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" I am not liking this trend of portraits of terrible women,like Meghan and Phyliss Schafly,unless it's camp."-Jane

"Miss Charlize is like,"Do I need to remind you guys again who is the baddest bitch around here?."I just can'ttttt!She looks like Megan Kelly's twin -- that makeup work is insanity!!!"-Jono

"if Nicole doesn't wear a bad wig in a movie.....is it really a must see event?"-Chris

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Jul 03 2019

Stranger Links

Backstagecasting notice for Asian actors.As @AnnieW pointed out on twitter this can't be anything other than the live-action remake ofAkira
Cinematic Cornerten best scenes in theStranger Thingsseries before the new season premieres
Coming Soonhow many times doesAnna Kareninaneed to be remade?Apparently that's still tbd since there's another one coming

More after the jump including Carice van Houten,Darth Maul,Quentin Tarantion,and news of a new Clint Eastwood film...

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Sep 07 2018

Showbiz History: Rita & Orson,Keira's Karenina,and an Emmy boycott

6 random things that happened on this day,September 7th,in showbiz history

1940Dario Argento is born in Rome.He goes on to fame as the director of stylish thrillers and horror movies,and to father actress/director Asia Argento.We're about to get the remake of his best known featureSuspiria.

1943Movie stars Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles marry (though various internet sources seem to disagree on the date,sometimes September 9th is cited).They're both fresh stars in their twenties at the time having broken out in 1941 withThe Strawberry BlondeandCitizen Kanerespectively.The marriage will last for five years.I've urged you many times over the years to seethe trans documentaryProdigal Sonswhich has an amazing connection to Welles & Hayworth...

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Aug 30 2018

Showbiz History: Greta Garbo,R Crumb,Bill Murray,Cameron Diaz

6 random things that happened on this day in showbiz history

1797Mary Shelley born.She lived in infamy during her time as a disgraced woman who ran off with an already married man but she'll live forever due to her epistolary novel "Frankenstein: Or,The Modern Prometheus,"which has had countless editions since its first publication when she was only 20 years old.The book has inspired countless other works of art and the classic Frankenstein monster itself has shown up in over 50 films.Did any of you watch theMary Shelleybiopic starring Elle Fanning earlier this year?Murtada interviewed the director right here.

1935Greta Garbo isAnna Karenina,new in movie theaters.Garbo will win the NYFCC prize,the first of two Best Actress wins in a three year span.Surprisingly,that's not all that rare of a trick...

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Apr 23 2016

Last Chance: Anna Karenina,Lost in Translation,Shivers,and Big Trouble

Public Service Announcement for Happy Streaming!The following list of movies are available on streaming only until the end of this month.This is not,alas,a comprehensive list (good luck with that -- even the official press releases and specialty "what's leaving"sites are never entirely comprehensive / accurate).But here are 10 titles + that caught our eye and they'll be gone when May strolls in.Now's the time if you have any desire to watch them.To help whet your appetite or kill it,depending,here is our playful yet highly unscientific practice of freezing the movies entirely at random to see what image/quote comes up.Please to discuss the titles.

Ahhh,taxation without representation,brother.Nothing's free in this world you lucky first day motherfucker."

Training Day(2001) Netflix
"I love my life,"it's Denzel's second Oscar.

Travolta,Newman,Witherspoon,and Jodie Fosterafter the jump...

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Dec 17 2014

Female Screenwriter Tops 2014 Black List

Manuelhere to share some of the best unproduced screenplays written by women (according to industry insiders).

The Black List,now in its tenth iteration,compiles an annual list of the most liked unproduced screenplays.Since 2004,some of the screenplays featured on here have gone on to become Oscar-winning films likeArgo,Juno,andThe King's Speech,as well as modest successes likeLars and the Real Girl,Charlie Wilson's Warand50/50.Even current Oscar-favoriteThe Imitation Gametopped the list in 2011.Other titles likeRecount,Things We Lost in the Fire,The BeaverandSnow White and the Huntsmanhave been featured.That is to say,it's quite a mixed bag (this year includes a screenplay forWonka,for example,"a dark,reimagining of the Willy Wonka story beginning in World War II and culminating with his takeover of the chocolate factory,"which… well,to each their own).

This is the first year a screenplay written by a woman has topped the list:

CATHERINE THE GREAT by Kristina Lauren Anderson
Sophia Augusta takes control of her life,her marriage,and her kingdom becoming Russia's most celebrated and beloved monarch:Catherine the Great.

In terms of casting my mind immediately went to Keira Knightley but that might be theAnna Kareninaflashbacks.Such beautiful,gorgeously designed flashbacks!While female monarch films (including former Black List entries,Grace of MonacoandThe Other Boleyn Girl) have not been outright hits,wouldn't you love to see this on screen with...Alicia Vikander?Diane Kruger?Rebecca Hall?Who would you go with?

Though perhaps,likeElizabeth,this film would do well to introduce us to a fresh,exciting talent.A tall order,I know.

Three other female screenwriters made the Top Ten with decidedly genre entries:Aether(by Krysty Wilson-Cairns) is set in a near future London where a revolutionary technology can record sounds hours after they were made;Situation Comedy(by Cat Vasko) is about a young woman who stumbles into a mysterious courtyard where she is transported into a sitcom-like universe,becoming a major character on this "TV show,"andTau(by Noga Landau) is about a woman held captive in the futuristic smart house of a serial kidnapper.Sadly,the rest of the list does not bear out that early promise.Thefull list of 70 scripts sharedonly features four other scripts written by women.

Do any of these films feel like the nextJuno(still the most high profile female-written Black List vetted script)?Do you have any better suggestions as to who would/should play Catherine should Anderson's film be produced?

Oct 14 2014

Top Ten: Most Deserving Oscar Wins of the Decade (thus far)

It's a special "top ten day"to kick off fall film season.Lists all day long.Enjoy!

As we move into awards seasons it's a good time to think positively and hope for the best.Though AMPAS is too high profile to ever get an entirely fair shake (people will always take them to task because one man's treasure is another's junk and because it's easier to remember the gross dereliction of their duties more than their classy moments) they don't screw upallthe time.Some Oscar wins are highly deserved no matter how you look at it.Though it seems weird to call this young decade "the Teens"already given that we've just left the pre-teens,that's what it'll surely be called when it wraps in December 2019


Honorable Mention
Anne Hathaway,Les Miserables(2012 Supporting Actress)
"I Dreamed a Dream"and its fearful preamble "At the End of the Day"had seismic emotional impact.Performances this raw are always risky (and usually divisive!) but I'll never forget her confrontational mix of anger,sorrow,memory and beauty;a woman staring into the abyss,still stunned she's at the brink of it.


10ishChristian Bale,The Fighter(2010 Supporting Actor)
Christopher Plummer,Beginners(2011 Supporting Actor)
I couldn't decide which of these fine actors I wanted on the list and on an earlier draft I accidentally left both off as a result.Oops.Both are arguably leads,so it felt a bit strange to include them but they are two very fine instances of overdue actors finally winning the top gong.While they probably wonat least in partas "whole career"honors,that much derided Oscar tactic that often gives actors Oscars for one of their lesser performances,亚博主页doesn'talwaysbackfire;both were,happily,incredibly deserving.

09Lupita N'Yongo,12 Years a Slave(2013 Supporting Actress)
A close call,perhaps,with "It Girl"JLaw nipping at her barefeet.Or maybe not close at all given how much of its operatic sorrow the sometimes cerebral Best Picture owes to her proud wails and immeasurable pain."I'd rather it be you"

8 more greats after the jumpfromGravitytoA Separation

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