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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Apr 12 2019

Disney+ for those who can't get enough franchise!

by Nathaniel R

Disney,the corporation that will one day have a complete monopoly of the entertainment business,made lots of Disney+ announcements this week.Gizmodo has the detailson how much their streaming service will be like Netflix.If you haven't been playing along they've announced at least eight scripted episodic streaming series thus far though we don't really know how far these are from being realities but for the first one...

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Oct 25 2017

Link Roundup

NYTDan Kois profiles 'the loose screw rattling around inside the Marvel machine,' director Taika Waititi asThor Ragnarokapproaches
Film StageMurtada interviews the director of Senegal's Oscar submissionFélicité
TFE...which you may recall he raved about right here.
VarietyJamie Foxx and Anthony Mackie will star in a Johnny Cochran biopic (Mackie as Cochran) with Taylor Hackford directing
Guardiancan Michael Fassbender survive his string of flops?

Coming SoonThe Seagullstarring The Bening and Saoirse Ronan will be distributed by Sony Pictures Classic next year
ScriptNotesJohn and Craig welcome female screenwriters Daley Haggar and Dara Resnik to discuss the possible Post-Weinstein era in Hollywood
The New YorkerHarvey Weinstein's cameo in a 2005 animated movie for Mattel
My New Plaid Pantsfive photos of rising French actor Rabah Nait Oufella
My New Plaid Pants'do,dump,or marry' on Greg McLean'sJunglewith Daniel Radcliffe
Streamlineon William Wyler's now-underdiscussedWuthering Heights(1939)
Awards DailyStill no Best Picture frontrunner this late in season?(I personally love the more unpredictable years)
Tracking BoardNetflix trailer for a western seriesGodlessstarring Jeff Daniels and Jack O'Connell and a mysterious town of all women
VarietyBen Mendelsohn eyeing the villain role in Marvel'sCaptain Marvel

Towleroada step-by-step sculpture of Freddie Mercury
MetroJohn Boyega is still being asked questions about whether Poe and Finn are gay for each other inStar Wars
Gr8er DaysThere's a documentary coming about the gay actor who starred inA Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

EWActor Robert Guillaume,best known for his classic "Soap"character Benson (so popular he spun off into an even more popular series "Benson") but whose career hit all three acting mediums has died at 90.
BrowbeatLegendary musician Fats Domino has died

Sep 21 2016

Curtis Hanson (1945-2016)

Director Curtis Hanson passed away yesterday at the age of 71.Word is that Alzheimer had forced a retirement five years ago.

Eminem won a Song Oscar for his collaboration with Curtis Hanson in "8 Mile"

Hanson's brush with A list "prestige"was brief (3 Oscar nominations for producing,co-writing,and directing the much-admiredLA Confidential) but his career was a fine example of versatile craftsmanship.He served as an important reminder that there's more to directing than auteurial stamps...

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Aug 08 2016

Boyega,Mackie & More Join Bigelow's Next Project

Manuelhere with some casting news.Kathryn Bigelow is readying her follow-up toZero Dark Thirty.As we learned back in January,her next project will be centered on the Detroit riots of 1967.For the timely drama,the Oscar winner will be reteaming with Mark Boal (who also pennedThe Hurt LockerandZero Dark Thirty).Well,now that the film is set to start shooting,we're finally getting more details on the film's cast (if little info on the actual narrative of the feature).

In addition toStar Warsstandout John Boyega,the Bigelow-Boal "Untitled Detroit Project"as it's being described has recruited a bevy of young up and coming stars...

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Mar 10 2016

Yaaas, Link!

GuardianDaisy Ridley won't apologize for how thin she is!(Great.First she stole Keira Knightley's voice and face and now she's stealing her "too skinny!"controversies)
/Filminterviews Anthony Mackie about playing the Falcon and finding out he was going to be an Avenger
Pajibagets excited about the new true story movieHidden Figures(due January 2017) starring Janelle Monae,Taraji P Henson,and Octavia Spencer.
i09swears thatElektra(2005) is worse than you remember.That would be difficult to be!
Film School Rejectson the fascism that Rotten Tomatoes breeds
FacebookRussell Tovey wants to know which pic of him you like best
A Fistful of Filmshas a great piece on seeing your own private moments inCarol
Interviewtalks to Mary Elizabeth Winstead aboutMercy Street,Scott Pilgrim,and10 Cloverfield Lane

Our Friend Teo
Teo Bugbee is one of our favorite friends and people and she contributed to The Film Experience a few times in the past.亚博主页But alas,MTV snatched her up for their rebooted blogging and such and they don't share!But check out two of her latest beauties.

"Thirty,Flirty and Thriving"- on Daniel Day-Lewis's 30 years of movie fame: the man,the myth,the legend.
"15 Movies to Freak Ya Boy Out"So funny and true fromThe Exorcist(1973) throughFatal Attraction(1987) and on toThe Diary of a Teenage GirlandCarol(2015)

Off Cinema
Towleroada heartwarming story about a penguin and the man who saved his life.Awwww
FacebookRussell Tovey wants to know which pic of him you like best
Tracking BoardAnna Paquin starring in a new series calledBroken.Another legal drama show ARGHHHHH the genre that just won't die or even take a wee break.

I was going to end with a few words onRuPaul's Drag Racebut it deserves its own post,henny.