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"I'll be glad when the discourse surrounding this film has died down.I didn't hate it.I just found it flat (in spite of Phoenix's commendable efforts)."-MJ

"Audiences clapping at violence is a societal red flag.I had the same problem with the Tarantino film.This film was violent,depressing and pointless."-TF

"This is the best film I've seen all year.Devastating performance by Phoenix!"-David

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Mar 30 2019

The Once and Future Link

/FilmTom Hanks to play Elvis Presley's shady manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming Elvis biopic.Thankfully Baz is looking for a complete unknown for Elvis himself
Towleroadthis is awesome.Gay rights hero Harvey Milk is now on the tail fits of Norwegian Airlines.And to think he can't even get a national holiday in the US.We are so behind sometimes!
Shadowplaysome fun thoughts on John Boorman'sExcaliburas "The Ridiculous"
MNPP"do dump or marry"Matrixanniversary edition

More after the jump including the awesomeness of Eva Green,the fate of X-Men movies,an Alien high school production,and filmmaker interviews...

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May 14 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Bad Girls

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"which is tackling the 49th birthday of one of modern cinema's more obscure and under-rewarded actresses,maybe you've heard her name in passing -- a Cate Blanchett?If you have you're one of the lucky few in the know!Okay okay so she's currently swanning around southern France in millions of dollars in fabrics being the grande dame of the movies,so you probably have.

But this week's competition is facing her down with a real buried gem,somebody only the mosy diligent of cineastes has heard of and whose film adaptation of a serious difficult piece of theater just hit theaters this past weekend...a Saoirse Ronan?Rack your brains,maybe that name sounds familiar.Anyway in 2011 these two forces of nature faced down in Joe Wright's (still under-appreciated if you ask me) film Hanna,and here we are...

PREVIOUSLYLast week also tackled a bad mother figure situationwith the monsters of theAlienfranchiseand I think since it was Mother's Day you made the right choice,giving Mama Queen Alien Bitch 70% of the vote.SaidAmandaBuffamonteezi:

"No better time to say YAAAASSSS KWEEEENNNN!!!!!"

May 07 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Acid Queen

Howdy,Jason fromMNPPhere with our Mother's Day edition of "Beauty vs Beast"- it's maybe becoming a bit cliche to talk about the Alien franchise for Mother's Day at this point...but that's not going to stop me,for two reasons.First off today is the 42nd birthday of the actressCarrie Henn,who played "Newt"in 1986'sAliens-click hereto see a picture of her with Sigourney Weaver a couple of years ago.She's a grown lady!Time is weird,you guys.

And secondly we're doingAlienbecause I got to see the film on the gigantic screen of the United Palace Theater here in NYC yesterday and a million wows.Never have I more envied the moviegoers of yesteryear who got to watch films in these literal palaces.United Palace does a movie screening every month and if you're in New York you owe yourself the experience of seeing something there,it is absolutely grand - see their whole scheduleright here.Anyway we've faced down Ripleys for this seriesonce beforeso this time let's face down her foes!Which came first,the Egg or the Queen...

PREVIOUSLYLast week we sup from the throats of the haute couture bloodsuckersin Tony Scott'sThe Hungerandit was ice-blonde Catherine Deneueve who came out on top to the tune of nearly 80% of your votes - saidthevoid99:

"I vote for Miriam heart and soul will always belong to David Bowie's character in that film.Still not over him."

Jun 05 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Bad Romance

Howdy,everybody - Jason fromMNPPhere with a brand new round of "Beauty vs Beast"for you on this first Monday of June.Coming up on this first Friday of June a movie calledMy Cousin Rachelis coming out (you can watch the trailerright here) that stars Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin and is adapted from the 1951 book by Daphne du Maurier (who also wroteThe BirdsandRebecca).The book was already turned into a movie once in 1952 with  Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland (which I have never seen;have you?) - anyway it's one of my favorite genres,the overheated gothic romance,brimming with lace and poisons,and I can't wait.

So in the spirit of such things this week we're tackling one of the greatest of all when it comes to these stories - Charlotte Brontë'sJane Eyre.There are a couple of film adaptations but let's go with the most recent,Cary Fukunaga's 2011 filmstarring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender,since I found it a grand adaptation.

PREVIOUSLYWe spent last week trapped in that damn cryogenic container so we've got to skip back two weeks toour last competition,which pit the Ellen Ripleyof Ridley Scott'sAlienagainst the Ellen Ripley of James Cameron'sAliens.And it was the bigger badder bitchier (her words not mine!) version of the latter who stomped away with 67% of your votes.Saidmarkgordonuk:

"Alienis my favourite movie but theAliensperformance is something else,the looks and glances,the fear,the physicality,the line readings,the no bull attitude,I could go on,such an Iconic performance,everyone knows who Ripley is."

May 24 2017

Beauty vs Beast: All About Ellen

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's All Sigourney edition of "Beauty vs Beast"-- everything should always be All Sigourney,don't you think?Most especiallyAlienmovies.I can't tell you how much I missed the grounding presence of Ellen Ripley this past weekend,whiplashing around Ridley Scott'sscatteredCovenant.If only we were getting Neill Blomkamp's proposed sequel,I kept thinking.An Alien without a Ripley is a body without a heart or a brain - an exo-skeleton full of acid.

So that's where I stand onCovenant.And even if they're more positive than I am most (if not all?) reviews continue to point to the first two films as the franchise's high-water mark.But instead of facing Ripley off with Giger's literal Beast I thought it would be more interesting to do a variation on the eternal "AlienorAliens"question,and face off Scott's Ripley against James Cameron's Ripley,as the low-key smartypants of the first movie is in many ways quite a different beast altogether from the ass-kicking maternal Cassandra of the second.Which Ripley's your jam,and why?

PREVIOUSLYWe tackled Alfred Hitchcock's personal faveShadow of a Doubt(1943)last week for Joseph Cotten's birthdayand it was Cotten's Uncle Charlie who triumphed over his niece Charlie (Teresa Wright),although it was close (as it ought to be with such doubling going on).SaidDancin' Dan:

"This is impossible,pitting one of my favorite Hitchcock heroines against one of my favorite Hitchcock villains.But I'm going to give an EVER SO SLIGHT edge to Young Charlie,for the sole reason that,as much amazing work as Cotten does in the role,Hitch helps him with Uncle Charlie's creepiness much more than he helps Wright (never better) in building Young Charlie's character."

May 18 2017

"Get Away from Her,You Bitch!": Revisiting the Alien Saga

By Spencer Coile

The tagline for the firstAlienfilm,short and deeply frightening,reads "In space no one can hear you scream."Written in tiny font,it is placed on the poster for Ridley Scott's first venture into the Alien-universe beneath what we soon learn is the egg from which the menacing title creature is born.The image is simple but punchy,rather like the power and artistry emerging fromAlien,in very much the same way the monsters pop out of humans' chests.On paper,the series is simple.But only on paper.Revisiting the world of Ellen Ripley and a lead-up to the release ofAlien: Covenantthis weekend,one thought kept running through my mind: these films are disurbing,because they get at the root of what it means to be a human,to be a monster,and to make sacrifices that benefit oursevles,but also the greater good.What may have started out as a cut-and-paste psychological horror from 1979 soon became a story that is deeply compelling and worthy of examination.

So let's put on our space helmets,grab our flame-throwers,and start exploring the storytelling of theAliensaga...

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