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"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Feb 22 2017

Annette and Sonia: Considering Two Snubs

Robert here.With this weekend's Oscars closing up the film year,亚博主页can we take one final minute and dive into two performances that have been given the prestigious honor of being declared snubbed by the academy?That'd be,namely,Annette Bening in20thCenturyWomenand Sonia Braga inAquarius(who are both nominated in Nathaniel's own awards;Braga was runner up for Best Actress in the2016 Team Experience Awards).

Some minor spoilers and possibly very unpopular opinions after the jump...

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Jan 16 2017

The 5th Annual Team Experience Awards!

As teased in this week's podcast installment,it's time for The Team Experience Awards,our fifth yearly celebration!While Nathanielbegins his own Film Bitch Awards,here isour growing team's turn to bestow their year-end accolades without our host.

Last yearwe went all-in on Todd Haynes'sCarol,and this year we have another favorite that receives quite a few prizes: Barry Jenkins'sMoonlight.And this wasn't even close: the film was the only one to appear on every ballot in at least one category and was a landslide victory to the big prize.ConsiderMoonlightthe consensus favorite here at The Film Experience.亚博主页On to our awards:


: The Lobster

Personal Shopper
: The Ornithologist

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Jan 16 2017

Streaming: Netflix is still a mini-haven for foreign films

The Wailling wasthe 3rd most popular South Korean movie in the US last yearafter Train to Busan and The Handmaidenby Brian Zitzelman

The accepted mindset is that Netflix Instant is no longer a paradise for cinephiles.There are countless things to binge,sure,but large swaths of those are the service's original series and TV series from other networks.For moviegoers interested in material beyond the recent blockbusters or Hollywood fare,the pickings are much much slimmer than they once were.For example,those spurred to view the work of Meryl Streep after her powerful speech at Sunday's Golden Globeshave only five streaming options,two of them being documentaries.A Hepburn fanatic,be it for Katharine or Audrey,has but two pictures to choose from.

Yet there remains one avenue where Netflix secretly and continually excels;foreign cinema...

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Jan 15 2017

Podcast: "Silence"and "20th Century Women"

NickandNathanieland special guestChris Feil(who you read hear at TFE at least twice a week) talk new flicks in our post Golden Globe/DGA nominations world.

Index (43 minutes)
00:01Globe & DGA intro...
04:00 Martin Scorsese'sSilence
18:31Extremely wandering conversation alert:Silence,20th Century Women,Paterson,Rogue One,new movie trailers...
27:00 The brilliant20th Century Women
39:50Aquarius,Demon,Pervert Park

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Continue the conversations in the comments,won't you?Are you planning to watchAquariuson Netflix?

Silence & 20th Century Women

Dec 22 2016

Most Coveted Things from 2016 Films

Year in Review.Every afternoon,a new wrap-up.TodayMurtadawith a wish list...

What did you covet the most on the big or small screen this year?Was it a costume,a prop,or even a place or living thing?Here is my personal list in case you haven't yet completed your Christmas shopping.

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard's white linen costumes inAllied
Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard play a Canadian and a French spy respectively,who meet in Casablanca.They take an excursion to the desert outside the city right before completing their very dangerous assignment.They practise shooting with firearms,they bond,they fall in lust.All the while wearing gorgeous white linen on khakis.It must be the gorgeous desert.Or maybe the longing.Or could be just how breezy and stylish these linen costumes are.

Lunchboxes,records,and living thingsafter the jump...

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