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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Jan 31 2016

Box Office: Panda Kicks,Jane Misfires

What did you see this weekend?Kung Fu Panda 3had a strong debut on the typically slow final session of January.Without a vocal fanbase for the series,the sequel still performed well thanks to family audiences hungry for something for the whole family- like me and you they've exhausted theirStar Warsrepeats and have no idea what the hellNorm of the Northis.

Jane Got a Gun,a well-documented troubled production,has arrived with about the quietest thud you could imagine.Weinstein Co.has quietly snuck it into release after endless delays at its former distributor Relativity continually shuffled its debut.Over the weekend,there were plenty of "It opened??"responses with nary an actual reaction to the film - a sure sign of the bare bones publicity the film was was granted.

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Nov 06 2015

The Oscar Eligibility List for Best Animated Feature

The 16 official submissions for the Best Animated Feature Oscar have been revealed.The finalists include expected high-profile entries like Pixar's Inside Outand the still-to-come festival darling Anomalisa,and some you are maybe hearing about for the first time.Here's the list:

After racking up Pixar's second highest domestic gross, Inside Outis the early frontrunner.Its potential is also boosted by its Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay prospects,and it has the blend of brains and heart that have lead Pixar to more wins in the category than any other studio.There is also The Good Dinosaurcoming for Thanksgiving and hoping to celebrate Pixar's first dual release year with dual nominations.
Pixar isn't alone in bringing a high pedigree. Anomalisastands to benefit from its uniqueness among the pack: already boasting the Academy-approved pedigree of Charlie Kaufman,it's also a rare entry intended squarely at adults.GKIDS,who have found favor in this category with lovely low profile films,have three eligible candidates,including Studio Ghibli's When Marnie Was There.Will Blue Sky's The Peanuts Movieregister with nostalgic love or will it have similar poor luck to the other releases by the studio?

This category also has some tricky qualifications to note.The short version is that there couldbe five nominees (provided every single one of these meets release qualifications),but that depends on how well the nominating committee rates each film.If they think the field is weak,we could see less than five.
Sep 26 2015

NYFF: Shorts (Animated & International)

Part of the joy of film festivals (I'm told) is discovery,and so,this beingManuel's first full New York Film Festival,he figured he'd give its various Shorts Programs a chance.

It's not a form I watch often though you'd think it'd be growing in popularity given our ever-shrinking attention spans.And with that in mind,rather than review all thirteen shorts I watched,I've singled out highlights from the programs screening at the festival,which include Pixar's latest and a dazzling black and white queer short from Argentina.More...

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