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Sep 05 2018

Soundtracking: "45 Years"

byChris Feil

"They asked me how I knew..."

"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"by The Platters is a cinematic staple,constantly showing up in films and yet hasn't become a cliche.The song has been used for umpteen other tragic romances in film likeBlue ValentineandThe Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant,not to mention countless less narratively significant needle drops on screen.But Andrew Haigh's45 Yearsis the one that wrings it for every last drop of its sweeping grandeur and matches the scale of its emotion...

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Apr 21 2018

Review: Lean on Pete

by Eric Blume

Andrew Haigh,the director of the new filmLean on Pete,is a major,major talent.He pulled a career-best (and Oscar-nominated) performance from Charlotte Rampling in his last film45 Years,made a splash a few years before that with the lovely two-handerWeekend,and his big HBO showLookingwas for my money one of the best gay anythings ever made.

Haigh has a particular talent with actors,and also for establishing moments of quiet power within a story.What's more he trusts that that power is enough.These talents are firmly on display inLean on Pete,the story of 16 year-old Charley (Charlie Plummer) who finds himself completely alone alongside the eponymous,discarded quarterhorse...

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Dec 07 2017

A First Trailer for Haigh's "Lean on Pete"

Chrishere.Andrew Haigh's adaptationLean on Petemade it all through the fall festival season with only a few stills to entice us.But now we have a gorgeous new trailer to feast our eyes upon ahead of the film's March release.You might recall that the film's young star Charlie Plummer won the young actor Marcello Mastroianni prize at the Venice Film Festival - looks like we've got one of 2018's major breakthroughs,as he has the plum role of the kidnapped John Getty in Christmas'sAll the Money in the World.

After the impressive triple punch ofWeekend,45 Years,and HBO's short-livedLooking,we are ready to line up to anything Haigh delivers.But this story of a boy escaping home with the horse he tends to seems like an interesting narrative progression for the writer/director,and his keen emotional insights seem to be perfectly calibrated to study a troubled teen.And he looks to deliver some of his most gorgeous visuals

With this andThe Rider,Chloe Zhao's horse-centric festival darling and Indie Spirit nominee,it looks to be a big spring for horses on the indie scene.Insert your "Andrew Hayyyyy"joke here.What do you think of this first trailer?

Feb 09 2017

Valentine's - Weekend

Team Experience is celebrating Valentines Day with favorite love scenes.Here's Jose...

Early on in my life I decided that all my favorite romances had to end with the lovers apart.And I mean,seriously,can you name a perfect romance that ends with happily ever after?FromCasablancatoDr.ZhivagoandRoman Holiday,it's as if the movies have always told us that a brief,but powerful romance,the kind which makes us swoon in our 80s like Gloria Stuart inTitanic,is the kind of romance we all should crave.But it wasn't until I watched Andrew Haigh's Nottingham-setWeekendin 2011 that I realized as a gay man there was finally one of these romances for someone like me (I won't go into details of how this movie seems to me my biopic...) in which no one ended dead,as most gay romances do in fiction.

In the last scene we see Russell (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) together,they share a brief kiss as they say goodbye before Glen heads to America.Even though there is nothing really "tragic"about their farewell,it's this idea of the person existing in the same planet,as you have to find the will to move on,that's most devastating.I can see the lovers running into each other years in the future (I doubt they remained Facebook friends,I wouldn't have,would you?) and either of them going into full "of all the gin joints..."Bogie mode as they wonder "what if".

What are some of your favorite non-tragic gay romances?What romantic movie do you feel could be your biopic?

Jul 28 2016

Looking: The Movie Review

Manuelhere with an extra episode of HBO LGBT to celebrate the release ofLooking: The Movie.I get the title format but would it have hurt Andrew Haigh to give it a less generic title.I mean,"Looking for Closure"would have been a bit on the nose but it'd have fit nicely with the show's episodic titles (which included "Looking for a Plot"and "Looking for Home"after all).

I have gone on the record before saying how much I treasuredLooking—recapping its second season right here was wonderful and a chance to really flesh out why I think Haigh and Michael Lannan's show was such a striking meditation on gay male intimacy...

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