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Venice Red Carpet- va va voom

"Chalamet's gray...whatever that is...Is absolutely fantastic.It's always wonderful to see guys in anything but a penguin suit."-Manny

"Scarlett Johansson in pants is everything!Louis Garrel veux-tu m'épouser?Damn,he's getting more and more handsome the older he gets!"-French Toast

"That last Timmy outfit is iconic." -Andrew

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
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Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Aug 02 2019

Once Upon a Link

VarietyLee Pace talks about his new projects and a possible Pushing Daisies reunion
IndieWirewait,what?Is this the 1990s again?Adriane Lyne (Fatal Attraction,Unfaithful) is making a new erotic thriller.It's calledDeep Waterand Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are set to co-star
/FilmDisney animators have "huge resentment"of the newLion King...and with good reason,too

After the jump an Academy election,Kelvin Harrison Jr,Meryl Streep screaming,and lots of fascinating thoughts onOnce Upon a Time in Hollywood...

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Apr 09 2019

April Foolish Predictions #6: Costume Design

Our annual April Foolish Oscar Predictions continue

Can "Aladdin"repeat "Beauty & The Beast"'s success in Costume Design?And can we ever forgive Michael Wilkinson for making Aladdin wear a shirt for the whole movie?

The last few years of the Costume Design category have been very Powell/Atwood heavy as Oscar's two design queens have either won again (Atwood in 2016) or been double-nominated twice-over (Powell in 2015 and 2018) but it looks like we'll be taking a wee break from those much honored artists this year.Will there be any room room for first-time nominees (Paul Tazewell,Mayes C Rubeo,Julian Day,Daniel Orlandi?) or will we get mostly costuming regulars who could continue to march to Atwood and Powell-like status (Jacqueline Durran,Albert Wolsky,Consolata Boyle,Alexandra Byrne?)

Here'sthe chart(and theprediction indexif you haven't been playing along).But after the jump some images to whet your appetite for the year in costuming to come...

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Jul 26 2018

Showbiz History: Actress Stamps,Beyoncé's Debut,and Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

10 random things that happened on this day in showbiz history

1775The US Postal System is created.Are there any great movies about mailmen?I'm drawing a blank.Do not sayThe Postman.

The first movie actress to get a postage stamp would be Ethel Barrymore but she had to share it with her brothers Lionel and John!Grace Kelly was (I believe) the first movie star to get a solo postage stamp.Since that time (in 1993) we've had: Theda Bara,Clara Bow,Zasu Pitts,Marilyn Monroe,Lucille Ball,Audrey Hepburn,Greta Garbo,Hattie McDaniel,Judy Garland,Bette Davis,Katharine Hepburn,Helen Hayes,Ingrid Bergman,and Shirley Temple.Who is next?Any guesses?

More after the jump including Mr Julie Andrews,Pee Wee Herman,and Cate Blanchett...

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Jan 12 2017

Instagram Battles: Armie,Helen,or Arianne?

Would you rather?

...shave Armie Hammer's chest

...draw a bath for Dame Helen Mirren

...or fill out an Oscar costume design ballot with Arianne Phillips?

...help Chris Pratt with his hair and makeup?

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Feb 18 2012

Interview: Oscar Nominee Arianne Phillips

It's long been my goal to up the visibility of the craft of costume design here at The Film Experience.亚博主页So when theW.E.team was making the press rounds,I jumped at the chance to talk with Arianne Phillips,who has long been a designer I admire both for her technical and visual invention and for her uncanny ability to hit the pop cultural bullseye with instantly memorable looks whether she's designing for musicians (including longtime collaborator Madonna) or for actors.Her film career took off with the one-two comic book punch ofThe Crow(1994) and Tank Girl (1995).And it's continued to fascinate throughHedwig and the Angry Inchand on to her first Oscar nomination forWalk the Line(2005).

Arianne Phillips in front of her W.E.costumes.Photo viaSociety News

She received her second nomination last month forW.E.(2011) which has an absurd amount of use for her skills.In my mind they really ought to have done away with typical star "billing"and listed Arianna Phillips up top.No disrespect intended to Abbie Cornish and Andrea Riseborough,who lead the picture through its double-sided narrative.

Years beforeW.E.materialized Phillips has been living her own double-sided career "by design".Arianne speaks with a mixture of confidence,sincerity and appreciated bluntness: she agrees that costume designers don't get enough credit calling it an "a gorllina in the room.It's such an annoyance"but she corrects my slight misunderstanding about her past collaborations with musicians.She freelances as a stylist and editor for print photography,concerts and music videos.Shedoesn'tdress stars for events.

a recent Madonna/Riseborough photoshoot styled by Arianne

I do videos and album covers,mostly narrative based: fantasy,illusion and character.It's very connected to film.You're creating the fantasy of who that person is.
-Arianne Phillips on her second career as a fashion editor and stylist.

Continue for...Madonna,Larry Flynt,Biopic & Concert Tour Challenges

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Jan 19 2012

Great Costuming...According to Costume Designers

The Costume Design Guild has spoken!As with all guild awards...it's a combination of "Really?"and interesting "Oh,yeah!"choices.

Clothes Horse Royals in "W.E."via Arianne Phillips

Mark Bridges forThe Artist
Michael O'Connor forJane Eyre
Sharen Davis forThe Help
Sandy Powell forHugo
Arianne Phillips forW.E.

Good news: I have an interview coming up with Arianne Phillips,who is one of my heroes.And not just because she's worked with Madonna for 15 years or so.
Notable Omissions:Anonymous,Captain America(unless they considered it a fantasy),My Week With Marilyn,A Dangerous Method,andTinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
Oscar transferrence?The costume designers within the Academy,a much smaller number than votes on the guild awards,tend to prefer period work to other types of work so you could theoretically see all of these nominees repeat at Oscar,though Phillips is certainly most vulnerable as her movie is probably the least seen of these.Still royalty porn goes a long way with Oscar voters and Andrea Riseborough looks like she's wearing the entire budget of the film.

Jany Temime forHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
Penny Rose forPirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Cindy Evans forRed Riding Hood
Alexandra Byrne forThor
Sammy Sheldon forX-Men: First Class

Oscar transferrence?I'm guessing the best bet here is Alexandra Byrne forThor.
Superheroes!: Interesting to see the fantasy category overtaken by superheroes (and yes I includeHarry Potterthere).I wonder if they categorizedCaptain Americahere or in "period"?Either way it didn't manage a nomination.
Strangest nods: Hasn't theHarry Pottercast been wearing essentially the sameish robes for the entire franchise?I have not seenRed Riding Hoodso my apologies to Cindy Evans but I found that pink dress with red coat so painful to look at in tandem (even in the space of a 2 minute trailer!)  that my face lost a little of its color reading this nomination.Maybe every other costume in the movie is enticing?

Leesa Evans and Christine Wada forBridesmaids
Wendy Chuck forThe Descendants
Erin Benach forDrive
Trish Summerville forThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Manon Rasmussen forMelancholia

Yay!We figuredthe scorpion jacketwould get its due here but it's fun to seemy double feature of bridal depressionnominated.
Oscar transferrence?Unfortunately that only happens for contemporary films when the entire movie is about the clothes (seeThe Devil Wears Prada).
Sigh.REALLY?: The contemporary category is where you often see guilds failing to live up to their duties as awards organization and just grab at whichever FYC screeners they're loving.No offense to Wendy Chuck who has done fun work on several contemporary pictures,not just Payne's movies,but apart from Clooney's hilarious run in inappropriate shoes the costumes aren't contributing a fifth as much to the success ofThe Descendants(consider it this year'sSlumdog Millionairewith bizarre guild triumphs) as say the costumes ofYoung Adult,Beginners,Shame,Crazy Stupid Love,The Iron Lady(unless they considered that "period"),Martha Marcy May MarleneorThe Skin I Live Inare to their movies. The contemporary categories are almost always where you see the limits of guild imagination when it comes to defining "awards worthy".It's a fancy way of saying "WE LIKE THIS MOVIE A WHOLE LOT!"

How do you like these nominations and where would your votes go?