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Entries in Annie Awards (7)

Feb 03 2019

Annie Awards swing giddily into the "Spider-Verse"and might predict Oscar's Animated Short winner

by Nathaniel R

The directors of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse had a great great night at the Annie Awards

Though Disney dominated the Annie nominations with huge tallies for bothIncredibles 2andRalph Breaks the Internetit was Sony Animation's all time biggest hit that proved the ultimate champ withSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Versehogging the big prizes at the event.Other big winners wereDisney's Mickey Mouse,and two series from Netflix:HildaandBojack Horseman.The winners list and commentary including a few full winning short films and notes on Oscar's animated short race after the jump...

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Dec 03 2018

"Incredibles 2"Earns its Title with 11 Annie Nominations

by Nathaniel R

The Annie Award nominations have been released with Disney totally and utterly dominant:Incredibles 2andRalph Breaks the Internetlead with 11 and 10 nominations respectively and even when the prizes don't involve animated films (such as with animated effects or animation work in live-action features) the nominations still lean heavily toward a Disney majority.

But all is not lost for non-Disney contenders hoping to win something at the Annies or to score one of those five covetedAPP亚博娱乐 .Into the Spider-Verse,Isle of Dogs,andEarly Manhave to be taken seriously as Oscar threats and though foreign animated productions never fare all that well at the very American-centric Annie Awards,Oscar is a different story and both Japan'sMiraiand Hungary'sRuben Brandt Collector,scored two nominations with the animation guild.They were already looking like the two most likely foreign players to spoil the Oscar dreams of some big studio CG effort and this confirms it.The complete list of nominees is after the jump along with a few comments...

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Feb 05 2018

Coco Rules Over the Annie Awards

by Nathaniel R

In one of the least shocking events of this awards season,Disney/Pixar'sCocoswept the Annie Awards this weekend,winning in every category in which it was nominated.2017 was widely seen as an underwhelming year for animated features but we should face facts:Cocowould have been a strong contender for Oscar gold in many other years,too.

The complete list of winners (Coco wasn't eligible ineverycategory) and a few more comments after the jump...

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Dec 04 2017

Annie Nominations Embrace "Coco"and "The Breadwinner"

by Nathaniel R

Coco and The Breadwinner are the top competitors for the Annies (and maybe the Oscars)亚博主页

The Annie Awards first began handing out prizes in 1992 but weren't quite on a calendar year yet withBeauty and The Beast,a 1991 film,honored in that inaugural year.They've since aligned themselves to the calendar and last year their top prize went toZootopia,which also took the Oscar.Coco leads their nominations for 2017 and also presumably leads the Oscar race withThe Breadwinnerthe widely admired darkhorse at both.Presumably againas we won't know what the Oscar nominations are until January 23rd.

Both of the leaders are powerfully rooted in cultural specificity (Mexico and Afghanistan respectively) and are,in their own way,tearjerkers,rather than the more traditionally glib action comedies that tend to be the bread and butter of the animated film world...at least in America.

We'd love to raise a glass to the nominations for the streaming seriesTrollhunterswhich we're huge fans of but we'd rather throw the contents of that glass inb Annie's face for preferencingCars 3 and Despicable Me 3over the insanity ofThe Lego Batman Movie.If you wanted to honor a sequel,that's really the way you wanna go?The complete list of nominees and a few more comments,cheers,and jeers are after the jump...

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Feb 05 2017

Annie Awards Results.It's Zootopia vs Kubo for the Oscar

The Annie Awards have been happening for 44 years but after some bumpy years in which their loyalties to specific studios were questions,they seemed to have worked things out and their profile is higher each year.Yesterday's even at the UCLA's Royce Hall was a big night for Disney which took 10 prizes.Zootopiacontinued its dominance by taking the top prize.

Though we should quickly note thatKubo and the Two Stringsis still a possible spoiler at the Oscars and took home a few Annies itself.亚博主页As Kris Tapley recently noted,there is momentum for finally honoring Laika who have never missed a nomination in the Animated Feature category but have yet to win it.While I am in the minority that thinksKubois the company's weakest film to date (it's gorgeous,don't misunderstand -- I just think both the episodic plot and the voice work is weaker than in their other films) they're also rapidly outdoing Pixar who have fallen into repetition and sequelizing.

The winners with commentary are after the jump...

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Nov 29 2016

Annie Award Nominations: Kubo,Zootopia,The Red Turtle...

Nominations for the 44th annual Annie Awards have been announced.Zootopia leads with 11 nominations with Laika's Kubo and the Two Strings just behind with 10 nominations.Because the Annies have two separate feature categories (the regular one plus an "indie"category which basically means "foreign") you can probably safely assume that the eventual Oscar lineup will be some mishmash between the two.

nominees and more after the jump...

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