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Rutger Hauer (RIP)

他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”他得到了每一个演员想要的:一个杀手角色和一个杀手独白在一部随着时间而变得越来越好的电影。这是我能想象的最接近永恒的东西。他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”-Peggy Su

他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”Turkish Delight is an excellent and disturbing film.我甚至找到了小说,这也很好。It should have won Best Foreign Film他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”-Ken S

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Jun 07 2019年

Links: Madonna,Ghostbusters,James Bond,艾美运动等…

电子战six different cover stars for Entertainment Weekly's "50 Years of Gay Pride"问题:Wilson Cruz,安德森·库珀,Melissa Etheridge,珍妮特·莫克,尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯,and Ruby Rose
马上就来Sigourney Weaver confirms that the original cast will return for aGhostbusters 3
旅游+休闲a movie theater in Switzerland has beds instead of seats now for movies.Want

More after the jump including Emmy campaigning,麦当娜的“黑色芭蕾”布拉德·皮特可敬的停战令…

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12月 04年 2018

AFI Top Ten plus "Roma"but "Where is Crazy Rich Asians"?

美国电影协会宣布他们今年的前十名…well top 11 since they did a bit of cheating this year.好,不仅仅是一点欺骗。尽管他们的目的是为了纪念美国电影(见:他们的名字),they includedThe Favourite,这显然是一部由希腊导演执导的英国/爱尔兰作品(即使有些钱是美国的)。他们还认为有必要给墨西哥的罗马特别奖。Can you blame them?否则这两部电影本季就没有奖项了。[Editor's note: Sarcasm!]

Their top ten is as follows...

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12月 07 2017

AFI前十名:没有“可可”,Yes "Wonder Woman"

Consensus is a funny thing.And a boring one.But when mostly good art is honored you can't complain too much.  The American Film Insitute has announced its top ten of the year list which is identical to the Best Picture list offered up by the BFCA via the Critics Choice Awards.好,就像一个资格问题一样…

They are

  • 大病人
  • 叫我你的名字
  • Dunkirk
  • 佛罗里达项目…

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九月 14 2017

Robert Altman Chosen for First-Ever AFI Retrospective

作者:Ilich Mej_a

美国导演罗伯特·奥尔特曼被美国电影协会选为AFI电影节第一次年度回顾展的焦点,该回顾展展示了一位优秀电影制片人的作品。AFI Fest将运行,今年,11月9日至16日。每一天都会有关于奥尔特曼最佳作品的放映和特别讨论。

即使阿尔特曼十年前去世,他的电影经常被全世界的电影狂热者所记住。他的鬼魂3 Womenrecently screened as part of the Film Society of Lincoln Center's retrospective of 1977.其他奥特曼经典包括朱莉·克里斯蒂在McCabe & Mrs.Miller,the fiery politics of纳什维尔,唐顿修道院院长Gosford Park.


Jun 06年 2017

The Dramas of Diane Keaton

"It's not a good idea to be identifiable,though it's reassuring.It feels safe in most ways,很糟糕,because it means that you're accepted,and once that happens that's where you stay.你得小心点。I'd like a life like Katharine Hepburn's in terms of work.她成熟了。她做出了改变。Like Martha Graham."

Diane Keaton,New Yorker,1978

Diane Keaton is to receive theAmerican Film Institure Lifetime Achievement6月8日获奖。我们应该很高兴,not only deserved because Keaton is a true legend,但同时也因为高成就的喜剧演员往往被颁奖机构忽视。Think of Keaton andAnnie Hallcomes immediately to mind along with other Woody Allen films,还有喜剧第一夫人俱乐部,Father of the Bride一定要付出点什么.But few actresses have a dramatic filmography that can match Keaton's.尽管她蓬松的微风,her dramatic skill is equally sharp and coldly acerbic,像这样的电影射月,Looking for Mr.Goodbar红色capturing this dichotomy.And we can't forget the entire教父trilogy.

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12月 10 2016年


Another couple of days,另外两个列表。After the jump the AFI and the AARP lists and a couple notes about which films are coasting through precursor season without a care in the world.共识:一个强大的工具,如果你能抓住它…

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