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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Feb 12 2017

Box Office: Street Cats,Kinky Sex,Lego Superheroes

This weekend's box office charts are deceiving in their rankings.Lego Batmanand theFifty Shadessequels topped the weekend but both opened well below their predecessors while #3 was a huge success.John Wick's second outing doubled its original's opening weekend gross suggesting that the fanbase grew exponentially once the 'first chapter' was available for home viewing.This kind of thing we used to see far more of in the early days of VHS but now in the age of franchises,generally you don't see that kind of word-of-mouth "discovery"growth.You're either a behemoth or you're not.

Three more items of note that don't really show in these charts...

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Jul 19 2016

Links: Banderas,Cho,Parsons,Jones,Holtzmann,and More

Vultureprovides an A-Z glossary of all ofStranger Thingsmad sci-fi referencing  fromAlien(1979) toVideodrome(1983)
Comics AllianceAmerican Gods,Bryan Fuller's adaptation of the Neil Gaiman book,gets its first logo and a promotional image
EWImpromptuSmashreunion.Katharine McPhee invited Megan Hilty on stage with her Sunday night at a LA jazz club - and yes they sangSmashsongs.

PlaybillFencessets its release date for December 16th
Antagony & Ecstasylooks back atHis Girl Friday -the Rosalind Russell role was a male role in the source material.

The RootLeslie Jones ofSNL&Ghostbustersfame was hounded by racists on twitter - they're feeling so bold these days thanks to the GOP -- fans rallied behind her
Salon"Free Jillian Holtzmann"on why Sony isn't saying that the most popular new Ghostbuster character is a lesbian
AV Clubtalks to John Cho about Star Trek,gay sulu,and Asian representation in cinema
The GuardianAntonio Banderas to play Gianni Versace in a biopic.The Versace estate is not pleased calling it "fiction"
Coming SoonFifty Shades Darkerset photos
The Guardianon film franchises with the most episodes:Jungle Jim,Godzilla,and a few more
Awards Dailywonders if the political turmoil will turn the Oscars nostalgic rather than brave (see also 1968 Best Picture winner亚博主页Oliver!)
TowleroadTwenty year-old actor Ross Lynch is going from Disney Channel fame to serial killing?He'll play Jeffrey Dahmer,pre-murders,as a troubled teen in a new film.
VarietySigourney Weaver will be honored for her career as this September's San Sebastian film festival

...and Anton Yelchin's parents sent a beautiful message to friends and fans and the industry...

PlaybillJake Gyllenhaal to headline the revival ofBurn This.The original hit production in 87/88,which went from Off-Broadway to Broadway for a year-plus long run,won praise for Eric Roberts (Theater World award),John Malkovich (Drama Desk Nomination) and Joan Allen (Tony win)
NYTEstelle Parsons health scare prompts closing of her new play.Send healing vibes her way.She's a national treasure.If you haven't yet seen Season 2 ofGrace & Frankieit closes beautifully with an arc about her guest starring role as "Babe,"a larger than life friend of the pair who's throwing herself a big going away party.Parsons has done a lot of work on TV but weirdly despite being a highly esteemed actor with an Oscar win and 5 Tony nominations,she's never received an Emmy nomination.

Huffington PostJennifer Aniston tears into the media for their obsession with women's bodies and whether or not she's pregnant
Wicked Gay BlogDolly Parton working on a dance album with a track called "I'm a Wee Bit Gay"
The New Yorker"Donald Trump's Ghostwriter Tells All"a harrowing profile
Logo My Wayhosted a contest to redesign the embarassing Trump Pence logo - Love some of these entries
Pajibaon the shitshow that was the RNC's first night with its plagiarized First Lady speech

Feb 29 2016

...About Those Oscar Musical Numbers.

Dancin' Danhere to talk about whatused to bemy favorite part of the Oscar ceremony.

Remember thosegigantic,often-confoundingproduction numbersset to the nominees for Best Original Song?They werecrazy,ambitious,and compulsively watchable,bring levity to the alternately serious and teary acceptance speeches that usually dominate Oscar ceremonies.Even the times they just had a personstand there and sing,those moments seemed chosen because the songs were sung bya superstarwho could easily fill the whole room with just their presence and incredible voice*.Unfortunately,those kinds of performances seem to have fallen out of vogue.Barring the oddactressexual dance party and Lego-fest,the days of crazy musical extravaganzas on the Oscars are long-gone.亚博主页And I would argue the show as a whole is a less joyous,celebratory affair without them.For proof,look at this year's performances.

Set aside for now the fact that two of the best nomineesdidn't even get a performance slot,and let's take this year's performances on their merits.They were,for the most part,DULL.Herewith,a few thoughts on each...

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Jan 13 2016

The Razzies Are Here (Though You Wish They Weren't)

Kieran,here.The Razzie Awards,"honoring"the worst cinematic offerings of the year have announced their nominees and it's pretty much as expected—knee-jerk,steeped in misogyny and patriarchal nonsense (more on this later) and generally indicative that they don't care about quality filmmaking any more than the offenders they're highlighting.A little background on who votes on the Razzies—voting is actually open to the public.People who want to vote pay an annual fee or you can pay a whopping $500 for lifetime membership.Why would anyone ever pay to be part of this unseemly orgasm of fruitless schadenfreude,you ask?To quote Sarah Paulson'sAbby inCarol,"I can't help you with that".

Anyway,here are the nominees...

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Jun 01 2015


Vanity Fair"Introducing Caitlyn Jenner"Annie Liebovitz's great photo of Caitlyn (née Bruce) is all the rage on the internet today.Vanity Fair's cover story will be 22 pages in print form
VF Tumblralso has behind the photoshoot footage
Awards Dailywonders what the Academy's documentary branch will do about the new New York Times policy -- previously their policy was to review every single movie that opened in New York City
In Contentionthe screenwrite ofGrace of Monacolive tweets it to "correct"the record
You Must Remember ThisI'm so behind on this podcast which is typically great and educational about Old Hollywood -- the latest episode is about the Manson Murders in Hollywood but don't let a ton of "Star Wars"titled episodes fool you.It's not Lucas's space opera but 40s-era stories about stars during wartime
The Film Stagelooks at the 10 favorite films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder which includeJohnny GuitarandSalo,or: The 120 Days of Sodom;sounds about right!The prolific gay auteur would have  been 70 this week

The AV Clubwith some funny news: E.L.James will basically rewrite50 Shades of Greyto make more money oh and to tell things from Christian's perspective.
Varietybummer news: Sofia Coppola stepping off the director's chair forThe Little Mermaid
The Stakeurges you to remember thatPoint Break(1991) is "tremendous"before you see the inevitably terrible remake - while on that topic...
RedBubblehas a cool graphic poster of that movie for sale
The Playlista new tearjerker project for Channing Tatum,Two Kisses for Maddyabout a widower raising his daughter
Cinematic Cornerfalls hard for Furiousa andMad Max Fury Road
Reel Talkthinks we need to start taking Nicholas Hoult seriously (as do I postFury Road...though I was far less convinced previously)
CineMunchwonders who your favorite drunk actresses are on their latest podcast -- with gin drink recipes!
CHUDgreat new poster for the final Hunger Games movie.Those movies are dull but I will give them this: they've always had wonderful smarts about the teasing
MNPP's quote of the day reveals two Stephen King properties that the studios actually don't want.Weird
MNPPgets excited like Chris Pratt forJurassic World

Tweet o' The Week
Squarespace no longer seems to allow tweet embeds -- they say they do but they never show up at TFE anymore so this is a snapshot of a tweet from the ubiquitous Jessica Chastain herself.(About the formerly ubiquitous Bryce Dallas Howard).It is wonderful.Gingers forever.

Showtune to Go!
June is Pride Month and with Caitlyn Jenner kicking things off with that Vanity Fair reveal today let's go back to one of the most moving original gay anthems "I Am What I Am"fromLa Cage Aux Folles.It's only one of the greatest songs ever written about being true to yourself.(I adore that moment at the beach in Paris is Burning when the two ladies start singing it).

Sing out,John Barrowman!

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