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"I'd love for Gwendoline to win but I think it will be Fiona Shaw because she's an industry vet."-Brittani

"I'm rarely a fan of giving a statue for someone's previous work,but Lena Headey deserves an Emmy for carrying so much of that show on her back - and flawlessly."-Sean Diego

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Entries in August: Osage County (35)

Nov 08 2018

Months of Meryl: August Osage County (2013)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#45 —Violet Weston,the cancer-stricken,drug-addicted matriarch of an Oklahoma family.

MATTHEW: Tracy Letts' high-octane,Pulitzer Prize-winning family dramaAugust: Osage Countywas the toast of the 2007-2008 Broadway season,which made a cinematic adaptation all but inevitable and the star involvement of Meryl Streep an equally foregone conclusion.The vituperative,pill-popping Violet Weston is the crowning achievement of Letts' play and arguably the meatiest dramatic role to come along for sexagenarian actresses in the past 15 years.The part has been previously interpreted on stage by the Tony-winning Deanna Dunagan (who originated the character in the initial Steppenwolf production),Estelle Parsons,and Phylicia Rashad,any one of whom could have bowled us over in an alternate film,as might have rumored candidates like Jessica Lange,Sissy Spacek,and Glenn Close.This isn't to take away a single merit from Streep's no-holds-barred work,but rather acknowledge that Streep herself is the rare and defiant exception who proves the rule that actresses over the age of 50 are anathema to Hollywood's gatekeepers.

Before falling in love with the eye of the camera,Streep was first and foremost a creature of the theater...

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Nov 23 2017

Blueprints: "August: Osage County"

Happy Thanksgiving!In these days of family forcefully gathering around for a meal,Jorge takes a look into "August: Osage County"to remind you that your relatives perhaps aren't so bad after all.

Not unlike Thanksgiving itself,Tracy Lett'sAugust: Osage Countyis about a broken family that is bound to be around each other as past secrets,tensions and grievances slowly rise up to the surface.

The emotional climax of both the 2008 Tony-winning play and its subsequent 2013 Oscar-nominated adaptation is an almost 20-minute dinner sequence after the funeral that brought them all together.Matriarch Violet Weston (Meryl Streep) asserts her toxic matriarchal power over her family.And slowly but surely,tensions escalate to the point of explosion...

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Apr 08 2014

"Poor Ivy": August: Osage County's Underappreciated MVP

Here's Andrew to celebrate the release of last year's embattled August: Osage County newly arrived on DVD.Significant spoilers ahead.

Each year there's at least one film which wins middling to good reviews and manages Oscar nods but is promptly forgotten as soon as it's released.August: Osage Countywas 2013's victim of that unfortunate annual tradition.Sure,it earned those two acting nominations it seemed assured early on but no one was particularly interested in talking about any aspect ofAugust: Osage County,but for its Oscar belly-flop elsewhere and the Oscar queen at the centre.Perhaps,it was an automated response to Meryl Streep usually being at the centre of films with little else to offer than her star turn (The Iron Lady,Julie & Julia,Music of the Heart,etcetera).It's a shame because the former awards' hopeful had so much more to celebrate than just the fire-breathing matriarch in the middle.

The strongest asset was undoubtedly that excellent cast.Aside from Streep and Roberts,only a few players picked up significant praise and even then the one most deserving was the one afforded hardly any attention:Julianne Nicholsonas middle-child Ivy.

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Feb 12 2014

18 Days Til Oscar.18 Nominations For Meryl Streep

Here's a piece of trivia that even people who are clueless about the Oscars can recite: Meryl Streep is the most nominated actor of all time.亚博主页Sometimes those same people will say she's won the most Oscars but you can't know everything if you don't pay attention.亚博主页But,any way you come at it,her record is astounding (18 noms / 3 wins)

Today I'm having fun repurposing her bitchy dialogue fromAugust: Osage Countyand pretending its mockery of her fellow nominees and their (comparatively) puny Oscar histories.

You ever beenmarriednominated before?
...More thanonce?

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Jan 16 2014

Best Actress Lineup Now Eligible for a Senior Discount

There's a vicious moment inAugust: Osage Countywherein Violet Weston (Meryl Streep),who hasn't tasted enough blood for the day,humiliates her daughter Karen (Juliette Lewis) who has recently entered her 40s that she's losing her looks.A less vicious but still hurtful joke follows later in the film when Barbara (Julia Roberts) tells her sister Ivy (Julianne Nicholson) "You can't move to New York.You're almost 50,you'll break a hip.".The Weston women,tearing each other down and using their advancing age as just one of the weapons with which to do so,probably wouldn't take comfort in the maturity ofthis year's Best Actress racebut the rest of us should.

Even if it's not our dream lineup (my own happens to skew much younger this year),it's a good push back against Oscar's frequent preference of youth over accomplishment...particularly in this category.

I didn't mean to become the "age"guy but I salivate at the prospect of digging into Oscar statistics each year so I couldn't pass up the chance to write about the Best Actress shortlist,when Vanity Fair asked me to write about the relatively advanced age of the group.Their average age is 55.I'd already prepped my Jennifer Lawrence piece on "The Youngest Actors To _____"when they contacted me so that's  two in a row.But I hope y'all take it in the vein it was intended: to celebrate the glories and mysteries of Oscar stats and the breadth of talented people,male and female,from fresh faces (in both senses of the word with JLaw) to accomplished veterans that show up for Oscar honors.

Here's the full piece!

Due to turnaround deadlines with Oscar nomination articles,many of them are written in advance.One of my favorite things about reading other sites on Oscar nomination day is noticing where the seams are wherein they've clearly had to edit something out or shove something in quickly.I had two versions of this Vanity Fair piece ready due to the great January wars of "Will it be Amy or Meryl?"and then theybothmade it.GoodbyeEmma!*sniffle*

One thing I noticed in researching this piece and writing about the topic over the years is that people tend to think of past Oscar lineups as older than they actually were.I believe this is just a human tendency to age up anything that came before us.If you first fell for Meryl Streep inThe Devil Wears Prada,for example,she is probably an "old"actress to you.But when she first became a sensation with the release of the Oscar winning blockbusterKramer vs.Kramer,she had only just turned 30 or,in modern terms,was roughly the age that her put upon assistants Emily Blunt & Anne Hathaway are right about now.Fasten your seatbelts for this bumpy take-away truth: Bette Davis was younger than ALL ofthis year's Best Actress nominees(save Amy Adams) when she headlinedAll About Eve(1950).

Jan 10 2014

Editors' Picks.

Josehere.Today we have the announcement from the American Cinema Editors who - shocker - went for more of the same movies!For almost 40 years,the Eddies were awarded to a single motion picture (their first winner wasThe Parent Trapand their last was the acclaimedSaving Private Ryan) but then they decided that they too needed to include as many movies as possible and split their award into Drama and Musical & Comedy.Now excuse me if I sound ignorant (I did go to film school and all...) but isn't editing exactly the same for both?It's not like you use different equipment and/or need to have different skills to do each,right?Isn't the editor's job actually (along with the director of course) to decide just how funny or how dramatic each movie will be?So I really don't get why guilds need to invent such categories.I don't see the ASC doing that,but god I love the cinematographers for being the classiest guild...anyway enough with my complaining.

Here are the nominees for this year's Eddies:

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