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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Mar 27 2019

Links: Captain Chris Evans,Fan Bingbing,and Queer-free Freddy

THRA yummy Chris Evans cover story on Trump resistance,Captain America as the key figure that allowed the MCU to flourish,and his superhero-free future.He really wants to do a musical!
Oh So Geekyfetishisizes the good captain with millions of gifs in this piece about his arc within the MCU andAvengers Infinity Warin particular.So much Chris Evans this week!
The GuardianFor its Chinese releaseBohemian Rhapsodyhas lost three full minutes (including all queer references,any mention of AIDS,and what sounds like the loss of one entire character - Mercury's boyfriend).The movie has made almost a billion worldwide.Maybe have some respect for Mercury's legacy,Warner Bros,and just not release it in China?

More after the jump including animation lawsuits,what's next for Alex Wolff,the end ofGame of Thrones,and a must-read Fan Bingbing article...

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Mar 05 2019

Nathaniel's Ballot: Best Actor / Supporting Actor

'It's not redundant to still be handing out awards after the Oscars as long as the awards themselves aren't the same!' This is what I tell myself as I wrap up the Film Bitch Awards two weeks later than is proper!亚博主页There's just 3 categories to go now (so we'll be done by next weekend) before we can hold the world's fastest awards ceremony.It involves a behind-the-scenes slapping of gold,silver,and bronze visual designations onto three of the nominees in each category.

Today,we're talking about the men...

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Jan 14 2019

Interview: Toni Colette on horror,grief,and her prismatic performances

by Nathaniel R

Toni Collette gives one of the year's great performances staring into the abyss of her own life in "Hereditary"Toni Collette doesn't like horror movies.We relate but there are exceptions: horror films starring Toni Collette are events.Her resistance to the genre,  she refers to both of her biggest horror hits as "classic dramas",may be the strange key to why she's so superb in them,grounding them in emotional truths while simultaneously having the kind of stylistic range as an actor that can lift right off with them into otherworldly places.

We recently sat down after an encore screening and lively Q&A ofHereditary.Her sole Oscar nomination came early in her career as the grieving mother of little Haley Joel Osment inThe Sixth Sense(1999) and in a way,twenty years later,she's bookended that great early success with another very different grieving mother.This one's much harder to love but the performance is even better.Even if you don't love horror movies,it's impossible to miss the fact that her Annie,a self-indulgent artist and resentful mother,is a tour de force performance from an actress at the top of her game. Annie's life is traumas stacking up on traumas but Toni's performance keeps stacking brilliance upon brilliance.

Though she's played her share of narcissists or flighty women,the actress herself comes across as generous and grounded,thrilled by the collaboration of filmmaking.She rolls her eyes about herself and other actors if anyone gets too precious or self-involved about the craft. Though she loves acting dearly,she hilariously refers to it as her "day job"as we're making small talk before the interview.

In a rare turnabout,as we sat down,Toni asked the first question.So we'll begin right there....

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Jul 06 2018

Blueprints: "Hereditary"

This week,Jorgedives into how the setting and character introductions made this one of the most unsettling movies in years.

Horror films are far scarier when they are grounded by real fears.Sure,a ghost flying towards you or the sight of a little girl head's spinning are objectively terrifying.But when a character's terror reflects the way we have felt at dire points,the horror movie seeps into our own lives,suddenly tangible.

Hereditaryis as much of a family melodrama as it is a horror film.Its scariness doesn't rely on a supernatural force (although there is one),or on gory and violent imagery (though there's definitely some of that).The horror taps into the dynamics and secrets of family life.It takes regular fraught human emotions and raises them to unbearable levels...

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Jul 04 2018

C O N S I D E R - Actors of 2018,First Half of Year

With the year half over,it's time to look back on the first six months of the year and what treasures they brought us.Here are the 18 performances by male actors that we liked the most thus far this year.It should probably suffice to say that this list was much easier to come up with then the forthcoming female list since the competition wasn't as fierce.(Four key films I missed that might have played into these categories wereThe Rider,Lean on Pete,You Were Never Really Here,andPaddington 2)

(Jan 1st through June 30th releases)

Daniel Giménez Cachoas "Don Diego de Zama"inZama
Though I didn't much care for this film,Giménez Cacho,the talented Mexican/Spanish star (ofBlancanievesandCronosfame...and the unseen narrator of all time Mexican classicY Tu Mama Tambien) delivers as the frustrated sickly officer of the Spanish crown longing for a transfer that may never come.

Alden Ehrenreichas "Han Solo"inSolo
Mimicry is overrated.It's better to get the spirit of a thing than to duplicate the tics.He manages the former though the script fights against it,refashioning Han as a hero at the beginning.

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