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Jan 19 2019

Film Bitch Awards: The Best Screenplays

by Nathaniel R

We just called to tell you you have amazing screenplays.

Movies are much more than their screenplays.There's a reason they call them motion pictures.But no matter what a filmmaker has up their sleeve in terms of visuals or sound,a sturdy platform from which to lift off is crucial.These ten films (and some finalists,too) were already starting at a significant advantage before the first day of shooting due to the calibre of their words,plots,themes,ideas,and structure.HerewithNathaniel's ballot in both screenplay categories.We don't expect the bulk of these to beOscar-nominated on Tuesday(let us not weep for Diablo Cody'sTully,for example,because history will be kind to it) but here's hoping thatEighth Grade,The Favourite,First Reformed,BlacKkKlansman,andCan You Ever Forgive Me?(at least) make their respective Oscar shortlists since they appear to have good shots at doing so. case you missed them,the visual categories are half done,and thesound categories are complete.You can also see an ongoing nomination tally as we announce at the bottom of the sound page.

Dec 20 2018

Blueprints: FYC,Adapted Screenplays

In this week's Blueprints,Jorge Molinalooks into five adapted scripts that should be featured n the awards conversation.If you missed the Original Screenplay FYCs,they're here.

While Original Screenplays tends to be where usually the Academy rewards more unconventional stories,the adapted screenplay category carries with it an air of respectability and prestige.Maybe it's because it usually involves translation from a literary medium,respected novels or award winning plays.Maybe it's because adaptations carry a built-in audience,something Hollywood values.Adapted screenplays have the advantage of arriving with an already fully formed and sometimes familiar story.But translating that into a cinematic medium is one of the hardest tasks for a writer: making the verbal into visual,compressing dozens of chapters into a two-hour story,learning what to leave in,what to take out,what to add or change.

Here are five screenplays that each took a previously published piece and turned it into an engaging,engrossing and cinematic experience....

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Mar 08 2018

Blueprints: Post-Oscar Stat Madness!

Here we are.The Oscars are over.亚博主页After six months (this was alongseason!) of never ending think pieces,desperate For Your Consideration ads,and prediction anxiety,we can finally take a breather.

So,before we're ready to start doing it all over again (because,let's be honest,despite everything,we love this),let's decompress a little.And if you're like me,there's nothing better than a good list of stats and numbers to clear your mind.

As a pallet cleanser,and as a farewell to Oscar season for now,here's are some statistics and data about the screenplay categories.Where we were before Sunday,where we are now.And how far we have yet to go.

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Feb 12 2018

WGA Goes For "Get Out"and "CMBYN"

Chrishere.One of the final major set of prizes before the Oscar ceremony was handed out over the weekend,the Writers' Guild of America awards.The WGA awarded their screenplay honors toGet Outin original andCall Me By Your Namein adapted.Even though the latter's Oscar competition is now even further in the dust,its safest-bet-of-the-night odds to win the big prize will still be an exciting victory lap for its never-awarded legend screenwriter James Ivory.

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Jan 04 2018

WGA Nominations: Logan,Lady Bird,Mudbound, etc...

by Nathaniel R

The WGA nominations are out as as always they must be taken both seriously and not at all when considering Oscar predictions.Due to the WGA's very strict rules they often deem films ineligible that Oscar has no such aversion to (for instance,the WGA never honors animated films...not that any of them are really in the Oscar running this year).

This year's nominees with commentary are after the jump...

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