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Great Moments in Horror Actressing: Margot Kidder

"This genre gives actresses some really juicy lines and roles,but denies them the acclaim that comes from more 'serious' roles.Kidder was a gifted actress who was indelible in a few films."-Lady Edith

"She won a Genie for it - because Canadians have great taste!"-Mike in Canada

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Sep 13 2017

How Necessary is "American Horror Story: Cult"?

By Spencer Coile

A Ryan Murphy production is anything but subtle.They rely on over-the-top scares,extravagant set pieces,and his usual band of actors (notably Sarah Paulson).American Horror Story: Cultis no exception.It begins with the bleakest opening imaginable,a night that will live in infamy: 2016 election night.As characters rejoice,cry,vent their frustrations,it felt as though Murphy was attempting to hone in on the social panic that swept the country in the wake of the election results.It was a bold opening,one that hit close to home.

And then the rest of the episode happened.

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Jul 18 2017

The Big Link

What happened these past two weeks that I need to know about?We haven't done a link roundup yet this month (due to the critics institute retreat I was attending) so I have no idea what happened in my absence.But let us not get further behind.Herewith some news stories as well as a few random good reads.


IndieWireSofia Coppola responds to the backlash regarding her adaptation decisions onThe Beguiled
Theater ManiaJosh Lucas and Uma Thurman to star in a new Broadway political play opening this fallThe Parisian Woman
Audra McDonaldis going on a North American tour so get your tickets!The six time Tony winner's voice is utterly sublime.

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Oct 14 2016

Thoughts and Questions about "American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare"

by Eric Blume

Despite five years of shifting locals and time frames and characters,American Horror Storyremained essentially the same beast.Season 6 is shaking the formula up but I couldn't be more bewildered.Here are three general questions.Perhaps we could work out the answers together?

01.What the hell is happening?
We are meant to be watching a "true crime TV show"but what show like that looks like this?  When re-enactments are made in a show of this nature,they're never dramatized at length like the extended scenes inMy Roanoke Nightmare.Even if we grant them structural leeway...

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Jan 12 2016

CAS Nominees & Oscar Predictions.Do you like the sound of these movies?

The Cinema Audio Society,which awards the sound mixing in movies,is our only real clue beforehand of how the two sound categories (mixing and editing) at the Oscars might go.亚博主页The MPSE,which honors their brethren,the sound editors,doesn't announce its nominees for "The Golden Reels"until two weeks after the Oscar nominations.So this morning's announcement is another last minute reminder that Nathaniel (c'est moi) needs to get both his finalOscar predictionson (TODAY AND TONIGHT) and publish thoseFilm Bitch Award nominations-- at least the Oscar correlative categories (TODAY AND TOMORROW) -- which are his own long-running film honors and should not to be confused with the Team Experience Awards which come fromthe contributors hereand are going up in one week's time.

So basically ALL of that is happening...simultaneously.Maybe.Definitely.Hopefully.Buthow ???

Surveillance footage of TFE Headquarters,shows Nathaniel stockpiling snacks,Motrin,and water bottles.The latter he will both drink from and pee in,as he's not allowed to move until Friday morning once Oscar noms have sufficiently sunken in.But first he is downing pots of coffee,typing this very post you're reading and begging himself to quit typing in the third person.

CAS Nominees for the film year,as well as both Oscar Predictions and Film Bitch Awards.Yes we're doing it all (Yipee)after the jump

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Jan 07 2016

Costume Designer's Guild Nods: Sandy Powell x 2.And More...

It's Guild Week.The week when many artists get their hopes up for nominations since the guilds have so many categories for their particular craft unlike Oscar's mere 5 for the altogether.But since we love costumes,the more the merrier.Congratulations to the nominees who we'll discussafter the jump...

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Dec 31 2015

FYC: Sarah Paulson,Carol's Best Supporting Actress

The Film Experience is proud to welcome back Matthew Eng for this personal FYC亚博主页

Sarah Paulson photographed for VarietyThese days,to simply see Sarah Paulson's name in the opening credits of any project is enough to make me sit back,relax,and sigh with deep and reverent relief that — no matter the lapses in storytelling,the dubiousness of politics,or the haphazard efforts of other actors — I am in the hands of at least one supremely assured and eternally convincing performer.

As someone who missed Aaron Sorkin's infamousStudio 60 on the Sunset Stripand the extensive list of sitcoms and serials she appeared in from the mid-nineties to the late-2000s (not to mention her numerous stage roles and occasional film appearances),my Sarah Paulson fandom is fairly recent.Of course,like many,I'd seen and admired her wry gal pal inDown with Love,which remains a fun but frankly flaky memory.

But truthfully,I wasn't fully onboard the Paulson bandwagon until 2012,when she offeredAmerican Horror Story's peakAsylumseason a truly new and refreshingly tough-minded depiction of devastated-turn-mobilized female victimhood and then,a year later,sauntered into Steven McQueen's12 Years a Slaveas one of contemporary cinema's most memorably unrepentant villainesses,terrorizing Lupita and manipulating Fassy with ferocious,bone-chilling conviction.

When I heard Paulson had joinedCarol,I took another of those deep and reverent sighs of relief,as if to say,'Alright,this film will actually be as perfect as I need it to be.'  [More...]

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