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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Oct 23 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Sisterly Sensibilities

Jason fromMNPPhere using this week's "Beauty vs Beast"to wish a happy birthday to one of our favorite directors,the great Ang Lee.In a strange coincidence I spent some of this weekendtalking Ang on Twittereven though I hadn't realized it was about to be his birthday today,so I'd say Fate chose this week's contest.And because more than anything a battle between actresses livens you folks up,let's face down the Sisters Dashwood of Ang's 1995 classicSense & Sensibility.

And no before anyone asks I don't think Kate Winslet or Emma Thompson to be beastly in any manner.But seeing as the film itself pits their two ways of existing at odds with one another for the majority of its run-time (only to eventually decide,with fine wisdom,that the sisters could clearly stand to learn a little from one another) it doesn't seem completely far-fetched to pitch them against one another here.They are,for all their adoration of one another,each other's main antagonists once the who's who of romance falls away.

PREVIOUSLYEven though Angela Lansbury's originalManchurian Candidateperformancewon somewhat decisively overMeryl Streep's in the remake (she took 74% of the vote) it was a real battle in the comments.SaidJono:

"I am surprised this never came up before.I voted for Meryl because Angela will get more votes,and I love both performances.The Demme version is kind of underrated - everyone in it is uniformly great.But the original with Angela is impeccable."

Oct 16 2017

Beauty vs Beast: Political Animals

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"where we are wishing the grand Dame Angela Lansbury a happy 92nd birthday today!It's difficult to believe we still have an entire year before Rob Marshall'sMary Poppins Returnsfilm comes out (Xmas 2018) but we're still hoping,as we did when she was cast,that Landsbury's got something lovely to work with in the film - we don't get to see her on-screen nearly as often as we'd like to.

But she's such a could I possibly find someone to compete?Well "somebody"already had the gumption to do it herself - in 2004 a working actress by the name of Meryl Streep tackled Lansbury's still delightfully against-type turn in the remake ofThe Manchurian Candidate.So let's put these two ladies in a room and see which one walks out...

PREVIOUSLYDid everybody watchMindhunterover the weekend?I did not so don't say anything if you did.But feel free to share your thoughts on last week's decisionon David Fincher's original serial-killer visionSe7en,in which y'all chose Brad Pitt over Kevin Spacey 57 to 42%.That needs explaining!SaidHuh:

"Spacey gets a lot of hate nowadays but anyone who thinks Brad's performance here is better and adds more to the film than Spacey's is nuts."

Aug 11 2017

Emmy Nerd Trivia: Will Julia Louis-Dreyfus win again?

by Nathaniel R

Final Emmy voting starts on Monday and the most exciting thing is that for the first time in ages,the Emmy voters will be forced to choose at least one major new winner (Drama Series).One could argue that only one incumbent is considered the frontrunner to win again making this apotentially unusual Emmy night -though knowing the Academy they'll probably deliver more repeats than people expect.That leading incumbent would be Julia Louis-Dreyfus,she who is already buried in trophies.

For the record she has seven Emmys,five of them consecutively forVeep'sfirst five seasons.If she wins a sixth for the sixth season she breaks her tie with Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown) as most lead actress wins for the same series,drama OR comedy.But Louis-Dreyfus is already the record holder for most lead wins,drama or comedy (overall) and most lead nominations in a comedy (overall).

You know what all of that means --> TRIVIA after the jump!

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Mar 13 2017

Revisiting Beauty and the Beast (1991) - Rank the songs!

By Lynn Lee

With the live-action remake of Disney'sBeauty and the Beastjust around the corner,what better time to revisit the original animated masterpiece and its endlessly hummable songs?  If you saw the movie when it came out in 1991 and happened to be a bookish,musical theater-loving little girl (or boy) at the time,odds are you got the soundtrack and learned it by heart.  (I plead guilty on all counts.)

While I have no idea what happened to my copy,every beat and lyric – by Alan Menken and the late Howard Ashman,respectively – are still firmly etched into my memory.  I never saw the Broadway musical,which restored a song that had been scrapped from the movie ("Human Again") and added several new songs by Menken and lyricist Tim Rice,but reportedly the new movie isn't including any of the latter.  Instead it's adding fournewlynew songs by Mencken and Rice.  However,fear not,fellow original Disney B&B enthusiasts: it appears that all of the Mencken-Ashman songs from the 1991 movie will be in the mix.  As Cogsworth would say,"If it's not ba-roque,why fix it?"

We'll have to wait to debate the merits of the new songs but we can discuss how the original ones stack up against each other.  With the caveat that this feels a bit like picking one's favorite kid,here's my ranking from lowest to highest...

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Feb 20 2017

From Bedknobs to Balloons

Jason fromMNPPhere with a tidbit of movie news that hit over the weekend - it is official: after a few months of rumors the legendary Dame Angela Lansbury hasjoined the castofMary Poppins Returns,the sequel that Rob Marshall is currently directing with Emily Blunt stuffing her little feet into the great big sturdy shoes of Julie Andrews.The film will tackle elements drawn from the other seven books that Poppins author P.L.Travers (and tell me you don't immediately picture Emma Thompson when I say that name) wrote about the characters.

Lansbury is set to play "The Balloon Lady,"and having never read the books I had to do some real digging to find out who the heck that supposedly "beloved"character was -- not even Wikipedia was any help.ThankfullyHomorazziknew what was up:

"Her character was introduced inMary Poppins Comes Back,the second book of P.L.Travers' series.She wreaks helium havoc in the park during one of Poppins' outing with the Banks children."

Have any of you read the books?Is the character as beloved as they say?It's hard to think she won't be once Lansbury gets her hands on her.What a joy it will be to have this grand Dame back on the big screen.We've still got quite the wait on this movie though - it's not set for a release unti Christmas Day 2018.

Sep 19 2016

Miscellania: Hugh,Tori,Sarah,and Angela Lansbury

I've been gone for two weeks and festivals are quite a bubble.What did I miss?Besides the impending apocalypse (when I left everyone said Hillary was a done deal and when I returned everyone was acting like Trump has already won).

Here are somehappier things I discovered today whilst perusing the web...

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