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Jun 13 2019

Sylvia Miles (1924-2019)

by Nathaniel R

Two time Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee and party fixture Sylvia Miles died yesterday,three months shy of her 95th birthday.The NYC native rose to fame as a cult figure,a pioneer of Off Broadway plays,part of the Studio 54 scene,and a rather daring actress.She was often seen with Andy Warhol (eventually starring for him inHeat,his randy 1972 picture,with Joe Dallesandro) never quite going mainstream.Both of her Oscar nominations,for example,came from very brief gritty performances,at least in Oscar terms...

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Feb 24 2018

RPDR All Stars 3: E5 - Can-aroon!

byChris Feil

Drag Racefans got a mega-serving of the ever popular show this week with anAll Starsdesign challenge followed immediately by the announcement of the season 10 cast.The big tenth season will be following the ongoing All Stars season without a break,so in 2018 theRaceis a marathon.We'll briefly look at the new contestants,but first we have to unpack (oops) the season's first dud episode.

Last weekShangela played up the drama for a middling Snatch Game and gave once expected frontrunner Trixie Mattel a major fakeout,ultimating sending the beloved but stuck-in-first-gear Chi Chi DeVayne.The first agenda once back in the workroom was to lay the Notegate drama to rest...

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Feb 07 2018

Amy Adams Channels Warhol's Portraits

by Chris Feil

Just when we thought the sting of Amy Adams missing an Oscar nomination last year forArrivalhad gone away,the actress give us another immersive performance,this time in photo form...

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Jan 23 2014

A brief history of faux-Frankensteins

Tim here.All this talk of the great-looking movieswe can't wait to see,and theSundance cropof interesting (or semi-interesting,or bad) indie films is pulling focus from the reality of filmgoing as most of us live it.Which is that it's January,and unless you're still cleaning off the last end-of-year films as they trickle out into medium-wide release,the options for seeing a movie in theaters right now are dire.

Case in point,tomorrow finds the release ofI,Frankenstein,which,if I'm being honest,is very much I movie I've been looking forward to as much as anything on my official We Can't Wait ballot,though for entirely different reasons: the combination of Frankenstein,demons,and chiseled abs promises bad movie awesomeness of a sort that I don't expect to be replicated anytime soon.

It's not the first nominal Frankenstein adaptation to go so far afield from the source material,either;not even the first outrageously bad one.There is a grand tradition of Frankenstein-derived films so utterly bizarre and off-the-wall and divorced from Shelley that they makeI,Frankensteinlook dull,sedate,and conventional.After the jump,let's take a quick look at some of the strangest.

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