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Jul 28 2018

Showbiz History: Waterworld,Waterfront,and Wonderland

10 random things that happened on this day in showbiz history

1892Joe E Brown,the comic actor who deliveredSome Like It Hot's immortal closing line,was born in Ohio on this day.

1951Disney'sAlice in Wonderlandhas its NYC premiere two days after its world premiere in London.It was not (initially) a success in theaters,the studio taking a loss.But in the 1970s people became interested in it in a big way prompting its first rerelease in 1974...

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Mar 22 2018

Film Bitch Awards Finale - The Medal Ceremony

by Nathaniel R

Cue trumpets and confetti!The 18th annual Film Bitch Awards have finally reached their conclusion with the "best scene"page fully up and complete with nominations and medals for BEST KISS,BEST ACTION SCENE,and BEST MUSICAL SEQUENCE and the like.

64 movies were honored over our 40 regular categories for the 2017 film year.Lady BirdandGet Outled this past year's crop with 13 nominations each and 10 and 9 medal wins respectively.Other top ten entries that scored multiple medals wereCall Me By Your Name,Baby Driver,andAtomic Blonde.The films that made the strongest showing without scoring in headline categories or the top ten list were:Phantom Thread,The Greatest Showman,andBlade Runner 2049.

Some curiousities:The Florida Projectwon only gold medals,never a silver or bronze.Oscar's best picture winnerThe Shape of Waterwas nominated in six categories but only took home one medal (gold for Production Design).And the film that Oscar completely ignored that performed strongest here was --  no surprise I suppose -- France's Oscar submissionBPMwith 8 nominations,1 gold,1 silver,and 4 bronze medals.

Part 1- Film,Director,Picture
Part 2-Acting Categories
Part 3- Visuals
Part 4- Music and Sound
Part 5- Non-Traditional Acting Categories
Part 6- Character Prizes
Part 7- Best Scene Work

...and in case you missed it,the top ten list write-up.We hope you enjoyedall our 2017 coverage.Now on to 2018 as Spring begins!

Mar 02 2018

Film Bitch Awards Pt 1 - Oscar Correlative Crafts

by Nathaniel R

Had hoped to meter these out as we usually do but time ran out and here we are at Oscar weekend.So herewith the Film Bitch nominations in all the Oscar correlative categories (plus one as we have two "Score"categories since there are largely two types used for movies these days).The acting categories are the only thing not completed yet but they'll hopefully be up tonight.Blade Runner 2049andGet Outare the leaders thus far with 6 and 5 nominations respectively.

Part 1- Film,Director,Picture
Part 2 - Acting TBA
Part 3- Visuals
Part 4- Music and Sound

...and in case you missed it,the top ten list write-up.

Feb 24 2018

Nathaniel's Top Ten of 2017

by Nathaniel R

Better late than never.If you've been wondering why your TFE host has been so in and out of the proceedings this season,let's just say life has proved significantly challenging offline: the end of a decade-plus relationship,homelessness (not the dramatic kind but the sleeping on friend's couches kind),a long bout with the flu,a new side gig,etcetera).So this list carries a bit of melancholy with it as 2017 was one of the hardest years of my life.(If you also had a rough year: I feel you.Hugs in solidarity).Due to all of this I didn't see as many films as is my preference and couldn't rewatch the key films I usually would have before "voting".

But in the end you have to move forward.  Time changes everything...and time changes all top ten lists also!Some of these placements thatyouscratch your head about now,you'll either understand in ten years time OR I'll join you in scratching my head about them with a "what was I thinking?"blush.Top ten lists are but time capsules.

People change for better and worse.Circumstances shift dramatically or perception does.The movies of 2017 helped me understand all this,many of them zeroed in on definitive months in someone's life,others hopping around in time,and still more juxtaposing the past with the present...

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Dec 20 2017

Links Don't Apply

Cartoon Brewthe effects work inThe Shape of Water
Coming SoonThe Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper version ofA Star is Borngets pushed back to October.Does this mean they think it has Oscar potential or just that it wouldn't be competitive in its previous May slot?
The AwardistI Tonya's breakout star (the parakeet) tattle-tales on Allison Janney
The Guardianon Jessica Chastain's emergence as a outspoken activist this year
THRWe forgot to share the news that SAG was having all female presenters this year!
THRTheir first ever "live roundtable"...honestly there are so many roundtables now I have literally not watched a one this year.Can't keep up!

VarietyMoviePass has passed the 1 million mark in subscribers
DeadlineRemember Warren Beatty's short-lived but long gestatingRules Don't Apply?It's now got legal trouble
DeadlineSufjan Stevens was originally going to do more than just sing forCall Me By Your Namebut narrate it too.(We love Sufjan but sooo glad the movie opted out of narration)
EWAnnette Bening on why she's no longer doingAmerican Crime Story: Katrina

Film School Rejectsbest under-the-radar films you probably missed this year
Varietytop ten shots of the year via Kris Tapley
OutR Kurt Osenlund's top films of the year includingSaturday Church,Girls Trip,Atomic Blonde
IMDbten most popular movie pages for 2017:Blade Runner 2049,Split,Wonder Woman,etc
The Playlistworst movies of the year.I was furious with them for putting the excellentAtomic Blondeon the list but this bit onEmoji Moviemade me lol

Is it shooting fish in a barrel to put "The Emoji Movie,"a film for children that had no aspirations at any point in its creation other than to milk money out of those children's parents,so high on this list?Perhaps.But in this case,the fish in the barrel are savage fucking piranhas that would devour everything you loved if they remain un-shot.

Dec 06 2017

Soundtracking: "Atomic Blonde"

Chrislooks back at one of the best soundtracks of the year,Atomic Blonde...

There's no other film I wanted to musically take up residence inside this year more thanAtomic Blonde.The film is loaded with techno pseudo-political new age and best played at full volume,featuring the likes of The Clash to A Flock of Seagulls.It's a film that gifts us with the glory of Til Tuesday's glorious "Voices Carry"not once,but twice!

While some might reduce its endless stream of songs to added set dressing (cue Daniel Walber'sAtomic Blondeinstallment of The Funiturehere) or just another fabulous costume,it actually does some heavy lifting to both immerse us into a specific world of its the Cold War setting and distinguish the era apart from the cinematic cliches of the subgenre.The electric glamor and brutality has been some of the film's major discussion points for how the film looks unlike your average Cold War film,but it's equally crucial that it doesn't sound like one either...

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