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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Mar 05 2019

Links: Lansbury,Midsommar,Olivier Awards,and "Shallow"at #1

We haven't done a link roundup in too long.Not all of these are "new"but they might be to you:

Vanity FairEdge of Tomorrow(2014) may finally get that sequel that's been hoped for by fans
Billboard"Shallow"has gone to #1 following that Oscar performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.It had previously peaked at #5 on the Hot 100 and it's Gaga's first number one in 8 years!
Peopleformer teen idol and currentRiverdaleco-star Luke Perry has died at 52
AV ClubDirector Joe Wright and star Tom Hanks going back to World War II with a new filmIn the Garden of the Beasts...

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Jan 15 2019

Mary Poppins vs.Mary Poppins Returns: Supporting Characters

by Lynn Lee

Among the sharper observations I've seen regardingMary Poppins Returnsis that it is toMary PoppinswhatThe Force Awakenswas toStar Wars: A New Hope.  In each case,the sequel feeds shamelessly off fans' nostalgia by recreating every beat of the original film – the plot arc,the character dynamics,even the distinctive look of the original,tweaked to reflect the changing mores of the past several decades.  In short,it'sthe same movie,just repackaged.

Setting aside whether it needed to be made at all,does Mary Poppins 2.0 improve at all on the original formula?  InThe Force Awakens,the one real added value was the new characters.  In many ways they felt like rebooted archetypes fromA New Hope,yet for the most part they also felt fresh and intriguing.  Is the same true forMary Poppins Returns?  Let's do a side-by-side comparison...

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Dec 30 2018

Would you rather?

Our silly celebrity-gawking weekly poll.Would you rather...

...hit the opening of new hot spot "Best Friend"in Vegas with Marisa Tomei?
...wait for a train with Henry Golding?
...take a swim with Salma Hayek?
...get a new trendy facial with Audra McDonald?
...spend some quality time at the piano with Mindy Kaling? yoga with Rossy dePalma?
...take up a retro hobby with Alex Borstein?
...geek out over Angela Lansbury cast recordings with cabaret star Molly Pope? a snowman with Milla Jovovich?
...makeout with seals with Ben Platt?
...OR harmonize in the hot tub with Ben Platt?

The pictures are after the jump to help you decide.

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Jul 26 2018

Months of Meryl: The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#30 —Eleanor Prentiss Shaw,manipulative mother of a Vice Presidential candidate brainwashed by an international cabal.

JOHN: The one regrettable casualty of this feature-film series is,of course,Streep's Emmy winning performance(s) in Mike Nichols' 2003 HBO adaptation of Tony Kushner'sAngels in America.Perhaps we'll have time to dig into that series in the future,but suffice it to say we rank her work in it quite highly.In 2004,Streep signed on to her first-ever remake,Jonathan Demme'sThe Manchurian Candidate,playing a role made famous by Angela Lansbury in John Frankenheimer's 1962 film.Demme's version updates Frankenheimer's film and Richard Condon's 1959 source novel to contemporary times,made amid the the Bush/Kerry election and thematically enmeshed in the U.S.'s "War on Terror."Denzel Washington stars as Ben Marco,a Gulf War veteran whose puzzling memories and twisted dreams of serving in Kuwait drive him to uncover the sinister forces driving fellow soldier and newly-selected,left-leaning Vice Presidential nominee Raymond Shaw (Liev Schreiber) into national prominence.Shaw's blandly robotic demeanor is operated by his manipulative mother,Virginia Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw,heir to an American political dynasty but now working covertly for the ominous international private equity fund Manchurian Global...

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Nov 05 2017

Smackdown '44: Agnes,Aline,Angela,Ethel,and Jennifer Jones

Presenting the Supporting Actresses of '44.A low class maid,a French baroness,a patriotic nurse,a weary shop-owner and a "Chinese"village woman battled it out for Oscar gold.We're here to re-judge that contest.


from left to right: Barrymore,Jones,Lansbury,MacMahon,Moorehead

Oscar was still besotted with recent nominees Jennifer Jones & Agnes Moorehead (both on their quick second nominations) but joining the party were two veterans who'd never been honored (Ethel Barrymore & Aline MacMahon) and one very fresh face who would go on to an enviably long cross-platform showbiz career,now in its 73rd year (!) -- Angela Lansbury in her film debut!

Notable supporting roles for women that the Academy passed over in 1944 were Mary Astor (Meet Me in St Louis),Shirley Temple (Since You Went Away),Dame May Whitty (Gaslight),and Joseph Hull & Jean Adair (Arsenic & Old Lace).Can you think of any others?


Here to talk about these five nominated turns,are: critic and writerMark Harris(Five Came Back),journalistLoren King(The Boston Globe),critic and novelistFarran Smith Nehme(Self Styled Siren),cabarettist and actressMolly Pope,blogger and novelistMatthew Rettenmund(Boy Culture),and your hostNathaniel R(The Film Experience).亚博主页And now it's time for the main event...


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