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Apr 11 2019

Review: Her Smell

byChris Feil

Some audiences may be unprepared for the full force slap that Alex Ross Perry'sHer Smellhas in store.It pulls no punches from the jump,immediately plopping us into the halls of a hellish backstage captured in serpentine camera fluidity.We're immediately caught in the circus of early-90s addict punk rocker Becky Something,a monstrous and damaged creation from Perry's muse Elisabeth Moss.And just as you get used to the manic construction around her,as Perry douses us in a fecund sound design and sweaty neon palette,the film shifts into something quite moving and rigorous on all of its levels.This is something more ambitious and soul-baring than the music dramas to which we've grown accustomed.

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Oct 11 2018

NYFF: Five Favorite Performances at the Festival

As the New York Film Festival winds down,here'sMurtada Elfadlwith some of his favorite performances from the movies he's screened.

Sakura Ando inShoplifters
Shoplifters,Japan's Oscar submission, is about familial bonds that unite with love and real connection rather than blood.Ando plays Nobuyo,the matriarchal figure in this family of outsiders.Her character is the wisest,always knows more than the other characters in any situation.She's in charge emotionally and that needs an actor who's restrained yet immediate and easy with feelings.She always has the emotional truth in the scene whether her character is having a tender moment with a lover,or facing up to ignorant authority.

Ando shines everytime she's on screen,yet there's one moment that is forever marked in my memory...

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Sep 26 2018

NYFF: Elisabeth Moss's Primal Scream in "Her Smell"

Jason Adamsreporting on the New York Film Festival which kicks off Friday

OnThe Handmaid's TaleElisabeth Moss is all internalized feminist rage - a sublimated sneer,her Offred says one thing ("Under His eye"),but her eyes,the curl of her mouth,(and also her voice-over) say quite another.But what of her smell?Oh no,Handmaids don't get to stink.They are clean and holy vessels,scrubbed raw of female afflictions.Rock Stars,on the other hand...the real world ain't Gilead (not quite yet anyway) and we're still gonna scream and stink and scream.And Alex Ross Perry'sHer Smellscreams.Primal screams.This is the rage we've been waiting for...

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May 13 2016

Interview: Agyness Deyn on Her Breakthrough in 'Sunset Song',and How Modeling Prepared Her for Film

Josehere.Agyness Deyn doesn't have a very long list of screen credits,she played Aphrodite inClash of the Titans,narrated a Rihanna video,and appeared inPusher.That will undoubtedly change once directors see her gorgeous work in Terence Davies'Sunset Songwhere she plays Chris Guthrie,a Scottish farm girl trying to fend for herself in the years before WWI.It's a performance made of composed emotion,endless inner strength,and an otherworldly quality that makes one think of great work by Olivia de Havilland and Ingrid Bergman.

Many people will know Ms.Deyn from her work as a model,back in the mid-aughts there wasn't an issue of Vogue where she didn't appear.With her pixie cut,effortless chic and strong personality she brought a "punk/rock"edge to modeling.Since 2012,she's been focusing her attention on film andSunset Songis her first leading role.

I sat down to speak to Ms.Deyn about working with Terence Davies,her favorite actresses and how her life in the runway prepared her for her work on film.Read the conversation after the jump...

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