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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Apr 15 2019

Would You Rather?

It's been awhile since we dove into Instagram.So it's time for a new poll this one starring the usual miscellaneous array of celebs plus a fewChilling Adventures of Sabrinacast members since it's that time again with Season 2 streaming.So...

Michelle pfinds her whip againWould you rather?

• practice self-love with Halle Berry?
• have a swim with Keirnan Shipka and her boyz?
• have a fruity drink oceanside with Jake Shears?
• seeNetworkon Broadway with Keith & Nicole?
• play ping-pong with Gavin Leatherwood?
• boogie woogie down with Robert Downey Jr?
• seeHamiltonwith Missi Pyle?
• do a little whip-training with Michelle Pfeiffer?
• cat-sit with Richard E Grant?
• rock out with Selma Blair?
• get a White Walker makeover with Anderson Cooper?
• experience the ecstacy of poutine with Chance Perdomo?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

Mar 27 2013

Link Breakers

Port Magazine's film issue is guest curated by Daniel Day-Lewis and features Brendan Gleeson & Paul Thomas Anderson
AV Clubevery stammer in every Woody Allen movie.A 44 minute (!) supercut.Good lord.
Anderson Liveeven though I think it's kind of dangerous to let Anderson Cooper get any yummier,he has.Look,it's Anderson Coopcakes!

Blackbookwhat do you make of the new tv spots forThe Great Gatsby.(I'm trying not to react as it's my favorite book of all time and I can't see it working as a film.Unless it's just completely it's own thing and borrowing the glory of the title.)
Paul ReesethinksSpring Breakersmight be the best American film sinceMulholland Dr

just for lolz
12 unanswered crazy-making questions about Disney'sBeauty & The Beast
Spiral 16scientific data confirms that "We Built This City"is the worstest song ever recorded.

Nov 20 2012

The Link is Not Enough

Thompson on Hollywood5 things you won't learn about the making ofPsychofrom Hitchcock
Animation MagGKids,that indie distributor who is bringing us great foreign animated Oscar contenders has even better news for 2013: A 25th anniversary rerelease ofGrave of the Fireflies.You MUST see this movie.
I Need My Fixthe motion poster forHunger Games: Catching Fire.Fancy.
Varietyohmygod Pedro Almodovar wants to make a sci-fi movie.I'm living for this.Please do.

The Playlistseems as if Sam Mendes might do another Bond picture postSkyfall
NY Poston exciting BluRay news forGypsy,and many other classics
Anna Kendrickproves to her fans that she's tweeting
Pajibais very unhappy with Barbara Walters '10 Most Fascinating People' list.Particularly with the selection of our new Oscar host and this memorable bit on EL James of "Fifty Shades of Grey"fame:

I am sick of the way that criticism about this book has somehow morphed into derisively calling it mommy porn...My problem is the same problem I have with Twilight: the national obsession with terrible fucking writing interspersed with a cursory at best and hungrily timid notion of sex.

BadAss Digestthe Marvel Studios "Phase One"box set has new features.I read through them and there's no full length documentary of Chris Evans training shirtless to get Captain America's body so there's no way I'm paying $220!
NY PostWatchmen-- you haven't heard that title in awhile,have you -- is getting a collector's edition with a super long cut and more Dr.Manhattan nudity.Too bad the movie is so stiff.
Vanity FairAmanda Seyfried in couture...and on her relationship with Hugh Jackman inLes Mizand Dominic Cooper's eight-pack.No really.

Off Cinema
Huffington PostFiona Apple cancels the South American leg of her tour due to her dying dog.This is so incredibly sad and Fiona Apple is so awesome.Fact.
GawkerAnderson Cooper gets catty with a obnoxious twitter follower

Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and big Oscar contenders are celebrating with connections both very real and carved (haha) out of thin air.Here's a Happy Thanksgiving from DreamworksLincoln

...and one from Fox Searchlight'sHitchcockwhich you can e-mail to friends and familyhere.

I'm really disappointed that in this day and age of abundant web animations -- I mean even I can makelittle animated gifs of my drawings!-- this card didn't have movement.Hitch actually stabbing the turkey would have been sickening.

Jul 06 2012

Linkz,the Eight and Powerful

IndieWirea conversation about Steven Soderbergh,Oliver Stone and the auteur theory
Vulture"Now that you've seenMagic Mike..."on anticipation mania in movie culture.
The Daily Beaston Anderson Cooper's coming out.I forgot to congratulate him.Well done.
亚博主页remember when we didA Face in the Crowdas part of the Best Shot series?That was such a good one.I was horrified that the movie was barely mentioned in Andy Griffith's obits (RIP)

Tom's World
BlackBookdid you know that Christian Bale used Tom Cruise as inspiration for his Patrick BatemanAmerican Psychoperformance.
Gallery of the Absurdthanks TomKat for years of illustrative inspiration - big gallery o funny
Guardianon the TomKat divorce and Cruise's box office appeal
Forbesnames Tom Cruise king of the box office again.He's #1 in money-making actors for the past year with DiCaprio,Adam Sandler,The Rock,Stiller,Sacha Baron Cohen,Depp,Will Smith,Wahlberg and theTwilightboys rounding out the top dozen.

Finally...heres' the first teaser photo from 2013'sOz,The Great and Powerful.What'cha think?

No star names appear but it'll be James Franco as the Wizard,Mila Kunis as The Wicked With and Michelle Williams as Glinda.Will you be following that yellow brick road or have you had it with the reimaginings?

Aug 19 2011

Hey,who Abducted my links?

Taylor Lautner,that's who!
and Kate Winslet but we'll get to her in a minute.
Michael Mustowonders if Taylor Lautner can be a film star outside ofTwilight.My guess is no...but that he'll be crying all the way to the bank for the rest of his life by association.But,really,if you can't even sell a performance (Abduction) for two minutes in a trailer,how are you going to carry an entire film?
Ultra Culturealso has some words about the disingenousness of the promotional efforts for Taylor's BabyBourne film and...
Movie|Linegiggles about how desperatelyAbductionwants to be seen asTeen Bourne.
Biblioklept"all four Twilight books in one comic"byLucy Kniseyis totes funny so read it.Unless the previous words about Taylor hurt your feelers.

P.S.I don't follow these things: Is there anotherTwilightabout to come out or something?Cuz why is everyone talkingTwilightagain just asHarry Potterfinally shut up?Blargh!Put new things into the world.Why is 2011 just like 2007?Noooooooo

And since you're all talking about it in the comments without me even posting it,here is an early teaser/trailer (?) for CARNAGE.

For those of you who haven't seen the play you're seeing two of the three big moments from Winslet's character....and almost none of anyone else's.Which is interesting choice for marketing...but doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of the movie as a whole.

My New Plaid Pants"who the hell wears this to dinner?"Sophia Loren,that's who!
Lemonwadethe author ofWar Horsealready has another film adaptation of his work,lined up.Private Peacefulis about two young farm brothers and,likeWar Horse,also takes place during The Great War.
Art & Designon the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image and Cookie Monster's origins.Have I ever told you how much I love Cookie Monster?Probably not.I do.
TowleroadTrue Blood's Carrie Preston records an "It Gets Better"video.(Loooooove her.Wish she'd do more supporting roles in movies as the last few were awesome)
TowleroadI'm not one for bathroom humor but Anderson Cooper is the world's cutest giggler - totally loses it when discussing Gerard Depardieu's urination incident.