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Jan 28 2017

John Hurt and Emmanuelle Riva (RIP)

Two departures to report,both of them Oscar nominees and enduring figures of great cinema.Major British thespian Sir John Hurt and French icon Emmanuelle Riva have died at 77 and 89 respectively...

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Oct 14 2014

Top Ten: Most Deserving Oscar Wins of the Decade (thus far)

It's a special "top ten day"to kick off fall film season.Lists all day long.Enjoy!

As we move into awards seasons it's a good time to think positively and hope for the best.Though AMPAS is too high profile to ever get an entirely fair shake (people will always take them to task because one man's treasure is another's junk and because it's easier to remember the gross dereliction of their duties more than their classy moments) they don't screw upallthe time.Some Oscar wins are highly deserved no matter how you look at it.Though it seems weird to call this young decade "the Teens"already given that we've just left the pre-teens,that's what it'll surely be called when it wraps in December 2019


Honorable Mention
Anne Hathaway,Les Miserables(2012 Supporting Actress)
"I Dreamed a Dream"and its fearful preamble "At the End of the Day"had seismic emotional impact.Performances this raw are always risky (and usually divisive!) but I'll never forget her confrontational mix of anger,sorrow,memory and beauty;a woman staring into the abyss,still stunned she's at the brink of it.


10ishChristian Bale,The Fighter(2010 Supporting Actor)
Christopher Plummer,Beginners(2011 Supporting Actor)
I couldn't decide which of these fine actors I wanted on the list and on an earlier draft I accidentally left both off as a result.Oops.Both are arguably leads,so it felt a bit strange to include them but they are two very fine instances of overdue actors finally winning the top gong.While they probably wonat least in partas "whole career"honors,that much derided Oscar tactic that often gives actors Oscars for one of their lesser performances,亚博主页doesn'talwaysbackfire;both were,happily,incredibly deserving.

09Lupita N'Yongo,12 Years a Slave(2013 Supporting Actress)
A close call,perhaps,with "It Girl"JLaw nipping at her barefeet.Or maybe not close at all given how much of its operatic sorrow the sometimes cerebral Best Picture owes to her proud wails and immeasurable pain."I'd rather it be you"

8 more greats after the jumpfromGravitytoA Separation

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Feb 23 2013

Talking "Amour"on CNN

Look howhappyI was guaranteeing Ralitsa that Michael Haneke is going to win an Oscar tomorrow on CNN International's World Report!

I will always discussBest Foreign Filmif people will listen. Also,I desperately had to pee.


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Feb 18 2013

Link City: Blogs To Click For

Coming Soonfirst look at Josh Brolin inSin City: A Dame To Kill For
Low ResolutionJoe Reid returns to his very neglected blog to make a movie trailer for his own awards
The Hollywood Reporterspends time with Emmanuelle Riva whomightbecome the oldest acting Oscar winner in history
Slatediscusses the morbid finale of Downton Abbey Season 3.Is it the cruelest show on television?

Pajibafive things you may not have known about Christoph Waltz.Fun - love the Haneke bit.
In ContentionChristoph Waltz in Djesus Uncrossed on SNL
EmpireSam Mendes may return for Bond 24.That's crazy if you ask me.How the hell will he topSkyfall?Better to walk away with afterglow.
Cinema BlendLincolnfinally ends Mississippi.WTH?
MNPPGael García Bernal two (sexy) times
Encore's Worldthe whole collection of "Motifs"articles.This one is on Parents & Children in '12 cinema featuringBrave,Amour,LooperandMoonrise Kingdom
The Film Doctor's one sentence review ofA Good Day To Die Hard.One very long (true) sentence.

Greg P Russell working on SkyfallFinally...some last minute awardage.TheWriters Guild(WGA) continuedArgo's dominance at the guilds...which probably means no Oscar for Tony Kushner'sLincoln.I thank 2012 emphatically for being so hard to predict for so much longer than usual even though now it's snorezzzville again going into Oscar night.At least until earlier this month.Now it's snorezzzville with onlyArgodeemed worthy of hardware.Which is why I've fallen off the reporting wagon...well that and the lack of FYC ads this year ;)ArgoandSilver Linings Playbooktook the ACE awards for editing.I say near-sweep because Argo hasn't won everything.It lost the Art Directors Guild prize toAnna Kareninaand Sound prizes have also eluded it.Life of Piwas a double winner for the Sound Editors (MPSE) withWreck-It RalphandLes Misérablespicking up their other trophies...but theCinema Audio Societyfelt somewhat differently handingBraveandLes Mizits trophies.All of which is very bad news for perennial sound mixing nominee Greg P.Russell who is up forSkyfallthis year...will he really lose again on his 16th nomination!Sixteenth!Tomorrow one more guild announces: the Costume Designers Guild.

Feb 16 2013

Links, Inc.

i09Monster Universityhas a recruiting ad
i09and character designs - Helen Mirren being dragon-like as the Dean in this Pixar sequel
Interiorspicks a great topic this month: the apartment inAmour.All mapped out.
NPRTony Kushner's research and characterizatin ofLincoln
Pakotoillustrated tribute toJurassic Park
Movie|Linetalks to the Ryan Gosling of the porn set who keeps getting cast in XXX versions of Gosling hits

Details interviews James Franco on this moment in his career includingOz the Great and Powerfuland...
MNPPbrilliantly dissects those page 3 answers about deep throating a pistol for his next pictureSpring Breakers
Stale PopcornNaomi Watts on stardom and breakthroughs
Vanity FairQuentin Tarantino Kill Chart in infographic form.Wow his movies are gruesome
Grantlandhas a snarky Oscar bracket for worst travesties ever while...
A Blog Next Doorhas some snark for Grantland's fratboy leanings

/FilmJason Reitman's next live reading of a famous picture is Glengarry Glen Ross.This time it's gender-flipped.Normally I am quite happy to be a New Yorker but these events in LA sound so enticing every time.Alec Baldwin's famous role has yet to be cast but Robin Wright will be doing her best Pacino and Catherine O'Hara gets the plum Jack Lemmon role.

Finally...I wasn't aware of this but Encore Entertainment is hosting a blog-a-thon of some sort called Motifs in Cinema so far I've seen two articles.They are:Motifs: AgingfeaturingSkyfall,The Dark Knight Rises,Hope Springs,andAmour;Motifs Fantasy & RealityfeaturingBeasts of the Southern Wild,The Hobbit,andSavages;

Feb 08 2013

Dear AMPAS...Love,Team Experience

With the finalOscar votingcommencing today -- can we still say "ballots going out"when this season has been so dramatically electronic?-- I asked Team Experience to write very brief notes to Oscar voters.

I'll start us off...

❝Dear AMPAS,Two Words:Emmanuelle Riva.Respect your eldersand wish her a happy 86th birthday on February 24th (your 85th!).In your 85 years you've had plenty of impossible dreamgirls like Lawrence,rapidly ascending versatile stars like Jessica,and resilient fierce mamas like Naomi.But you've never given the prize to anyone like Emmanuelle.Do your ownBest Actresslegacy proud by switching it up and proving you're still free thinkers in your 80s!
Yours always,for better & worse,Nathaniel

pleas for The Master,Zero Dark Thirty,Moonrise Kingdom and moreafter the jump...

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