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"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Sep 12 2017

Vintage '85: Madonna,Stallone,Marty McFly,Golden Girls...

by Nathaniel R

click on the image to embiggen

1985 is our "Year of the Month",as wework towards the Supporting Actress Smackdown(Sunday October 1st!).We'll be periodically peppering the blog with takes on showbiz from that year.But first a "TOTALLY 80s"overview of the year that was in movies,music,theater,and tv after the jump...

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Aug 24 2017

OTD: The Whisperers,Marlee Matlin,and "The Power of Love"

On this day (August 24th) in showbiz-related history...

1890"Father of modern surfing"and part time movie actor Duke Kahanamoku born in Hawaii.We've written about him before.Where's his biopic?

1967The Whispererspremieres in London.It's about an old poor woman living in solitude who is beginning to lose her grip on reality.Dame Edith Evans sterling work was instantly lauded - she won Best Actress at Berlinale and from such disparate groups as the NYFCC,NBR and the Golden Globes.She landed her third and final Oscar nomination in the Best Actress lineup (sadly only the winner,Guess Who's Coming to Dinner's Hepburn,was less than superb in that shortlist!).At the time Evans was the oldest Oscar nominee of all time in any acting category having just turned 80 years old.That record has since been undone but she's still the third oldest lead actress nominee after Jessica Tandy forDriving Miss Daisy(also 80,who won) and Emmanuelle Riva forAmour(who was 85).Have you ever seenThe Whisperers?It's haunting and quite a time capsule of contemporary British cinema of the time.[And check out Nick Davis' 5 star review of this legendary performance]

1985Huey Lewis and the News hit #1 with their theme fromBack to the Future"The Power of Love".The music video had a cameo by the car and Christopher Lloyd's "Doc"though it was mostly just the band playing in a bar.Best Original Song was one of the film's 4 Oscar nominations (it won for sound effects editing).In case you haven't yet heard,1985 will be our "year of the month"in Septemberas we build to the next Smackdown.

2012Remember that movie where Michael Shannon was evil (wait,that's not helpful) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a bicycle messenger (nowthat'smore specific).Premium Rushopened on this day.Isn't it weird how some movies,like that one,feel much more ancient than they actually are while others from years earlier feel fresh as daisies?

Happy Birthday to Them!
Oscar Winner: Usurper of Kathleen Turner's and/or Sigourney Weaver's Best Actress statue.More generously we must admit that it's super impressive that Matlin trailblazed by refusing to be a one hit wonder,turning that splashy debut into such an unlikely but full career.She's been working ever since!
Oscar Nominees: Ava DuVernay (13th),Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction),Ronee Blakley (Nashville),Robert Pulcini (American Splendor)
Cool Talents: Actress Elizabeth Debicki,Wit Stephen Fry,Auteur Takashi Miike,Novelist A.S.Byatt
80s Touchstones: Steve Guttenberg (Cocoon,Can't Stop the Music,and so many more) and Gordon Wanecke (My Beautiful Laundrette!)

Apr 12 2016

Tuesday Top Ten: 1985 Favorites!

Because we'll be seeing what various cinephiles around the web think of Peter Weir's Witness for "Best Shot"tonight here's an entirely rando top ten list of 1985,direct from my brain.Or,rather,from web archives or my brain.Which means it's an unholy amalgam of things I loved when I was young and things I love now after many watches over the years and things I possibly would only love ironically now because I loved them when I was young.

1985 silliness after the jump...

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Nov 24 2015

Curio: Thanksgiving Ready

Alexahere,anticipating Thanksgiving.Every year I imagine hosting a dream Thanksgiving feast,with a table filled with friends,movie marathons instead of football,andMarilyn's stuffing recipe.Someday,perhaps my dreams will come true,but in the reality we will justblast Adeleand hope for the best.

Here are some movie-loving serving items I've bookmarked in the meantime after the jump...

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Apr 28 2015

Curio: Dog Correspondence

Alexahere.Recently,Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles held a show calledPostcard Correspondencethat featured more than 100 artists creating postcards inspired by pop culture.Many created location-themed cards (like thisAurora,IL printforWayne's World) or character-themed cards (especially loved thisSatine postcardby Nan Lawson) but one set really caught my eye for its originality: letterpress dog portrait postcards byEvan Yarbrough.

Evan created a series of canine letterpress-printed portraits from movies and television,like this lovable Einstein portrait celebratingBack to the Futurebelow.For those dog lovers out there,after the jumpsee more Evan's designs...

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Mar 31 2015

Top Ten: Movie Shoes

The newCinderellareally goes all out in fetishisizing the glass in glass slippers,in a way that few renditions of Cinderella have,from their translucency to their refracting beauty,to the way one of them shatters when Cate Blanchett's wicked Lady Tremaine has had it with the talk of them.

Shewillcut you!

It reminded me of an anecdote I shared a few years back abouta brunch conversation with a friend's daughterwhen I asked her who her favorite Disney Princess was:

The question rendered her completely shy.I had given up hope of an answer,reverting my attention to the food when she shouted"CINDERELLA"at the top of her lungs over her waffles."But why"I say?Thisanswer came much more swiftly,like it was the silliest question any adult had ever asked her."The glass slippers."She didn't add "...duh"but it was right there,loud and clear,in her squeal of laughter

So for today's top ten let's celebrate the best of movie footwear from slippers of ruby or glass to fake legs to super boots.What lurks beyond the jump?Do they come in your size?

Be as curious as rollerskating Kira andfind out...


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