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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-Peggy Sue

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May 11 2019

"Wine Country"on Netflix

From new contributor Samantha Craggs

In theory,there's a lot to love aboutWine Country.It's two whole hours devoted to women in their 40s and 50s,an often invisible demographic in film.What's more it's rarely about typical topics like marriage or children.It stars watchable and funny women.It passes the Beschdel Test in spades.

But withWine Country,sadly,the result is as bland as the biscuit and asparagus tones that permeate the backdrop...

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Feb 27 2019

Team Experience Oscar Reax Pt 2: Good Times,Speech Writers,and Noticeable Absences

As is our practice we polled the team and a few friends shortly after the Oscars to get their takes.亚博主页You already saw part one on joyful and horny momentssohere's part two.We hope you'll answer the same questions in the comments.

  1. Who was having the very best time in the theater?
  2. Who most needed a speechwriter?
  3. Without a host who was the MVP guiding you through the night?
  4. Whose absence did you most feel during the broadcast?

Our answers are after the jump...

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Feb 04 2019

Russian Doll: Season One

By Spencer Coile

Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) regards her reflection in the mirror.The moment lingers until a sharp knock at the door pulls her out of it.She stomps her way out of the newly renovated bathroom of her best friend Maxine (Greta Lee) – complete with a shotgun doorknob – to join her comrades for her 36th birthday party.Taking a hit from a cocaine-laced joint,hooking up with a stranger,and searching for her cat Oatmeal eventually lead to Nadia's death.She is struck by a car when crossing the road.

She wakes up,exactly where she was before.

Reconfiguring the influential conceit fromGroundhog Dayin meaningful ways,Russian Dollis groundbreaking in its own right...

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Jan 09 2019

Team Experience Globe Fun: Fav Speeches + Maya & Amy's Nuptials

It's our final Golden Globes in review post.That was exhausting.As is our habit each big awards show,because TFE writers and podcasters are never all in the same room at the same time,we've collected the group's responses for you.Because we love the Globes even when we hate them (like we did Sunday night) we have a lot to say so this is for you die-hards who can't get enough.If you're already tired of the Globes look away look away there's plenty more to see here if you start clicking around.

We were going to talk about worst winners but we don't want to be negative for the wrap-up so I'll just share what Nick wrote in response to"Which win made you angriest?"

I don't know,which is worse,strychnine or anthrax?I refer,of course,to the two "Best""Picture""winners."There aren't enough scare quotes in the world,really.

Hee !!!We were co-miserating by text that night.

Anyway,here are 5 fun questions that we hope you'll answer in the comments.Our answers are after the jump...

  1. Which win made you happiest?
  2. Who will you volunteer to comfort about their loss?
  3. Which was your favourite speech?
  4. Which table did you fantasize about sitting at?
  5. What would you like your role to be at Maya Rudolph & Amy Poehler's 'wedding'?

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Jan 07 2019

The Third Annual Golden Globe Presenter Ranking

byJorge Molina

The Globes are known for shaking things up a bit.As we could see last night,it's not always necessarily for the best.However,the much looser environment of the show allows them to have more fun with presenters,and the gathering of both film and television stars usually leads to unexpected combinations of people and bursts of chemistry.

In our now annual tradition,here is the third annual ranking of the Golden Globe presenters:

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Jun 20 2018

Link like the world isn't on fire

Variety- helpfully lists 10 standout moments from the MTV Movie Awards so we dont have to worry abotu missing it.Black Panthertook the bulk of the prizes with Tiffany Haddish hosting
Towleroad- Interview with the director ofMcKellen: Playing the Part
IndieWire- 64 established and emerging film critics reflect on their favorite piece they've written -- our very own Chris Feil is in the mix!
MNPP-Tyler Hoechlin seven times

Variety- Jennifer Lee (Frozen) and Pete Docter (Inside Out) are replacing John Lassetter at Disney and Pixar respectively
Guardian- Fun interview with Christopher Plummer on acting,replacing persona non gratas,and making peace with The Sound of Music.
Coming Soon- this week in news absolutely no one needs: Robert Zemeckis to remake Roald Dahl'sThe Witches.There is literally no way to top Anjelica Huston's Grand High Witch so why?
/Film-AMC's A-List is going to compete directly with Movie Pass for those frequent moviegoer subscription dollars
Variety- LGBTQ actors haven't had much luck securing Emmy nominations outside of the comedy fields.Will this change soon?
New Yorker- funny piece on confessing that you met your partner in real life and not online!

You guys.It's getting harder and harder to concentrate on movies and you know that's a nightmare for us when movies are our great love.But every day that goes by as America slides towards concentration camps,complete inhumanity,and fascism,Amy Poehler's questionnaire from last week at THRbecomes ever more needed and brilliant.Here's the Q&A since the article is long and not about this:

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