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Sep 17 2018

Showbiz History: Sophia's Proxy Wedding,Emma's "Easy A"

7 random things that happened on this day,September 17th,in showbiz history...

1931Anna Maria Louisa Italiano born in The Bronx.She's goes on to become Anne Bancroft,one of the all time greats of stage and screen.

1957Here's a truly odd bit of trivia.Sophia Loren was married by proxy on this day.Two male attorneys stood in for her and producer Carlo Ponti (who gave her stage name and groomed her public image -- they first met in 1950 when Sophia was only 16).Ponti was not legally divorced from his previous wife so the marriage was annulled to escape bigamy charges and then they married again in 1966,but legally this time;they remained married for the rest of his life!But how crazy,right?

1963The Fugitivepremieres on ABC...

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May 29 2018

Top Ten: Annette Bening's Best Performances

The one and only Annette Bening turns 60 today.But,really,she's ageless.And with agelessness comes the superpower of never-peaking.She's been brilliant from the start and,if anything,keeps getting moreso.Herewith our ten favorite performances by The Bening,though should you ask us on another day the films and the order would change.


10Mother and Child(2009/2010)
Released in the early summer of 2010 to little fanfare,and immediately eclipsed by a much bigger summer hit inThe Kids Are All Right,she was moving playing an unlikeably negative and guarded woman who'd once given up a child (Naomi Watts) for adoption.

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May 17 2018

Blueprints: "American Beauty"

Last month we dove into one of themost iconic shower scenesin cinema for April Showers.For May Flowers,Jorgetakes a look into one of the most famous thematic uses of a flower in film.

American Beautywas at one point supposed to be titledAmerican Rose.This is neither a coincidence nor an appropriate alternative.The film,a satire about American suburbia and the layers of darkness that society hides underneath their pretty but rotting exteriors,heavily uses the recurring image of rose throughout.Not just in the now iconic nude sequence with Mena Suvari.

Roses appear through the script in many key parts,usually in places where a character is putting up a façade for the world,or when they are completely submitting to their darkest impulses.Or when those two collide.Let's take a look at where the flowers ominously represent both the attachment and the repulsion against society's "pretty"standards...

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Apr 06 2016

Interview: Chris Cooper on 'Demolition',Creating Characters,and His Favorite Actors

April is Actor Month at TFE.Here'sJosein conversation with one of our best.

In person,Chris Cooperexudes the same suave charm he has onscreen,when we sit down to discuss his work in Jean-Marc Vallée'sDemolitionand I refer to him as "Mr.Cooper"he shakes his head and says "call me Chris".From his oddly approachable John Laroche inAdaptation,to his tough but sensitive Tom Smith inSeabiscuit,Cooper has perfected the art of creating "the memorable everyman".InDemolitionhe plays Phil,a man who must cope with the death of his daughter in an accident,and has to learn how to forgive his son-in-law Davis (Jake Gyllenhaal) for having survived.Most of Cooper's scenes involve harsh encounters with Gyllenhaal's character,who has lost all sense of societal propriety rather than paying tribute to the legacy of his wife.

When I speak to Vallée about the qualities his cast brought to the film,he explained "I observe and try not to interfere with the actors,they use all the space around them,they put stamina and spirit into it",you can see this in the way with which Cooper in particular moves as if he's completely unaware that his character exists at the service of a story.He couldn't seem more comfortable in this fictitious man's skin if he tried.I spoke to Chris about his process,how he uses external elements to discover the men he plays,and to celebrate Actor's Month we ended up discussing his favorite thespians.

Our conversation follows...

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Nov 07 2015

What was your 'Sophie's Choice Oscar Moment'?

Kylehere.We're rapidly barreling into the holiday movie season—aka,the time when we plebeians can catch up with all the fare deemed Award Worthy.I'm sure you're aware,just how amazing our lineup ofactress contendersis this year,asMurtada recently talked about.How difficult it's going to be to be a fan this winter!Which is to say is there anything more painful than those moments when we're torn between competing loyalties?Or between loyalty and taste?

My most painful instance of this came in 2000,when Hilary Swank and Annette Bening duked it out for Best Actress.I lovedBoys Don't Cry.It was such an important film—even its nomination was important,given its low-budget indie status—and Swank was utterly heartbreaking.But then there was Bening inAmerican Beauty,tap dancing on that high wire.Her Carolyn Burnham is broad and deep,tenderly tragic and yowlingly funny at the same time.Bening not only achieves this difficult balance,but shows us that it's indispensable to this character's,this type of person's,reality.

So,what wasyourmost painful Sophie's Choice Oscar moment?

Sep 22 2014

Beauty vs Beast: There Will Be Beasts

JA fromMNPPhere welcoming you to another week's "Beauty vs Beast"showdown - this time around we're going good and bad and ugly and everything in between,heading out West to the oil fields of California at the turn of the previous century.

Over the weekend Paul Thomas Anderson's 2007 filmThere Will Be Bloodscreened at the immense and ornate United Palace Theater here in New York with Jonny Greenwood's masterful (and criminally Oscar-ignored) score performed live by an orchestra,including Mr.Greenwood himself.I was thereand it was,to put it mildly,as if somebody liquified all of Heaven itself into drug-form and shot it full-blast into my veins.That is to say -- I enjoyed it.So to keep my happy buzz thrumming just a little longer,let's head back to The Church of the Third Revelation and see where our loyalties lie - with Daniel Day-Lewis' boy-abandoning oil-man or with Paul Dano's oily-man of god who keeps crawling under his skin.

We should try to keep ourselves character-minded as we cast our votes (keeping in mind that Eli might be a squirmy little fraud but Daniel Plainview does some,um,very bad stuff),but on the actor side of the equation I do want to say that while Oscar was very clearly definitive about where its hosannas fell (and I'm not about to knock DDL's for-the-ages work) I do think Dano's performance has been under-valued.The film wouldn't work nearly as well as it does if he wasn't purposefully driving us into Daniel Plainview's long,cold,scary arms.But really they're all a bunch of bastards (in baskets).

PREVIOUSLYLast week we revisited the raining rose petals of the insular suburban world in Sam Mendes'American Beautyon the ocassion of its 15th anniversary,and faced the angry patriarch and angrier matriarch of the Burnham clan off - coming out ahead by one fashionable gardening clog,Carolyn (Annette Bening) marched off with just over 60% of the vote.SaidMike In Canada:

"I feel like a major turning point in the road to true grownup-hood is realizing that Carolyn is the true hero ofAmerican Beautyand that Lester is a thoughtless prick and the movie's attitudes toward them are a major flaw."