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Review:The Lion King

"You get a medal for sitting through this cynical film."-作记号

"Can you feel the hate tonight."-Brookesboy


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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)

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Mar 23 2017

Joan Crawford,全国小狗日,奥斯卡之夜,and More...

Today is both National Puppy Dayandthe immortal star Joan Crawford's birthday (though the exact date i.e.year is disputed).这是一张结合了这两个奇妙事物的照片…

琼·克劳福德非常喜欢狗。如果你搜索“琼·克劳福德小狗”或者“琼·克劳福德狗”you will be surprised at how many images come up and from all decades,too,and how relaxed the famously rigid star looks with them in many of the photos...

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四月 26 2016

Throne of Blood's Best Shots - A Visual Index

After realizing that we'd never featured an Akira Kurosawa on Hit Me With Your Best Shot,we obviously had to.Ran(1985)很诱人,但已经引起了很多关注。So we opted to watch his other Shakespeare inspired masterpiece,Throne of Blood(1957)哪一个仍然是最好的麦克白movie even if its more Macbeth-inspired than traditionally adapted.

If you've never seen it,试试看。它是华丽的,令人难忘的,不像大多数莎士比亚的电影,它只有110分钟的紧凑感。

Hit Me With Your Best Shot(s)
Throne of Blood (1957)

主任:黑泽明;Cinematographer: Asakazu Nakai

Throne of Bloodteaches us how to watch it.

The minute we see Isuzu Yamada as Lady Asaji in this cold spare room,we know exactly where things will go...
-Scopophiliac at the Cinema

One of my favorite ideas in these Japanese stories is that the living and dead (or the supernatural) could live together,without a hereafter.


Kurosawa injects into the tragedy of Macbeth an incredible sensorial expressiveness of poetic dimensions by placing it in mystic version of feudal japan.

Fujimaki's own splatter-painting.

The staging of the two actors is just brilliant...

The camera becomes like a piece of stagecraft

the vast space and the wealth that implies,as well as the ample room for Washizu and his wife to contemplate their guilt
-Film Actually

The movie builds with precision,early shots foreshadowing what is to come

My favorite scene in Macbeth and they do it very well here
-Rachel Wagner

The End.

NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT WARNING: "NOW a warning?"It'sDeath Becomes Her(1992),rereleased in a collectors edition.Please join us for what will surely be a fun group of screengrabs

四月 26 2016

Silent Chambers and Spider Webs in "Throne of Blood"

The first time I saw a Jackson Pollock in the flesh,I had to sit down,目瞪口呆,in my attempt to take it in.I was staring at just one painting (and there were several) for a good 15-20 minutes before I had to force myself to move on.虽然艺术家著名的喷溅画看起来很随意,但一旦你出现在他们面前,他们就会有如此复杂的催眠深度,就好像有可能在他们里面溜走然后迷路。Each flick of paint,every solid drop,on top of another streak and another spill gives the impression that the painting goes on for years underneath no matter which detail pulls your eye in.


I kept thinking of that Pollock painting - bear with me through this unexpected reference point - while watchingThrone of Blood(1957)...

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四月 04 2016


四月的阵雨,Team TFE looks at memorably soaked moments in the movies.Here's Lynn Lee on Dreams (1990).

阳光明媚,but it's raining.  Foxes hold their wedding processions in this weather.

但他们不喜欢任何人看到他们——如果他们看到你在看,they'll be very angry!

Dreams(1990) may be the most personal of Kurosawa's films,我一直觉得他是最被低估的人之一。对,但在最好的情况下,它确实捕捉到了生动而又难以捉摸的,disorienting nature of a recurring dream that always seems to slip just out of your grasp – the kind of dream that can turn on a hair from a beautiful vision to a nightmare and back again...

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Mar 三十 2016

Q&A: Artists in Movies and Uninspiring Best Pic Lineups

在这几周的问答中,我要求一个艺术主题来庆祝文森特·梵高和弗朗西斯科·德·戈雅在这一天的共同生日!So we'll start with a few art-focused topics before venturing to rando questions.


I vastly prefer non-traditional biopics so I'm susceptible to stuff that piques curiosity rather than gives you a greatest hits.So I like bios likeThirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould(1993).I have some problems withI'm Not There(2007) which is my least favorite Todd Haynes film but I respect the hell out of it conceptually.关于画家的电影,我对弗朗西斯·培根更感兴趣Love is the Devil(1998) and not just because of Daniel Craig in the bathtub!I already cared aboutCaravaggiobefore seeing Derek Jarman'sCaravaggiobut I hope people see that one,也是。

BRIAN:如果你不得不推荐一个初出茅庐的影迷一部基于艺术家的电影,a work of art,或者艺术主题是什么?

Hmmm.很多关于绘画的电影都不是很好(看一个人的绘画比看一个人的写作更有趣)。So let's do "artistic"主题和答案很容易阿玛丢斯(1984年)。这是一部非常有用的电影,可以用两种常见的方式来引用(“太多的注释!”)深思熟虑(有能力的熟练工人和真正的天才有什么区别?).One of my other favorite "art"movies isHigh Art(1998年)

还有8个问题after the jump

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Feb 二十二 2016

问答:标志性夫妇,Vote Counts,Favorite Kurosawas

本周有很多好问题Q&Athat we had to do this twice.Here are more questions asked of your host Nathaniel,and now answered.Thanks for being engaged readers!

Nicole&Ewan在2002年MTV电影奖上获奖Since there's been talk of how sweet it would be to see Leo and Kate both win Oscars this year,亚博主页I've been thinking about recent screen couples that have captured audiences' imaginations in that way,人们希望能同时获得奥斯卡奖,我想不出在这一水平上有什么了不起的。亚博主页有没有你认为是传奇的流行文化配对的后泰坦尼克银幕情侣?-EDWIN

Nicole Kidman和Ewan McGregor是否曾复职?Moulin Rouge!我想他们可能已经成为一对银幕情侣了。事实上,他们没有是一个悲剧,因为我们会爱他们,直到他们的死亡之日。You能够argue that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) qualify.我想如果希思·莱杰还活着的话,他和杰克·吉伦哈尔可能会发生这种事,因为他们都是非常出色的演员,而且非常喜欢对方。看到他们以完全不同的体裁在第二部电影中联合主演,会很有意思。

The Film Experience is 1000% behind today's Hollywood realizing that reteaming stars who had insane chemistry is one of the best traditions of Old Hollywood.亚博主页It's not only fun for fans,它也很畅销!Wouldn't you be so excited if Kate & Leo made a comedy together in 2018?

What's your favorite performance given by an animal actor?-TYLER

小精灵as "Mr Smith"从春闺风月(1937)这是我有史以来第一、第二或第三个*最喜欢的怪胎喜剧。(It's hard to decide because they're so many great ones)

如果由你决定,你会公布奥斯卡颁奖典礼的官方投票数吗?Or would that take away the fun of endless speculating?你想知道官方统计数字吗?- MARCELO

The answer and more after the jump...

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