe Book of Lifeas a personal pet project.Can you talk a little about the process of getting it going?

JORGE GUTIERREZ: Absolutely!Fifteen years I’ve been working on this, based on a student short I did at Cal Arts.When I graduated I pitched it everywhere.Everyone said, “Nah, you’re just a kid out of school.No one wants to see this stuff.”

GUILLERMO DEL TORO: “You don’t understand.”

JG: “You don’t understand.We need talking animal movies.” Literally, that’s what I was told at every meeting.


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