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Mar 27 2019

Would you rather?

OMG.Did you hear that Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster are doingThe Music Manon Broadway together for the 2020 season?Aaaaahhhhh how perfect.Anyway,since Hugh is on the brain (and seems to be getting younger !?!),it's time for another round of our celebrity-fantasy quick decision poll time ago (an excuse to share our fav instagram posts on the regular essentially).So,would you rather

...go falconing with Hugh?
...get your beard did with Rune Temte (Captain Marvel) in Oslo?
...reenactLady & Trampwith Justin Theroux?
...reminisce aboutNatural Born Killerswith Juliette Lewis? skate with Jonathan Van Ness?
...have a drink with Russell Tovey & Andrew Scott?
...ride camels with Sandy Powell?
...chopper to an island for fine snail delicacies with Michelle Yeoh?
...dunk your hair in the pool with Tracee Ellis Ross?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Jun 03 2017

Interview: Nicholas Galitzine in "Handsome Devil"

An abridged version of this interview was previously published atTowleroad

Nicholas Galitzine is a star on the rugby field in "Handsome Devil"

by Nathaniel R

The third time is the charm.Just three years and three films into his acting career,Nicholas Galitzinehas what looks like a breakout role.John Butler's Irish dramedyHandsome Devilcenters around the unlikely friendship of a new student Ned (Fionn O'Shea) and the star athlete Conor (Galitzine) at a rugby-mad boarding school.Their friendship is encouraged by their teacher Mr Sherry (played by the fine Irish actor Andrew Scott ofPrideandSherlockfame) but the rugby team isn't wild about it.Conor is a wonderful showcase for Galitzine's talent,and in more ways than one.The role also allows the actor to use what he calls his "separate passion,"music.

Screen International named Galitzine one of their "Stars of Tomorrow"in 2015 as part of their annual feature promoting the UK's most promising actors.Their prediction is looking sound.Galitzine,for his part,isn't taking it for granted.He appears both eager to test his range and grateful for his opportunities.He calls acting "the best job in the world"and admits that "I've been very lucky so far".

Our interview follows after the jump...

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Mar 17 2017

Beauty Break: St Patrick's Day Stars

After the jump a gallery of Irish stars or stars pretending to be Irish for the holiday -Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

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Sep 17 2016

TIFF: Strange Weather and Handsome Devil

Nathaniel R reporting from the Toronto International Film Festival

Despite the buzz from festivals usually circling around pre-sold films and major Oscar hopefuls,there are always minor gems to be found amongst the clutter which are still seeking distribution.Here are two I hope get picked up,a very accessible Irish boarding school drama (without the benefit of any big name to sell it) and an American indie starring Oscar winner Holly Hunter.

Strange Weather
(Dir.Katherine Dieckmann,US)
Take a look at that still above.Now look way to your out of focus far right.See the girl in pink tank and jean shorts?That's Carrie Coon (Gone Girl,The Leftovers),one of the best actresses working who is still not a household name or an Emmy or Oscar nominee!But,yes,movie still providers to festival guides,Holly Hunter is the draw here.She plays Darcy Baylor,a bohemian mother of meager means (a Holly specialty - see alsoThirteen) who lost her only child to suicide years before the film begins.She has never quite been the same and her fierce best friend (Carrie Coon),her best friend's girlfriend (Andrene Ward-Hammond who is also inLovingthis year) and her ex-boyfriend (a soulful Kim Coates fromSons of Anarchy) are concerned about her all over again when a couple of chance encounters reveal something she didn't know about the day he died.Though the plot can be (okayis) convoluted,the writing is otherwise strong with well defined characters,great conversations (it's partially a road trip movie),and a ineffable central arc that Holly Hunter has no trouble selling because she is Holly Hunter and goddamnit we don't appreciate her enough.Though there are a couple of bumpy patches in this road with wonky cuts,shots,and transitions -- perhaps budget trouble?-- and that aforementioned convoluted story might be difficult if you're not into the actresses.But if you aren't,your loss!I could have watched these characters/actors for another hour.I'll take a spinoff series with Carrie and her lesbian lover please!B/B-

Handsome Devil
(Dir.John Butler,Ireland)
This Irish boarding school drama about a redhead student who cares nothing for sports at a rugby-mad school is sweet goodhearted fun.It risks being a little 'This is a Teen Movie!' annoying and unrealistic in its construction (complete with occasionally snarky narration) but the friendship at its center between music-loving Ned (Fionn O'Shea) and strong and silent rugby star Conor (Nicholas Galitzine) is really well done and fills up the heart of this accessible mainstream charmer about "otherness."The undervalued / always terrific Andrew Scott (Pride) plays the gay teacher who encourages Ned & Conor in their odd couple friendship and their off-sport pursuits. You know we've come a long way when a movie with a rather large LGBT element is not even listed with a key word of LGBT in the festival guide! (Director John Butler made one previous feature calledThe Bachelor Weekendwhich we reviewed a couple of years agowhich also starred Andrew Scott.He's made a leap forward with this second feature.)B

Aug 25 2016

Links: Best Picture Field,Highest Paid Actresses,The Departed on TV?

It's link time which also doubles as news catch up!(Yes,Oscar Chart updates are currently in progress.So more on that and the foreign submissions very soon)

Think Pieces,List Mania,Celebrity
Movie City Newslaunches another "Gurus of Gold"season where all of us have named our current top 20 "general field"predictions.Yes,I'm updating my charts over the next three days!Manchester by the SeaandBilly Lynn's Long Halftime Walkare expected leaders
GawkerRich Juzwiack says goodbye to one identity through a George Michael lens.It's wonderful
MNPPPaul Bettany is vacationing in Ibiza
NYTtalks to Kirsten Dunst about life afterFargoand her Emmy nomination
Mind of a Suspicious KindMartin Scorsese'sSilenceis supposedly his longest ever (over 3 hours) but is it actually coming out this year?

Cinema Enthusiastpolled film twitter on their favorite films of 1982.The results are interesting but weird.The Thingat #1?Erm,okay.Star Trek IIaboveVictor/Victoria?NO.I have to admit that I'm quite spotty on early 80s cinema though because I couldn't drive myself to the cinema back then.
Forbeson the easy-to-predict failure of the newBen-Hurand how it's a fitting end to this particular summer
Little White Lieswonders if there still a place for eroticism in cinema while watching shorts in Montreal
i09what went wrong with this summer's blockbusters
AV Clubtalks to Clea DuVall about past roles on the eve of her directorial debut withThe Intervention
MNPPDagmara Dominczyck's Patrick Wilson appreciation social media game
• ...TFEwe interviewed her once and she is stunningly gorgeous herself
Slatethat nude Trump statue hitting various cities is not amusing to everyone
• ...EWincluding actress/author Amber Tamblyn

News & Miscellania
The Guardianmore trouble forBirth of a Nation.AFI cancelled screenings and Q&A
• ...icymiTFEprevious handwringing about this scandal and film
ForbesJennnifer Lawrence & Melissa McCarthy top the annual highest paid actresses list this year.Two actresses outside of Hollywood made the list this year: Deepika Padukone (India) and Fan Bingbing (China).Figures include not just films but endorsement deals and such.The Zeéeeee apparently banked a lot for returning to her signature role inBridget Jones's Baby since she almost made the list.

/FilmBlade Runner 2adds Jared Leto to the cast and Jóhan Jóhannsson as composer
Theater ManiaJennifer Holliday joining the cast of the Broadway revival ofColor Purple.I guess they've decided to make Shug Avery the short-term award-winning star draw (they've already been through Jennifer Hudson and Heather Hedley)
Screen Dailyundervalued British actor Andrew Scott has a lead role.He'll star in the thrillerSteel Country
KotakuGhost in the Shellsupporting cast photos leaked
Towleroadon Frank Oceans new video Nikes
Coming SoonAmazon developing a TV series based onThe Departed.Hmmm.Isn't that an odd fit for long term storytelling.It would imply we can never move past the double crossing discovered stage
PlaybillDebbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher documentary will premiere at the NYFF
Film Stagethe first image fromEuphoriawith Alicia Vikander & Eva Green

Madonna Mania - It's Around This Summer For Some Reason(not complaning)
Boy Cultureon a star studdedTruth or Darescreening in NYC...
People...Madonna even showed up super briefly!
Village VoiceMichael Musto recalls his up and down relationship to the material girl through their very long contemporaneous careers

And I'll leave you with the newLa La Landtrailer.(If you missed our discussion of the first trailer,that's here.) This movie can't open soon enough!