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May 14 2019

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Cate Blanchett on Her Birthday

by Nathaniel R

Blanchett last week at a Louis Vitton fashion showFuture screen giant and supreme actress Cate Blanchett was born in Ivanhoe Australia a half century ago on this very day.Happy 50th birthday,goddess!

Last year at this time we were enjoying the two time Oscar winner in Cannes every day as she led the most stylish jury ever assembled but this year in May we have no Cate Blanchett to enjoy!It's a weird lull in Blanchett-mania so perhaps she's celebrating her birthday somewhere private today?Or maybe she's in Cannes again?We'll see.

Her next picture,Richard Linklater'sWhere'd You Go Bernadettearrives in theaters in August but until that time,let's celebrate all the Blanchettian goodness we can.She's given us so much over the years,with her sharp celebrity wit,fashion savvy,and (above all else) her inspired screen performances.So herewith...

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Cate Blanchett This Week
Try them and report back on your success!

01 Kneel before your queen.

02 Channel her by being intimidatingly perfect.

03 Wear something fabulous today but dont let it wear you;you ARE the red carpet.

04 If you're not in the mood for beautiful dress,consider a stylish suit.

05 Describe someone you're crushing on as "flung out of space"and see how they react...

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Dec 23 2018

10 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate "A Star is Born"'s $200 Million Triumph

We're skipping the box office charts this weekend since Christmas falls on a Tuesday.The last two weeks of the year are always heavy moviegoing times as families look for entertainment breaks in between their visits and feasts and shopping.New picturesAquaman,Mary Poppins Returns,Bumblebee,  last week's champSpider-Man Into the Spider-Verseand costume picsThe FavouriteandMary Queen of Scots(which both added hundreds of theaters) are all going to have big weeks.But the only news we care about right this very second is that,on this very day,12 weeks into its run,A Star is Borncrossed the $200 million mark on its leggy run into America's hearts.

❤️10 ways to celebrateA Star is Born's $200 million dollar milestone weekend

  1. Stroke the outline of your boyfriend or girlfriend's nose
  2. Sing along with your favorite song from the soundtrack again that isn't "Shallow"
  3. Admit thatA Star is Bornhas other great songs.
  4. Watch Willam on "The Beatdown"
  5. Decide who your favorite supporting character besides Sam Elliott is in the movie,even if they were shafted in the "Outstanding Cast"nomination.
  6. Watchone of the other versions ofA Star is Bornbecause you probably haven't seen them all.
  7. Introduce each of your friends who enter the room with "Ladies and gentleman...Ally!"until someone makes you stop (someone surely will)
  8. Wonder anew how Lady Gaga will ever topher world premiere in Venice lookat the Oscars.亚博主页
  9. Go to a drag show.
  10. Steal Sam Elliott's voice.
Jun 20 2017

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Nicole Kidman's Birthday

On this very day in Honolulu,Hawaii,50 years ago,grad student Antony Kidman and his wife Janelle Ann welcomed a baby girl into their lives.Her Hawaiian name was "Hōkūlani"which means "Heavenly Star"and she turned out to be one.Twenty-two years later she was headlining motion pictures.A few years after thatshe was breaking throughand in 2001 she ascended permanently into the canon of great film stars with the one two punch ofMoulin Rouge!andThe Others.Her name is Nicole Kidman.Perhaps you've heard of her?So happy birthday to the one and only at her half-century mark.

50 Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Nicole Kidman's 50th Birthday
Try them and report back on your success!

01 Have patience with the mere mortals around you who keep expecting you to prove yourself or don't "get"you.Humor them and keep on working because genius comes naturally to you.

02 Vote for Nicole Kidman on your Emmy ballot for her deep dive into Celeste's psyche inBig Little Lies

03 Drift in and out of an Aussie accent all day,mate

04 Kiss someone who can carry a tune or will sing you a country music song...

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Dec 23 2015

While We Wait for Carol...

The natives are growing restless.

Greetings friends.Chris here,the newest member of Team Experience.Like I'm assuming many of you,I live far away from the lucky 16 theatres currently housing Todd Haynes' return to the big screen.SoI'm happy with even the slightest shiftthat bringsCarol's glacial release to my local screens.Non-US readers have an even longer wait.We've all become the human embodiment of that inescapable Rooney Mara image.

It's worth noting amid all our impatience the cautionary tale told this year by the likes ofSteve JobsandThe Diary of a Teenage Girl: going too wide too soon can result in a quick crash and burn in this increasingly crowded marketplace.So let's take a breather and feel grateful thatCarolhas a distributor like The Weinstein Co.focused on reaching a passionate audience,even if it means waiting longer than we want.After all,the film is still the film no matter when we see it.

Meanwhile,I've got 10 fun homework assignments to keep you occupied while you wait...

1.Read Patricia Highsmith's novel (also published asThe Price of Salt).The film is not a page-to-page adaptation,so some surprises will still be ahead - including more of our titular love interest!

2.Rewatch the Todd Haynes filmography!I'll do the leg work for you:Velvet Goldmineis availble on Netflix Instant,PoisonandI'm Not Thereon Amazon Prime...

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Dec 03 2015

Appropriate Ways to Celebrate Julianne Moore's Birthday

Kieran,here taking a brief respite from the holidays (read:Oscar season) to wish a very happy birthday to Julianne Moore.Between hertribute to Todd Haynes at the Gotham Awardsand hervery funny "Billy on the Street"segmentit's a good week to celebrate the Academy Award-winning actress.Just glancing at her filmography,she's gifted the world of cinema with so much to be thankful for and she's surely got a lot more left to give.It's far too rare that the great actors of any generation also become Oscar winners.BeforeStill Alicemany had assumed it was over for Moore in terms of ever copping the statue.Seeing her ascend the stage to collect her Academy Award earlier this year,it never felt so good to be so wrong.

So,on this,Julianne's birthday...

Appropriate Ways To Celebrate

1.Relax with some yoga.

2.Bake a cake.Watch the sifting flour."Isn't it pretty?It's just like snow."

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