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Apr 14 2014

April Showers: Like Crazy

waterworks continue most nights at 11.Here'sabstewon Like Crazy

WhenLike Crazyplayed at Sundance in 2011,it became an instant hit.It even managed to win both the Grand Jury Prize for Drama and a Special Jury Prize in acting for star Felicity Jones.So it seemed natural that the film would follow in the Oscar-nominated footsteps of fellow Sundance award winnersPreciousandAn Educationand translate that success into some Oscar love of its own.If anything,certainly the film would've been the kind of star-is-born breakout for Felicity Jones in the same way Carey Mulligan had experienced 2 years previously.(And discussed recently in another edition ofApril Showers.) But when it was released in theatres later that year,the love it found in Sundance just never caught on in the same way for audiences or critics.And it seems the only breakout star to come from the film is Jennifer Lawrence in the small part of the other girl.She may not have gotten the man,but I'd said she's doing perfectly fine.[more...]

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Mar 07 2012

Like Crazy To Leave Jennifer Lawrence?

A few notes onLike Crazy,just out on dvd and bluray,todayover at Towleroad.

I was hoping to write aboutImmortalstoday but I haven't received my screener yet.("Grrrr"he says in elaboratedly costumed musclebound anger).So let's all feel sorry for romantically tortured Anton Yelchin in the comments.

Would you leave Jennifer Lawrence for Felicity Jones?

Oct 18 2011

London: "Like Crazy",A Conversation

Editor's Note: As a special treat for our London Film Festival coverage,I asked our correspondentsCraigandDavidto share conversations about the movies that they happen to see together.Today,LIKE CRAZYand the Oscar buzz baffles them...

Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones are lovers in and out of it in "Like Crazy"

David:I think the first thing we should probably note aboutLike Crazyis how,well,un-crazy it is.'Like Cute' would be a more fitting,if rather more nauseating,title.Perhaps I've just grown too cynical,but I don't think that's it.A piece of furniture tells us they love each other 'like crazy',buttheydon't.One of the few scenes I'd pick out was just after Anna (Felicity Jones) has introduced Jacob (Anton Yelchin) to her parents - they start kissing like mad,and for those few seconds I felt the heat between them,the flush of a youthful romance.But there wasn't nearly enough of that to establish the connection we're supposed to feel throughout the whole film.

Craig:I think the cuteness of the pairing was the thing director Drake Doremus seemed to want to eagerly translate the most,what with all the chair inscriptions and diary notes.(Clearly that chair wanted to beLike Crazy's "Rosebud".) Haven't we seen this kind of meet-cute cinematic dalliance before,in things likeGarden State,Elizabethtownetc?I was over quirk-filled romanticised moping the moment it began.Here it comes with a slightly dourer and artfully managed sense of itself – like a mini-meBlue Valentine...The Formative Years,yet without that film's tender baggage.

Humor,Jennifer Lawrence,Oscar buzz,after the jump...

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Aug 19 2011

Review: "Fright Night"

Colin Farrell has something of a wolf's reputation as a celebrity and it serves him well inFright Night,a remake of the 1985 vampire comedy,while playing a shameless monster.Yet,for all his rabid dog violence as vampire Jerry -- "a terrible name for a vampire!"--  the most adorable moment in his performance is positively kittenish.While stepping around a beam of sunlight during one action setpiece he hisses at it with instinctual annoyance.You can't scare sunlight away,dumb Jerry!It's a silly bit of actorly business but the newFright Nightsoars whenever the cast or director are having a bloody good time.Good times at the movies are as infectious as vampirism,though thankfully more common.


I'm eager to see the original now that I've seen this.(Yes,it's true.I never have)

Jan 30 2011

Sundance Festival Awards Wrap

Mostly I've been just motoring along,not too sad about having missed Sundance this year until it occurred to me what a jump start it gave me onthis current Oscar race-- not too mention my own rooting interests at thefilm bitch awards.Whoa unto us who cannot afford a week in the snowy Utah mountains.I'm dying to see Vera Farmiga's directorial debut but otherwise I have poured over precious few Sundance articles.There was too much Oscar noise this week to give it much thought.But here's what Sundance went for with a passion.

Vera Farmiga,Dr.Nner and America Ferrara (photo from Zimbio)

The Sundance 2011 Awards broke down like so...

Grand Prize DramaticLike Crazy
Grand Prize DocumentaryHow To Die in Oregon
World Cinema DramaticHappy,Happy
World Cinema DocumentaryHell and Back Again

Like CrazyThe big breakout of the festival wasLike Crazy,a cross-Atlantic romantic drama starring Actress winnerFelicity Jones(the new Carey Mulligan they're saying...but isn't that just because Carey was a breakout at the same festival in a romantic drama?).It sold to Paramount for $4 million.If the past couple of festival years are any indication this does mean that Felicity Jones will be in the Oscar discussion a year from now.To be uncharitable and frank,I'm completely weirded out by this because a) she didn't register at all in Chéri despite a key role and b) I thought she was less than say "good"inThe Tempest(2010) and all she had to do there was affectively portray falling in love as well as conveying being the sheltered child of a bossy mother.If Felicity Jones is a revelation here after that than Julie Taymor is an even worse director than I previously thought!Also weirding me out is the prospect of lil' Anton Yelchin as a romantic lead.Anton Yelchin.Isn't he that brainy little kid fromHuff?Didn't hejustlook like a 12 year old playing at Chekov inStar Trek(2009)?My god they grow up so fast.♪ sunrise sunset sunrise sunset ♫

Directing,Dramatic Sean Durkin for Martha Marcy May Marlene
Directing,Documentary Jon Foy for Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of Toynbee Tiles
Directing,World Cinema Paddy Considine for Tyrannosaur
Directing,Documentary World Cinema James Marsh for Project Nim
Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award Another Happy Day
World Cinema Screenwriting Restoration
Special Jury Prize (Acting) Felicity Jones for Like Crazy
Special Jury Prize (Dramatic) Another Earth
Special Jury Prize (Documentary) Being Elmo
World Cinema Special Jury Prize (Documentary) Position Among the Stars
World Cinema Special Jury Prize (Dramatic) The Acting in Tyrannosaur

Martha Marcy May MarleneOther than Vera Farmiga's film -- which I'm interested in mostly because I'm crazy for crazy-eyed Farmiga -- the one I'm most personally curious about isMartha Marcy May Marlenewhich won for Best Director.Fox Searchlight bought it and they do get behind their films.The film is about a young girl (Elizabeth Olsen.Yes,younger sister to the Olsen Twins) trying to adjust to life after fleeing a religious cult.She moves in with her sister (Sarah Paulson -yay) and her sister's fiance (Hugh Dancy - double yay!).John Hawke is the cult leader (triple yay...for Hawkes's involvement not dangerous cult leaders).Olsen won strong reviews and the film sounds like intriguing.

Paddy Considine and Olivia Colman on the set of "Tyrannosaur"Also looking forward to seeingTyrannosaur.It's about the relationship between a rage filled man (Peter Mullan) and an abused woman (Olivia Colman) but one of our favorite character actors Paddy Considine is directing and if the world cinema jury felt the need to honorbothits acting and its directing,maybe it's special and not just gritty miserabilism.

Documentary Editing If a Tree Falls
World Cinema Documentary Editing The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975
Excellence in Cinematography,Dramatic Pariah
Excellence in Cinematography,Documentary The Redemption of General Butt Naked
World Cinema Cinematography All Your Dead Ones
World Cinema Cinematography,Documentary  Hell and Back Again
Alfred P Sloane Prize Another Earth directed by Mike Cahill
Sundance NHK International Filmmakers Award Cherien Davis
Jury Prize Short Filmmaking Brick novax Pt 1 & 2
Shorts Jury Honorable Mention: Choke by Michelle Latimer;Diarchy by Ferdinando Cito Filmomarioes;The External World by David O'Reilly;The Legend of Beaver Dam by Jerome Sable;Out of Reach by Jakub Stozek;Protoparticles by Chema García Ibarra

PariahFocus Features,who wonThe Kids Are All Rightbidding war last year,also bought a lesbian film this year.Pariah,which won for cinematography,is about an African American teenager (played byAdepero Oduye) who is coming out of the closet in Brooklyn.

Audience Award
World CinemaKinyarwanda
World DocumentarySenna
The Best of "NEXT"Audience Awardto.get.her

CircumstanceLast year at Sundance the Dramatic Audience Award,Dramatic went toHappyThankYouMorePleasewhich was the writer/director debut of sitcom star Josh Radnor and surprise: it felt not unlike a sitcom.But the year before they chosePreciousso you never know.This year's winnerCircumstanceis about an Iranian family struggling with rebellious teenagers.

Anything from Sundance 2011 interesting you from what you've read here or elsewhere?

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