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200 Oldest Living Movie Actors

"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Jan 04 2019

Criterion Teases 2019

Chrishere.One of the cinematic treasures of the new year is always the Criterion Collection's annual animated tease of what they have coming for us cinema hounds.And dare I say that this year's puzzle is as confounding as ever - or maybe,eek,I'm drawing a blank on some of the more rarified blind spots here.One film we can count on: John Cameron Mitchell'sHedwig and the Angry Inch,already teased by the filmmaker last year.Might that be this drawing's owl and earthworm?Can you spot any other film's in the drawing?

Nov 19 2018

Willem Dafoe is Monumental in "At Eternity's Gate"

by Eric Blume

Willem Dafoe plays Vincent van Gogh inAt Eternity's Gate,director Julian Schnabel's film about the last year in the life of the great Dutch painter.And Dafoe's delivers a magnificent performance here: his face is the canvas of the film,in all its agony and ecstasy.

Schnabel,a painter himself who made the stunning filmsBefore Night FallsandThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly,gives us a deeply detailed movie of a painter by a painter.The mechanics of landscape and portrait painting,the walks to the viewpoints,the tools,and the intimacy with the subject all become the fabric of this movie.Schnabel's attention to these subtleties establish his credibility and give the movie real texture...

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Oct 20 2018

Middleburg: "Ruben Brandt"Collects and "Widows" Thrills

Day two of the Middleburg Film Festival

Friday kicked off with a special "sneak"ofStan & Ollie(which,more on tomorrow) and then two more movies which went like so...

Ruben Brandt,Collector
From the opening shot of this animated film from Hungary you know you're in for an idiosyncratic lark.We're humorously crosscutting between an ultra fast moving train and the molasses crawl of a snail on the tracks.Then we're inside the train with Ruben Brandt,a famous psychotherapist who is promptly attacked by a little girl with a very sharp bite who is dressed suspiciously like Diego Velázquez's  "Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Blue Dress".I say 'dressed like' because it's hard to make the connection at first...

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May 31 2018

Did you enjoy 'Mermay'?A few words on "Splash"and "Siren"

by Nathaniel

You guys.I only just recently learned about "Mermay"in which you celebrate mermaids during the month of May.How did I not know about this?We could have been celebrating mermaids in film and television all month long!The least we could have done is pay tribute toTully's mermaid dream imagery.Because that film did NOT get enough attention.Jason Reitman + Diablo Cody + Charlize Theron = dream team (see also:Young Adult)...

I thought I could whirlpool up a top ten list of movie mermaids but realized I hadn't seen some key texts likeMr Peabody and the Mermaid(1948),Night Tide(1961),the silent filmThe Mermaid(1904) and a few others.Sadly merman films seem all but nonexistent...

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Mar 27 2018

Doc Corner: 'Leaning Into the Wind'

ByGlenn Dunks

As a medium,film is a record forever.An actor can give a stunning performance on a stage,but without a camera to capture it,it remains somewhat in the ether – a happening,an instance,a moment in time that can only truly live on in the mind of those who witnessed it.Of course,that doesn't make it any less valid or worthy,but it's something worth considering as we watch movies that they,even fictional ones,are ultimately a document of the emotions and the energy and the craft that was put into it,captured forever for anybody to experience.

I thought of this as I watched Thomas Riedelsheimer'sLeaning into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthybecause it is a film that will live on as the only document of some of Goldsworthy's work.The artist is known predominantly for his works that incorporate nature and are often finite in their existence.

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