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Apr 02 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Monkeys to Monoliths

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere on the surface of the Moon (aka lower Manhattan covered with farcical April snowflakes) and primed to toss a bone your way with this week's edition of "Beauty vs Beast"which is wishing Stanley Kubrick's2001: A Space Odysseya happy 50,which it turns today.The film premiered in Washington D.C.on April 2nd 1968 and in New York the following day,and it has probably been running on some stoner's projector every day since.The film was nominated for four Oscars and rightly won for Best Visual Effects - basically every movie that's gone to outer space ever since has been mercilessly ripping it off,亚博主页just like every movie set in the future post-Blade Runnerthrows up a neon billboard or twenty.But for all its trippiness it's still at its heart just a "boy and his dog"movie.So what of the boy and his dog then?

PREVIOUSLYWe faced down two of thegreatest performances ever put on a movie screenlast week with withA Streetcar Named Desirebut y'all didn't have much trouble making your choice - Viven Leigh's Blanche DuBois roundhoused Marlon Brando's Stanley with 59% of strangers' kindnesses.Saidadri:

"I always think of Tennessee Williams as expressing his soul through Blanche.So yes,my dearest Tennessee,I am with you on Blanche,no matter how messy,and a failure and a figure of ridicule she may be."

Mar 26 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Somebody's Kindness of Strangers

Howdy y'all Jason fromMNPPpopping in to clear my throat and let out a rollicking "STELLA!!!"in honor of the master Tennessee Williams birth - he was born in the town of Columbus,Mississippi (three hours south of Memphis) on this day in the year 1911,and went on to basically shape the entire Southern United States with his writings;I'd argue he's had more of an effect on our modern view of the sub-Mason-Dixon than maybe anybody but Margaret Mitchell did.And to think a gay man did that!

Anyway for this week's "Beauty vs Beast"let's zoom in on his most famous story,the one about theStreetcar Named Desirethat you take to the one called Cemetery that you take to Elysian Fields.And yes that means we're facing down arguably two of the greatest movie performances ever put on screen - Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois and Marlon brando as her brother slash ape in law Stanley Kowalski.But whose side are you on?Do you wanna sparkle in that rhinestone tiara or swap sweaty tank tops with Stan?

PREVIOUSLYRight after the Oscars we riddled you about a亚博主页pair of the night's meme-worthy momentsand it turns out that you'd rather ride on a jet-ski with Dame Helen Mirren than get Armie Hammer's weiner flung into your face (PS y'all crazy) to the tune of 55%.SaidAlexD:

"This was impossible.But it seems reasonable that a proud queen like myself would only turn down Armie's hot dog for a real queen,Helen Mirren herself.And jet skiing at that!"

Feb 22 2017

4 Days Until Oscar.Come Low or High Trivia

Today's magic number is four.Since we have no brilliant angle on the number four,a random collection of Fab Four situations after the jump...

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Jun 06 2016

The Furniture: Decorating Madness in A Streetcar Named Desire

"The Furniture"is our weekly series on Production Design.Here'sDaniel Walber...

The 70thTony Awardsare in just a few days.I certainly can't be trusted with predictions,but I'll make one guess.The award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play probably won't be split three ways.That sort of near-impossible result has only occurred once,all the way back in 1948.The 2nd Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play was shared by Judith Anderson,Katharine Cornell,and Jessica Tandy.Tandy won for the original broadway production ofA Streetcar Named Desire.

Of course,she didn't get to be in the movie and so we will leave her behind.Elia Kazan's film ofTennessee Williams's masterpiece premiered less than two years after its Broadway run ended.Its success was that instant.It won four Oscars,亚博主页though all but one was for acting.That fourth prize,of course,was for production design.[More...]

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Nov 13 2015

Here Comes A Tennessee Williams Biopic

Recent indie upstart Broad Green has announced they are developing John Lahr's biographyTennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Fleshfor a biopic on the titular playwright.No talent is attached yet,but the potential is enticing.

Williams,legendary for work such asA Streetcar Named DesireandThe Glass Menagerie,has a life ready for any number of interpretations.Struggling with mental illness at an early age and battling rampant addiction,attracting and creating stars with consistently controversial and revolutionary writing,not to mention temptestous family and love lives - if nothing else,we have a catnip coctail for any actor who could fit the bill.

Could this be heading toward a fluffy,star-filled treatment a laHitchcockor something more character-focused likeCapote?Lahr's book,a finalist for the National Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award winner,dives deeply into all aspects of Williams's life,so the adaptation could as easily become a "greatest hits"biopic as is it could focus intensely on a specific aspect of his career.

We rarely get to see the stories of our gay icons and early pioneers told on the big screen.The opportunity is especially exciting here considering how his sexuality impacted his work and pushed the boundaries about what could be talked about on stage and screen.Hopefully true to Williams' place in history,this will be an intriguing one to watch as it develops.

Tennessee Williams and his "Stanley Kowalski"Brando

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