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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Mar 26 2018

What will you give Keira Knightley for her birthday?

...apart from 33 spankings,which Fassy has already claimed.

Mar 09 2012

The Linking Cure

Incredible Suitis on the Goswatch to detail four upcoming chances for Ryan Gosling to continue his awesomeness into 2013.
ColliderGreat news for Viola Davis fans - a second lead role cometh.(Of course she had to make it happen herself.) She'll produce and star in a biopic about the first African American elected to the Texas senate.It's based on the Mary Beth Rogers bookBarbara Jordan: An American Hero.

Vanity Fairhas a gallery of backstage photos of film/theaters stars in their dressing rooms by Simon Annand including beautiful shots of Rachel Weisz,Tom Hardy,Daniel Craig and Cate Blanchett.
Flavorwire40 of the best lines from Mad Men's Don Draper (Jon Hamm) or his writing team,rather.Someone make this into a super cut please.One my my all time favorites is:

You don't cover for me.You manage people's expectations."

In Contentionon the ongoing success and controverseries surrounding Asghar Farhadi's amazing Oscar winnerA Separation.
Kenneth in the (212)thinks Rosie's interview show on Oprah's new network is great.Apparently she and Sandra Bernhard talkedKing of Comedyquite a bit.Ugh,love that movie.(Damnit does this mean I have to DVR another show?)
Boston Reviewa former president of the American Psychiatric Association reviewsA Dangerous Method.Interesting review and it takes time to detour into the theatrical production of "The Talking Cure"(the play that preceded the movie) wherein Ralph Fiennes starred in what became the Michael Fassbender role.
ioncinemaoooh,the first photos I've seen fromLaurence Anywaysthe new Xavier Dolan picture.This one stars the wonderful Melvil Poupaud as a man who decides he wants to be a woman.

Today's Must Read
Moviefone's Mike Ryan calls a "John Carter"in 50 states to see if they're seeingJohn Carterthis weekend.Insane,funny,awesome.

Dec 07 2011

7 Things Viggo Mortensen Should Be Chewing On That Aren't His Shirt

Have you seen the new cover of NY Time's Style Magazine starring "grungy antihero"Viggo Mortensen?Viggo is one of my all time favorite actors asI was just recently saying to David Cronenbergso I'm always happy to see him but this photo -- I seriously thought it was an old magazine cover from when he was like 25 until I remembered that he wasn't famous till he was like 37.

Seven Things Viggo Mortensen Should Be Chewing On That Aren't His Shirt

  1. More roles as good as Sigmund Freud inA Dangerous Method
  2. The ear of the person who photoshopped this.Viggo makes 50something hot so don't take that away from the 50somethings of the world!
  3. The scenery in more prestige movies;get that Oscar role,wherever it is.
  4. Diane Lane's everything in a screen reunion.They were so nsfw hot together.
  5. His own decisions about who he'll vote for asActorandActresson his own Oscar ballot...I mean who to vote for besides Fassy & Keira.
  6. His paintbrushes.Paintbrushes should always have teethmarks in them.Have you seen his art?
  7. Maria Bello's vajayjay inA History of Violence.Time to watch the cheerleader scene again!

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Dec 06 2011

Curio: David Cronenberg in 1988

Alexahere.While I anxiously await getting out to seeA Dangerous Method,I've been busying myself reading all the reviews,interviews (including Nathaniel's) and accompanying discussion of how un-Cronenbergian the film is.Well,he's been accused of that before,hasn't he?The first time I recall it happening was with one of my personal Cronenberg favorites,Dead Ringers,which,at the time,seemed to break from his previous,more pure genre films.Then,after reading in a recent interview that he attemptedadapting Dead Ringers for television(yes,please!),I decided to dig up this old issue ofAmerican FilmI've held onto,mostly for the Cronenberg interview it contains.Here are some excerpts from the piece,written by Owen Gleiberman,which is an interesting read today,given the trajectory Cronenberg's career has taken since.

[As for the upcomingDead Ringers],"I think it's a departure in the way it's perceived and the way I'm perceived.It's like doing a more intricate dance on the high wire but it doesn't feel like so much of a departure to me creatively,because I feel I'm dealing with the same themes I've always dealt with,"Cronenberg says.

In a sense,what Cronenberg has done is bring the genre of bodily horror into the post-Freudian age.His most prominent innovation (it's linked to the gooey verisimilitude of his special effects) is making the sexual and fear-of-disease subtexts of studio horror films explicit,self-conscious,stripped of the reassuring distance of fantasy...If just about every Cronenberg film has hinged on the proverbial split between mind and body,with the body taking on a hideous life of its own,inDead Ringersa human personality is itself divided into warring parts."This is not a horror film.This is a relatively straight drama.I don't have a lot of trickery to hide behind."

Despite their fixation on disease,Cronenberg's films have dealt explicitly with sexuality as far back asThey Came From Within."It was very important that my twins are gynecologists.Somehow,it was the idea of two men forming a perfect unit that excluded everybody else.The twins share not only one woman in particular sexually,but they share their understanding of women and their study of women...I identify with all my scientists and my doctors,because I think what they are and what they do is very similar to what I do.And then I've always been very fascinated with how abstract elements,whether it's spirituality or sexuality,relate to physical elements of our life,which is to say,genitalia and brains and things like that."

"I think [Dead Ringers] really relates to all intense relationships in which things happen that have the potential to become liberating on one level but suffocating on the other level.And I think at that point you're talking about marriage,you're talking about parents and children.The twins become a metaphor for all those things."

[Editors' Note:In a moment of totally unexpected synchronicity,Nick's Flick Picks has also just written a piece onDead Ringers(1988).Even if you haven't seen that Cronenberg masterpiece,you'll want to read it if you have any interest in the process of critics awards voting and the out-of-the-box choices various organizations make,only very occassionally,when it comes time to name the "Best".-Nathaniel]

Dec 01 2011

David Cronenberg on A Dangerous Method & the "Parallel Universe"of Oscar

Cronenberg hard at work on "A Dangerous Method"I met the great filmmaker David Cronenberg one morning this fall shortly before a screening of his latest work at the New York Film Festival.His new filmA Dangerous Method,which just opened and will be expanding throughout the month in theaters,is a historical drama about the birth of psychoanalysis.In the film Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and his protege Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) are torn apart over idealogical differences and Jung's treatment of a young woman named Sabina (Keira Knightley).

Cronenberg in person was talkative,articulate and fascinating.He was even good natured about the sordid topic of Oscar (incredibly the reknowned auteur has never been nominated for an Oscar,a Golden Globe or even a DGA prize!).

His ease with conversation might surprise people who only know him through his often unsettling films.The night before our interview I'd been at a party and when I casually mentioned I'd be interviewing Cronenberg the next day I heard the strangest funniest responses: "Don't get in a car with him!""Don't let him touch your portals!"and so on.Other amusing warnings followed as if he were a frightening character from his movies.

I relayed this to Cronenberg as icebreaker when we sat down...

Nathaniel: Do you find that people regularly have odd conceptions about you based on your films?

DAVID CRONENBERG: Well,you know,I haven't done horror films for a long time so it's strange that it's sticky.I've talked about this before but Marty Scorsese told me he was terrified to meet me -- we did meet and became very good friends many years ago -- but he said he was terrified and then shocked to see that I looked like a Beverly Hills gynecologist.And I said 'You were afraid to meet me?You're the guy who madeTaxi Driver?!'

a small sampling of his often deeply troubling films

It was a long time ago.But he had seenShiversandRabidand maybeThe Broodand he found them incredibly overwhelming and terrifying.He of all people should know and I suppose if Marty could make the same mistake...

The relationship of an artist to his art is a complex one.It's not one to one.It's not like you make romantic comedies therefore you are romantic and fun.On the contrary we know that most comedians are really nastily,hostile,spiteful vindictive people.

Nathaniel: Does your work ever scareyouthen,when you see it back?

CRONENBERG: I don't normally watch it.I can't watch my movies as though they're movies.They're documentaries of what I was doing that day.I'm the last person to be able to tell you objectively what my movies do or don't do.

Nathaniel: As an auteur you obviously have had recurring thematic elements Do you think about your past work when you're working on something new?

CRONENBERG: No.I completely don't.That's why if someone should say,it has happened,thatA Dangerous Methoddoesn't feel like a Cronenberg film.I don't know what they're talking about.I mean,I know what the cliches are.But to me,they don't realize that the first movie I made was about a psychiatrist and his patient.It was a short,my first film.So for me this is business as usual.To me that just reveals their ignorance.I'm not saying that in a vindictive way but it just means they don't really know my work or understand it.That's the way I feel.

Nathaniel: It's actually very much like your work in terms of the concerns.You've done a lot of films that had psycho-analytic elements.Did you ever worry that this was maybetooon the nose,given that?Like you're going back to the womb or the source of it all.

CRONENBERG: No,No.It's exciting to do that!

[MORE AFTER THE JUMP: including his collaboration with Viggo,awards season lottery tickets,and the modern trend of directors tinkering with their old movies.]

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Oct 29 2011

Best of London: Weekend,Snowtown,Martha,and More...

[Editor's Note:Thank you toCraigandDavidfor their reporting from this year's London Film Festival which concluded two days ago.Here they are with a final chat about their treasures and pleasures.-Nathaniel]

Craig:So,David,I guess it's time to mull it over and decide on our "Best of the Fest".Top tens,top fives?More,less?I wonder what we'll agree and disagree on...

David:It's always sad to say goodbye.It might not be the most glamorous or revelatory event on the festival circuit,but it has such a nice atmosphere strewn across Central London,flirting with megastars every so often,but giving equal red carpet steps to the little gems you speak of.A top five definitely isn't enough for me,but I'll give restraining myself my best shot.I've been there most days,and often packed in four in a day (my eyes are paying the price!),so I'd wager I have seen more than you - quality over quantity,though!


In my stringently ordered,agonisingly compiled list that I just came up with,my number five slot would go toOslo,August 31st,which I offered upsome thoughtson just the other day - so I'll give conversation space to a glorious runner-up instead.Dendera– one of the most enjoyable experiences of the fest – is a gloriously demented twist on a Japanese myth invented in Imamura'sThe Ballad of Naramaya;in this new film,his son Daisuke Tengan explores the afterlife of the elderly who've been put out to pasture.One old woman decided she didn't want to die,thank you,and set up a community on the other side of the hill from the village that cast her out.In short: it's the sort of bloody batshit horror movie you'd have seen in 1980s Britain,not least because of hilariously dreadful bear puppetry that's very similar toAttack the Block.

Craig:I've heard variable things onDendera,but your description makes it sound like great fun.Sad I missed it now.And due to timing I had to choose another film overOslo,sadly.Quite unintentionally I saw a lot of  rather grim confrontational dramas although the lighter titles were a delight,so I should first give credit to three not at all violent films which won me over immensely.Weekendwas a beautifully played affair that grabbed me from the first frame.Loved its naturalistic dialogue,likeable performances and wistfully hopeful (would you agree?) overall tone.How sweet to finally have a gay take on theBefore Sunset/Sunrise'will they or won't they?' film!Pariah,another excellent gay-themed romance,was moving and featured a great central turn from Adepero Oduye.The photography stood out as some of the fest's best,too.(I wrote about both earlier)Terri,a cheering and good-natured film about an overweight high school loner made,was made with easy style and without sentimental cliché.It snuck up on me in a big way;its emotional impact worked during the film and later,on my way to the tube,it made me smile in the way that obviously quirky indie films of its ilk rarely do.John C.Reilly gave one of his best performances and the humour was well-timed.What gems delighted you,David?I ask this now,before we get to the inevitably gloomier stuff...

David:Weekendis so good it deserves repeating.[MORE AFTER THE JUMP ON SEVERAL TITLES...]

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