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Rutger Hauer (RIP)

"He got what every actor wants: a killer role with a killer monologue in a movie that gets better and better with time.That's the closest thing to eternity that I can imagine."-Peggy Su

"Turkish Delight is an excellent and disturbing film.I even tracked down the novel,which is also excellent.It should have won Best Foreign Film"-Ken S

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

What'cha Looking For?

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Jun 27 2019

Would you rather?

Celebrating our fav recent Instagram pics through silly polling.So,dear readers,WOULD YOU RATHER...

• levitate spaceships with the Force and Vincent Rodriguez?
• take a swim in the Mediterranean with Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and French hottie Pierre Deladonchamps (Stranger by the Lake)?
• learn the art of not giving a f*ck with Trinity the Tuck?
• swim in Tennessee with Christina Hendricks?
• sunbathe in Italy with Uma Thurman?
• get psychotically cute with Cory Michael Smith?
• do Madonna cosplay (?) with Erich Bergen?
• receive an honorary degree with Angela Bassett?
• climb a mountain with formerVelvet Goldminecollaborators Toni ColletteandSandy Powell (omg!)?

Pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Feb 28 2019

20 More Oscar Lewks

We couldn't leave Oscar week without a final red carpet posting.Herewith 20 more gowns (well,looks...a few women wore pants) to gawk out...from the non-nominees this time and with a few comments thrown in.Who was your Favourite?

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Feb 26 2019

Team Experience Oscar Reax Pt 1: Joy,Horniness,Good Speeches

As is our practice we polledthe teamand a few friends shortly after the Oscars to get their takes.亚博主页We hope you'll answer the same questions in the comments!


  1. Which moment filled you with the most joy?
  2. Which moment made you horniest?
  3. Which speech was your favourite?
  4. Which gown left you gagging?

Our answers are after the jump...

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Jul 05 2018

Months of Meryl: Music of the Heart (1999)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#27 — Roberta Guaspari,a real-life violinist and instructor who brought music education to the classrooms of Harlem.

MATTHEW:  One of the pitfalls that tends to come with occupying such a prominent position in the highly public realm of moviemaking is a gradual inability to disappear into the most straightforward of roles.I'm not talking about the magical acts of self-vanishing that allow Daniel Day-Lewis to seemingly become figures as disparate as Bill the Butcher and Abraham Lincoln nor the larger-than-life personas achieved through virtuosic,full-scale deglamorizations by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Charlize Theron,but rather the everyday characters who may achieve great things but whose lives are decisively rooted in reality,their appearances neither remarkable nor particularly conspicuous.No matter how hard a performer tries to shed her star persona and immerse herself in distinctly un-Hollywood settings,it is often up to us,the viewers,to forget everything we know about a star in order to actually believe her as,more or less,one of us...

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May 13 2018

Beauty Break: Happy Mother's Day!

Michelle Pfeiffer with her daughter Claudia Rose early onHappy Mothers Day to any of our readers who are mothersandHappy Mother's Day to all ofyourmothers,too.Herewith some of our favorite actresses with their first born...

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Feb 28 2018

Cast This: "9 to 5" Reboot


It seems like this is the time for reboots and remakes.Every film or TV show we've ever loved is getting another go.So why not the classic female workplace revenge comedy9 to 5?It's not like things are going great for women in the workplace 38 years on from the original,as the last few months have shown.

Patricia Resnick,the writer of the 1980 version,is teaming up with Rashida Jones to pen this one...

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