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The New Classics: Y Tu Mamá También

"Great piece of writing of one of my all time favorite films."-Almasy77

"The final scene still hurts like the first time."-Peggy Sue

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Jun 10 2018

Hello Linky

Just two handfuls of links this morning.I'm still on my birthday tear for Tony weekend -- finally sawHello,Dolly!on Broadway last night with Bernadette Peters and as usual she was an adorable diva.Laughed my ass off.A friend of mine revealed that he had already seen the show four times to see all three leading ladies (Bette,Donna Murphyx 2,Bernadette).Bette returns to the show (with the magical Donna Murphy on Bette's off days since Bette can't handle 8 shows a week) on July 17th.I don't have the funds for three trips but would definitely see again if the chance occurs.

Vulturewhat wouldSex and the Cityplotlines be like if the show were still on.Vulture asks members of the original writing team
THRWith other companies pursuin g him Warner Bros reups with prolific TV producer Greg Berlanti (who also directs the occasional movie - hi,Love Simon) for $400 million.In cash no less!
The Daily Beasttalks to Sutton Foster aboutYounger's evolution
Rewiregreat reflective piece by Kieran Scarlett on black fathers in TV (Black-ishandCosby)
i09John Lasseter is leaving Disney after his suspension for misconduct with female co-workers
Awards Dailya glitzy Emmy FYC event to celebrate the costumes ofRuPaul's Drag Race
Words Seem Out of Placewrites a letter to Angela (Michelle Pfeiffer) fromMarried to the Mob

It's Tony Weekend so a bit of theatah for you
Vulturehilarious article ranking all 41 Broadway theaters
Time Out New Yorkfirst headshots of all the Tony nominees.These arepriceless!Especially the ones of Mark Rylance,Lauren Ambrose,Grey Henson,Amy Schumer,and Ari'el Stachel
MNPPCorey Stoll is wearing leather pants as Iago in the Shakespeare in the Park production ofOthello

May 17 2018

Michelle Williams in "I Feel Pretty"(and Your Favorite Scene Stealers)

By Spencer Coile

While itwas not on the list of 2018 films I was dying to see,I found myself in an empty theater to seeI Feel PrettyTuesday.It wasn't perfect,but charming and breezy.Through it all,there was one clear standout: Michelle Williams as Avery LeClaire,the squeaky voiced,quirky,neurotic CEO of LeClaire Cosmetics.

With limited screentime,Williams manages to craft a complete,sympathetic,and hilarious character.It could have been so easy to turn Avery into a caricature,but while I was cackling at every single line reading and mannerism in Williams' performance,I was still as drawn to her here as in her darker,more dramatic roles.

So let's take a moment to talk about 2018 scene-stealing performances.Williams aside,who are some of your favorites from this year so far?

May 14 2017

Review: Amy & Goldie get "Snatched"

This review was originally published in Nathaniel's column atTowleroad

You bring stuff into the movie theater with you.I'm not talking about snacks though that's a frugal and smart thing to do given concession prices and the inherent tastiness of things you aren't supposed to be eating.My point is this: we come into each movie with our own baggage,nothing existing in a vacuum.

Angry internet types like to call this "bias"when they disagree with anything but it's just human nature.We all have our predilections.I share this because I walked intoSnatched,Amy Schumer's latest with Goldie Hawn in her first movie in 15 years (!!!) wanting to love it...

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Mar 23 2017

every guy here'd love to link you, Gaston

Today's Must Read
BuzzFeedgood piece by Allison Willmore on the maddening response to absolutely nothing moments proclaimed to be LGBT "firsts!"in movies.Two parts of the problems she doesn't mention though are 1) the internet demands for constant content incentivize journalists to blow everything out of proportion including super stupid things like "LeFou is gay!"and 2) too many pop culture journalists are operating from a place of zero knowledge about pop culture before they were,like,12.

more links after the jump including insightful pieces onFeudand an investigation ofLogan's family jewels...

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Dec 27 2016

Trailer Leftovers: "Alien","Snatched",and "Apes"

Chrishere,still nursing our holiday hangover.To go with the massive amount of films descending upon the multiplexes at the holiday season,there is always an equally large amount of trailers to catch up to.Let's revisit the gluttony by reheating some trailer leftovers we've yet to discuss here,including Goldie Hawn's comeback vehicleSnatched,the hyperviolent & NSFW first look atAlien: Covenant,and the next installment of those damn dirtyApes!

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Dec 07 2016

Instagram Battles: Baz,Sutton,Josh,Amy,Elle & Kiki

Would you rather...

...sort through childhood photos with Baz Luhrmann or Sutton Foster?
...stand naked for Standing Rock with Josh Brolin?
...determine your own story with unapologetic Amy Schumer?
...or take a nap on Kiki's lap like Elle Fanning?

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