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Apr 13 2017

Cannes Line Up

by Nathaniel R

The Cannes lineup was announcedveryearly this morning (time differences,don'cha know) and we're here to give you details,not just film titles.While TFE doesn't attend ($) we do follow from afar and hope to make the trek some day.The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival runs May 17th through May 28th.


Which is a high profile gig but also risky as the knives are often out for a sacrifice to the festival gods to launch the cinextravaganza.

Ismael's Ghosts(Arnaud Desplechin)
French auteur Desplechin's latest will be released in the US by Magnolia.It stars French A-Listers Marion Cotillard,Charlotte Gainsbourg,Mathieu Amalric,and Louis Garrel and revolves around a filmmaker (Amalric) working on a new picture when his long dead lover Carlotta (Cotillard) returns to life sending his life into a tailspin.If you've never seen Desplechin classicsKings and Queen(2004) andA Christmas Tale(2008) get right to that!


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Apr 26 2016

Mad Miller & the Cannes Jury

Oscar-robbedGeorge Miller is back!Well,not in movie theaters (alas) but as president ofthis year's Cannes Film Festival competition jury.The announcement of the jury is always a cause for excitement since the list provides an annual eclectic mix of international artists both behind and in front of the camera.For 2016 we have:

George Miller(Writer/Director/Producer,Australia) fresh off of his across-the-board triumphMad Max Fury Road

Jury Members (Alpha Order)
Arnaud Desplechin(Writer/Director,France) His current release isMy Golden Days(our interview) and he's also responsible for the sublime double ofKings & Queen(2004) andA Christmas Tale(2008) which are must-see feats of intricate storytelling & actressing

Kirsten Dunst
(Actress,US) Little Kiki has long since grown up though she's the youngest member of this jury at 33.There seems to be a renewed appreciation for her talent out there,for which we haveFargoseason 2 to thank.But reallythe artistic renaissance goes back toAll Good Things(2010).Though she was all but wasted inMidnight Special(just discussed) she has exciting projects coming including the remake ofThe Beguiled.

Valeria Golino
(Actress/Writer/Director/Producer,Italy) Though Golino hasn't been a major presence in Hollywood since the late 80s/early 90s (Rain Man,Big Top Pee Wee,Hot Shots!) she's kept the career going in her homeland -- recently winning Best Actress in Venice -- and branched out to be a multi-hyphenate threat.

Mads Mikkelsen(Actor,Denmark) we've loved him since his early Danish films and now the whole world does.This is rarely acknowledged but he's the reigning face of Oscar's Foreign Film category having starred in more nominees than anyone else in the past ten years (After the Wedding,The Hunt,A Royal Affair).And 2016 is another big year: he'll chase jury duty with two probable box office behemoths:Rogue OneandDoctor Strangethis winter.

László Nemes
(Writer/Director,Hungary) has had an incredible year 12 months.His film debutSon of Saultook the Grand Prix last summer at Cannes and then an Oscar and now he's in the jury.What a swift rise.We wonder what he'll do for an encore.He's the second youngest member of the jury - he and Dunst are the only members under 40.

Vanessa Paradis
(Actress/Singer,France) Her most recent film success was with Jean Marc Vallée'sCafé de Flore(2011) and she's still recording music.You can listen to heron Spotifyif you so choose.Do you choose?Most famously (at least stateside) she's Johnny Depp's babymama.Her son with Johnny is only 13 and since he's named after Johnny (John Christopher Depp III) he'll have to go by his middle name or his nickname "Jack"if he wants to follow daddy into showbiz.Their 16 year old daughterhas,of course,already started her acting career.

Katayoon Shahabi
(Producer,Iran) We aren't familiar with her but she's apparently a mover and shaker in international distribution and Irandian documentaries.Also her company produced the masterpieceA Separationwhichyou know we worship here.


Donald Sutherland
(Actor,Canada) Over 50 years in front of the camera now with classics occasionally peppering that gigantic resume.With over 180 credits we assume he just lives on sets.

What do you think of this year's jury?

Mar 18 2016

Interview: Arnaud Desplechin on 'My Golden Days' and Doppelgängers

Josehere.At one point during our conversation,Arnaud Desplechin says to me "sorry if my answer is long,when what I want to say is so simple",in a way this could very well describe what's so wonderful about his films,which surround simple messages with layers of rich characters and dialogues.Take for instanceMy Golden Days,in which he revisits the character of Paul Dédalus played inMy Sex Life...Or How I Got Into an Argumentby Mathieu Amalric,and is now played in flashbacks by Quentin Dolmaire.The film is all about the joy and terror of first love,but Desplechin sees it through a labyrinth of emotions and plotlines that involve everything from double identities,to wise college professors.

Propelled by the extraordinary performances of newcomers Dolmaire and Lou Roy-Lecollinet who plays Esther (Emmanuelle Devos in the 1996 film),My Golden Daysis Desplechin's most romantic,melancholic work to date.The film was received warmly by critics in Europe,played in Cannes and the New York Film Festival in 2015,and is now opening in American theaters,it was also nominated for 11 César awards,giving Desplechin his very first win for Best Director.

JOSE:You won the César for Best Director for this film,did the award feel more special in any way because it was for this project?

ARNAUD DESPLECHIN:It sure was,I interpreted the win as being because this film explored territories I'd explored before,it was a collage of bits and pieces from my previous works.I guess it also had to do with the two young actors,they brought a sort of freshness to the film,the plot,lines and scenes are dark and they brought light to it.During the writing I went for tough situations: loneliness,despair,mourning,but who cares,because I knew we would find two young actors to enlighten it.I owe this César to them.

Read more after the jump.

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Oct 15 2015

Links: Jennifer's World,Screenplay Competition,Gena's Glory

Illustration by Jennifer WilliamsActresses Actresses Actresses
<-- If you haven't yet read Jennifer Lawrence's short essay "Why Do I Make Less Than My Male Co-Stars"you should.

on the many stars who are coming out in support of JLaw on Twitter
Teen VogueJennifer Lawrence and other stars before they were famous posing for Abercrombie & Fitch
THRActress Joan Leslie (Yankee Doodle Dandy,Sergeant York) has died at 90
Tracking BoardYorgos Lanthimos' (The Lobster) next project is about Queen Anne and it's calledThe Favorite.The female driven film will star Rachel Weisz,Emma Stone and Olivia Colman
David Poland"20 Weeks To Oscar"he thinks only four movies are locked up in Best Picture:The Martian,Spotlight,Steve JobsandRoombut here's what I found most interesting.He argues thatonlyBrie Larson & Kate Winslet can rest easy in their respective actress fields and I can see that The rest of the fields are fluid.
AV ClubBecause Ryan Murphy isn't spread thin enough he's pitching an anthology series called "One Hit Wonders"to star Goop herself,Gwyneth Paltrow

Oscar Chatter
Awards Dailyon the Screenplay races.Celebrity writers + Best Picture heat
In ContentionKris Tapley on the makeup race.Can box office bombs factor in?

General Linkage
Interviewtalks to Emma Donaghue the novelist who adapted her own work for the screen inRoom
Criterionhas an amazing conversation with the French director Arnaud Desplechin (Kings & Queen,My Golden Days).They talk Oscars,亚博主页Lars von Trier (?),male versus female actors,nudity,everything.I like this bit on his relationship to Mathieu Amalric who is in most of his films:

Mathieu is hard with me.He's really hard.You don't know all his French films,but I saw all his French films.He always plays the same part in all the films.They're quite good,but I remember when I proposedKings & Queento him,he told me: "Arnaud,the script is great,but I don't want to play the same character as inMy Sex Life.You have to prove to me that this is another character."I have to prove to you?Come on,you play the same character in five films,why am I obliged to prove that to you?He said,"Because it's love,so you have to prove it."

Birth.Movies.DeathThor: Ragnarokwill be Marvel's darkest.But will it introduce Valkyrie?(People will be completely be over superheroes by the time the females arrive.sigh)
EmpireNOooo.Now they want to make aDie Hard"origin story".Boo
Playbilltwo underused fine actors Aaron Tveit & Mary Elizabeth Winstead headlining a new CBS comic thrillerBrainDeadwith a truly bizarre premise
AV Clubbroke down 22 references in theHail,Caesar!trailer
MNPPJason has some thoughts on a possible tv version ofY: The Last Man


"I had seen her when I was a teenager inLonely Are the Bravewith Kirk Douglas.I'd never seen anyone that beautiful with a certain gravitas.It was particularly unique in that time,when many women were trying to be girlish,affecting a superficial,'I'm a pretty girl' attitude.It seemed to be the best way to succeed,but Gena did none of that.There was a directness—not that she wasn't fun and didn't smolder—but it came from a place that was both genuine and deep.

-Mia Farrow on Gena Rowlands

Elle Magazine's "Women in Hollywood"issue is available digitally now and comes out next week featuring Gena Rowlands,Alicia Vikander,Salma Hayek,Kate Winslet,Carey Mulligan,Ava DuVernay,Amy Schumer,and Dakota Johnson.

Oct 10 2015

NYFF: My Golden Days

Manuelreporting from the New York Film Festival with an improbable prequel among this year's selection.

No one does brooding romantic despair like the French.Arnaud Desplechin'sMy Golden Days,a pseudo-prequel to his 1996My Sex Life… or How I Got Into an Argumentso revels in it that you could just as easily title it "The Sorrows of Young Esther."And while yes,that title would be aping a German novel,Desplechin's Esther (Lou Roy-Lecollinet) merits being name-checked alongside the most famous romantically bereaved character in all of literary history,and not only because Goethe's novel,like Desplechin's film,depends on the epistolary form.

Esther,who falls for Paul Dédalus (Quentin Dolmaire playing the younger version of Mathieu Amalric's character from Desplechin's earlier film),spends most of the time daring the camera to turn away from her sorrows,her tears,her despair,all of which she channels into the letter she sends Paul while he's off at university in Paris.She cannot bear being away from him.Cannot bear her life without him.

Can you blame her?Dolmaire is beautiful!

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