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May 07 2018

Link on, Pete

Vanity FairJohnny Depp still having legal/financial woes.Being sued again
IndieWirevery thorough wide ranging interview with Vincent Maraval of the French movie production company Wild Bunch and how the arthouse market and Cannes have changed
IndieWirefrom the sounds of this article on the visual FX work inInfinity War,the Oscar campaign is already in effect!
MUBI Notebooka reprint of a 1972 essay about Douglas Sirk'sAll That Heaven Allowswhen it was being reevaluated
Film School RejectsBlack Panther blu-ray review

Gr8er Daysawww,i missed this news about Carol Burnett's would be new sitcom,she backed out when the suits wanted a less unique show
THRJeffrey Tambor's first interview since being fired fromTransparent
/FilmIn unneccessary sequels with bad titles news:The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguardis coming
Dread CentralAna Lily Armirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,Bad Batch) has annnounced her next film:Blood Moonset in New Orleans
NYTErmanno Olmi,director of Cannes-winnerTree of Wooden Clogsdies
The Guardianan interview with Chloe Sevigny about her 'Queen of the Scene' past,being in her 40s now,why she didn't name names with the Me Too movement,and her new role inLean on Pete
IndieWireCinemaScore gets super touchy about Martin Scorsese saying that their polling devalues cinema
The Hollywood Reporteron CW's renewed and cancelled shows

The Atlantic"I'm not Black,I'm Kanye"a devastating piece by Ta Nehisi Coates on all sorts of things including: Michael Jackson,Kanye West,the 1980s,and American history.
DeadlineOlivia de Havilland trying to keep herFeudlawsuit alives.Has appealed the ruling against her
PlaybillMeet the cast of Broadway'sMoulin Rouge!

Feb 14 2017

A Not-So-Bad Trailer for "The Bad Batch"

Chrishere.Despite the largely negative response (includingNathaniel's take) that met Ana Lily Amanpour'sThe Bad Batchon 2016 festival circuit,color me still excited for the director's follow-up toA Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.At the very least,I've been quite eager to get a look at how her visual and tonal stylings have evolved for this next creepfest - one of our many 2017 forays in cannibalism.However,glimpses at what Amanpour (reuniting withGirlcinematographer Lyle Vincent) has crafted have been scant until this just-released trailer.

The trailer promises ample grimness and Jason Momoa chest gazing between some pretty transfixing visuals.While the trailer focuses on its own star wattage (exciting Keanu Reeves character choice alert!),surprisingly it omits mentioning Jim Carrey's WTF role in the film.Or is that basically the film's worst kept secret?The Bad Batchopens on June 23!

Sep 18 2016

What the hell did I just watch?A festival quartet

Nathaniel R reporting from TIFF.The festival ends today (I expectLa La Landto win the coveted People's Choice in this non-juried festival) so I'm about to hit the airport.I'll be scrambling to finish telling you about the cinematic adventures screened from all over the world in the next couple of days -- and yes update the Oscar charts with all this new information -- so we can wrap up.And then NYFF begins!

Here are three films that go completely off the rails and one film that stays perfectly on track though the protagonist goes off it.Each have as many cons as pros so they're mixed experiences,presented in preference order.So click on for Argentinian nudist comedies (NSFW),Anne Heche and Sandra Oh fist-fighting,Greek paraonia,and the latest fromA Girl Walks Home At Night's director who has graduated to bigger budgets and famous actors.

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Oct 22 2015

Women's Pictures - Ana Lily Amirpour's A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Let's be honest: as of 2014,the vampire sucked.Over its 150+ year history,the vampire has evolved from the exotic,erotic monster of Le Fanu'sCarmillaand Stoker'sDracula,to Lugosi's low budget lothario,to the dangerously sexy rebels ofThe Lost Boys,to the brooding romantics of Anne Rice and Joss Whedon,to the defanged teenage fantasies of American preteen girls.While I don't begrudge girls their sexual fantasies,the fact remains that the vampire,in its current glittery form,is a far cry from the symbol of sexuality and otherness that it had been at its inception.With notable exceptions likeThirstandLet the Right One In,vampires have spent the last 30 years getting weaker,whiter,more often male,and very American.WithA Girl Walks Home Alone at Night,Iranian American writer/director Ana Lily Amirpour is here to change all that.

It's difficult to defineA Girl Walks Home Alone At Nightas just one movie: it's a vampire flick,a spaghetti western,a love story,a feminist fantasy,and an allegory about Iran.The plot is fairly simple to describe: a young man named Arash (Arash Marandi) living in a corrupt city in Iran (known only as Bad City) falls in love with The Girl (Sheila Vand),a streetwalking vampire who preys on drugdealers and beggars.But don't dismiss this as a weak narrative film.


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Mar 26 2015

Rebel Assignments: Film Directors + Madonna

David Fincher winning an MTV Movie Award for Se7en (1995) he was already an MTV darling at the Music Video AwardsA reader by the name of David recently asked which direct we wished would do a video from Madonna's "Rebel Heart".Given that David Fincher,now a reknowned auteur,came to fame via some of Madonna's best,it's a great question.More movie directors really ought to moonlight with music videos intead of just graduating from them.It's a unique form,basically both a musical and a short,that gives directors the chance to work faster and looser and play with ideas that they maybe couldn't risk in a feature without a test run.

Successful directors ought to donate their services at least once to either an upcoming band they want every to haer or a legendary artist whose work has meant a lot to them.So we're assigning a director to each Madonna song on her terrific new record "Rebel Heart"in order to pretend we've been gifted a video album specifically for Madonna fans and cinephiles alike.

It's a Venn Diagram niche,sure,but go with it.

Since the first track and first single "Living for Love"already got a fine toreador and minotaur themed music video -- and it's good if minimalist --  we should leave it be.

No no no.Scratch that.

Recreated by Gus Van Sant
We're completists.So we gotta try for the whole album.Gus Van Sant likes a good experiment and he can't just do a traditional "remake"so how about a shot-for-shot reinterpretation with a few inserts as he is prone to do.Madonna likes a good rolling cloud as much as the nextGuyGus (seeFrozen/Ray of Light)

Assigned to Lee Daniels
This songsoundsconservative but its lyrics are straight up messy mixing drowning metaphors,spiritual yearning,religiosity,the devil and a list of hallucinogenic drugs.So I think the only proper guide is the current king of absolutely fascinating messes,Lee Daniels.Look at the performances he got from Mo'Nique,Kidman,Oprah,and Taraji.Please get your hands on Madonna,you crazy beautiful man,and shake her up!

more assignments follow...

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